Clocked 24500 kms on my VW Taigun: 6 key updates on my SUV

Got both headlights changed under warranty. The right side DRL was fading out and looked yellow.

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24.5K Kms update on my Taigun:

Update 1:

The clutch master cylinder was changed at 23k Kms. The clutch pedal used to sink in at almost very light pressure and get stuck. Parts were ordered in a week and was replaced. Since it is a hydraulic clutch, it uses the same oil from the brake oil reservoir, which requires the bleeding process to be done again. Drove for 1.5K kms after that and the clutch is just fine.

Update 2:

On my third driver-side window motor now. The first one part no. XY-a changed within 10 days of delivery.( April 2022). The second time, part no. XY-b changed to add the missing autofold orvm in my topline variant. (May 2022)

The third time, part no. XY-c changed recently because the window just stopped rolling down out of nowhere. According to the SVC, this motor is the latest one developed and is less prone to failure. Let's see how much time this motor holds up to. Post motor change, the window roll up down has slowed down considerably, compared to the other window. Software updated to the latest version for the auto up/down as well.

Update 3:

Got the puddle lights (logo projection) installed from the service center as well.

A new accessory and costs 3K for a pair. Attached Detailed video of the installation.

Got JK Tyre treel tpms installed from a tyre shop. Cost 3k for installation, tyre alignment, and balancing.

Update 4:

Got both headlights changed under warranty. The right side DRL was fading out and looked yellow. The left one had no issue but SvC went ahead and claimed both headlights under warranty. Installation requires bumper removal to unscrew the headlights. Got the new ones installed and the beams aligned properly at the svc.

Update 5:

VCDS Tweaks:

  • Digital tachometer
  • Fogs on with high beam and passing.
  • Brake light on as hazard light while boot/bonnet open.

Update 6:

Added 60w auxiliary lights. Comes in 3 different modes and a separate switch to control it. The throw is good. Gave it power through the ignition fuse. Foglights have 100 W LEDs from

Other than that, wrapped the front chrome part of the bumper and alloy wheels in gloss black, according to my taste. Quick DIY.

 As of now, no highway trips. Overall efficiency stands at 11.5kmpl for Mumbai's Peak traffic time.

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