Does a wheel alignment at a tyre shop void my Skoda Superb's warranty?

I usually never get wheel alignment and balancing done for any of my cars at their respective authorised service centres.

BHPian agrawalyash11 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello, my query is regarding the voiding of my warranty due to getting my wheel alignment and balancing done outside of Skoda.

My Skoda Superb Sportline went for its 1st service today. I have bought the Skoda Maintenance Pack but while dropping my car off for service, my SA told me that I’ll be charged extra for wheel alignment, balancing and sunroof cleaning.

I usually never get wheel alignment and balancing done for any of my cars at their respective ASSs. I believe proper tyre shops do a much better job than overworked service mechanics. So when I asked them to not do it so I could get it done later outside they said it would void my warranty. My SA even emailed me saying that not getting an alignment done would void the warranty of my car.

An email to Skoda Customer Care is also of no use since they forward any queries to the dealership my car came from.

So I would like to ask other BHPians here if anyone has faced a similar situation at other Skoda ASSs. Looking forward to hearing from you people.

Here's what BHPian Stolidus500 had to say on the matter:

Cheap scare tactics from the dealership but what else to expect from the company which voids the warranty on the installation of the battery from outside?

I would love to see them void the warranty on the engine and electronics citing missing alignment. See if a tweet to Zac Hollis yields anything, usually, that helps.

Here's what BHPian lapis_lazuli had to say on the matter:

It's nonsense. There is no such rule. I got my car serviced thrice and not once was I asked to do WAWB mandatorily. There are many service reports on this thread and others, and there's no such compulsion. Worst case, show them the manual or the Skoda online service estimate where it's not mandated even in a single service slot from the first year till the tenth. Not in service, not in repairs. The SA is BSing. If possible ask the CRM to assign someone else or take your business elsewhere.

Here's what BHPian DDiSLover had to say on the matter:

Buddy, this is pure scare tactics. Ask your SA to show you written documentation citing warranty expiry if you go for WA outside.

When I was buying my Superb, they claimed that the warranty and extended warranty would be void if I took insurance from outside. I asked for them to show me this clause on paper, post which they apologized and said it was a misunderstanding on their front.

If it is indeed written on paper (the warranty terms & conditions), then it's a different situation altogether.

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