Enabled extra features on my VW Taigun via coding: Here's how

OBDEleven seems to offer almost as much customisation as VCDS, key word being almost.

BHPian thirdmainroad recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Though there is a thread similar to this, it’s essentially a VCDS thread and there’s a lot of information in that thread, but mixed up with OBDEleven. Therefore I thought a thread exclusively dedicated to OBDEleven will make sense, and I hope the mods agree.

OBDEleven seems to offer almost as much customisation as VCDS, key word being almost.

Here’s a list of features I unlocked with OBDeleven device and Pro subscription on my Taigun 1.5 GT plus.

  • Speed warning chimes - off
  • Enabled AC control on Head Unit (HU)
  • Enabled another rev meter.
  • Enabled sport view on HU
  • Enabled tank refill - shows how many liters the tank will take to full.
  • Enabled wheel direction in dash view.
  • Enabled show fan speed while in auto
  • Changed AC tuning to more cooling and less air. * can change to more cooling and more air but the difference between the two options is the air speed in auto setting. * changed this back to default mode as this setting was getting me to freeze in the cabin.

Here’s a video of some off the “unlocked features”

Please note the video has me touching higher than allowed speeds and I did so only for a few seconds for the sake of testing. High speeds as we well know should be avoided and I do not condone high speed driving in anyway.

Do anyone know how to enable Off Road Mode view in the HU? I’ve broken my head in trying to do so.

I have managed to unlock “Lower rear view mirrors while reversing” option under settings > Car > wipers. But I haven’t been able to get them to work. Has anyone managed to get it to work?

Please post any other customisations you have made with an OBDEleven Device!

While most of these features are .. gimmicky, there are some features that can be termed useful if not essential, like the secondary rev meter, Ac controls in HU, and a few more. Since these features are already there and simply set off - why do they do so? Why not enable them in the first place? Anyone know why car manufactures do this!

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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