692 days & 14,000 kms with a Volkswagen Taigun

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BHPian omranga98 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Being a car that is mostly driven on weekends, it is still 1000 km ahead of my daily (IGNIS )

Mostly last few months have been uneventful, Just a few pointer:

a) Fuel Economy has been consistent at about 10-12 in city, 16-18 on the expressway. 

b) The interior creeks for the first 2-3 bumps but then it is silent. I have mentioned this before as well. It is like, the plastic parts expand and need a bump or two to settle down (?). 

c) Calcutta is a land of unmarked random bumpers, few weeks back, out on a midnight drive, I was driving at 70 ish kmph and BOOM, 8-10 inch high unmarked bumper. Spotted it too late, the car most definitely got some air time. It was a pretty hard one. Luckily no visible damage to the tyres or any visible damage to the under body. Got the tyre inspected the next morning, got a green light here.

d) Door rubber makes squeeky noises. This is a known issue and VW had applied some sort of tape to fix it but it is back again, will be addressed in the next SC visit. 

e) The driver side power window switch console creeks and the window, when open makes rattling sound. I suspect this was caused when they fixed the power window motor issue 6-7 months back. 

f) I replaced the wipers to frameless wipers. They look better but i suspect they cause a lot of wind noise at speeds north of 140. Not like it matters in day to day conditions anyway.

g) The paint has a lot of swirl marks, need to get the car detailed soon!

h) DSG has been working alright till now.

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