Frustrated with my VW Virtus & its multiple issues: Do I sell or fix?

I have given up on the car and the ASC's ability to rectify the issue, as it keeps getting worse after each visit.

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I posted a detailed thread regarding the left pull issue with my Virtus. As detailed in that thread the ASC guys messed up the subframe by shifting it multiple times. Now after numerous visits to ASC, I have given up on the car and ASC's ability to rectify the car, as the handling, steering feedback and high-speed stability are all out of the place and getting worse after each visit to ASC. Instead of feeling and driving like a VW, the car feels like a bad-handling Hyundai of 30 years before. Like steering feels very heavy while turning left and very light while turning right, particularly at speed. At the last visit, a technician from VW said he has calibrated the steering angle sensor, but the handling is all over the place. Now what shall I do, following options come to my mind:

  1. Sell the car. I am so frustrated that I feel like selling the car and ending this ordeal. However, there is a loan on the car. So I believe I will have to foreclose the loan plus low resale of VW, therefore this option will involve a huge loss plus I will have to arrange/ borrow money to foreclose the loan plus again invest money to get a new car as the car is a necessity for me due to professional reasons.
  2. Legal option. I am a lawyer myself, so cost is not an issue. But it will be a nuisance to devote the required time and attention, court visits etc. plus filing a consumer complaint and then appeals etc losing side will entail years before any potential relief so not practically feasible that much.
  3. FNG, it is a brand new car and FNG messing up the subframe, sensors etc. don’t instil confidence in me and what effect it will have on the car’s warranty.

Will appreciate fellow BHPians suggestions on way out

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Trust me, many new car owners are stuck with bigger problems. Solve the problem, don't change the car.

  • Try another VW dealer whether in Delhi or the surrounding cities. Write to VW Corporate & customer service. I am also sending a link to your thread to some people at VW who I know.
  • Go to an expert independent garage, pay him a premium and get your problem solved.

Always try your best to make things work out with your existing car, instead of dumping it for another one. A known devil can be better than an unknown angel.

Here's what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

I see that you are based out of Delhi. Send the car over to Worlds of Service, Noida. You will find the contact details in the classifieds section. Let them have a look before you decide to get rid of the car.

What's the point of a warranty if VW is doing nothing about it?

The legal approach will only prolong your suffering and heartache. If the car cannot be fixed to your satisfaction, best to sell it asap and move on. Every day of delay will mean more depreciation.

Here's what BHPian lsjey had to say on the matter:

+1 to the above suggestion by BHPian Shreyans_Jain. Do not throw good money and time after bad. I tend to take such costs as tuition fees being paid to mother fate for teaching a valuable lesson.

My lessons:

  1. Buy cars with very high reliability only. Ex: Toyota or Honda.
  2. Never fall for what the heart is telling you when buying a car.

Here's what BHPian Kosfactor had to say on the matter:

Let's focus on solving the problem, sometimes things happen to the car that needs time and money to rectify and not rely on a warranty, that's just the way these things are.

  1. Take the vehicle to a good alignment shop, have them test drive the vehicle first and inspect the tyres
  2. You need to ask them specifically if the tyres are worn in such a fashion that one or two of them may need replacement post fixing the alignment.
  3. After the alignment shop test drives the vehicle, make sure you too test drive it in their presence.

There are some things ASC cannot fix, alignment being one of them, make sure you let them know that you need the problem fixed regardless of the cost and time it would take. A trustworthy shop is certainly needed to get this done.

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