Got my Scorpio-N Z4 D AT: Delivery experience & accessories installed

had a hard time finding good alloy wheels for the Scorpio-N, because of the weird PCD and wheel diameter. It's the same as the XUV500, but that does not make it much better.

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Finally, I am now the proud owner of Big Daddy,

On the evening of 26th December, my SA called me and informed that my number plates had arrived, and the vehicle would be ready by 7 p.m, and could be delivered on the 27th. After the usual astrological consultations, the delivery was arrranged for 3 p.m on Wednesday 28th December.

Since it was the month end, I couldn't arrange for a full day off. I reached the dealership at 9 in the morning to make a final PDI, and to hand over a couple of accessories that I had bought online, and to complete the payment formalities.

I had purchased 7D mats in "Coffee and Beige" colours from While the mats are of good quality and look as well as the pics, they didn't send along the freebie remote key fob cover in matching coffee cover:

I had also bought these wheel caps from Amazon. They look like the alloys that are standard for the Kia Seltos GT Line, and look really nice on the Scorpio:

The original wheel caps are of good quality, but IMO it gives the Scorpio a taxi look.

I had a hard time finding good alloy wheels for the ScorpioN, because of the weird PCD and wheel dia. (17 inch, 5x139.7) It's the same as the XUV500, but that does not make it much better. The other option is to use a converter to change to 5x114.3, but I am not sure about that especially on this heavy vehicle. So, wheel caps it is, for the time being. I have a very specific look in mind, and I don't want to spend my money on something I am not a 100% satisfied with.

I had bought about Rs, 11000 worth of accessories, inclusive of about Rs. 1800 for installation charges. I got the sill scuff plates, underbody and silencer coating (considering the puddle and slush prone roads in a couple months), bumper corner protectors (big car, inexperienced driver), and mud flaps. They were fine with my purchasing the mats and wheel caps from outside, and readily agreed to fit it all before the delivery. Having arranged that, I left for office.

Due to the heavy traffic, my family and I arrived a couple minutes late, but everything went smoothly. The SA explained everything about the new documentation and registration process in good detail, and introduced me to the service person. He also helped me install and register on the With You Hamesha app for service booking and other assistance, and handed over the key and documents.

My wife, dad, sis and niece were all very impressed and awed by the presence of the car. My baby daughter though was similarly awed by the tin of chocolates they gave us, and ignored the car completely. She liked a bright red Bolero that was parked nearby and would have liked to take that home instead of the boring black one.

There was a slight rain on the way back home, but thankfully, not much mud. I was able to reach home with the car looking relatively clean:

Our landlord interestingly checking out the beast:

I had to go straight back to office and park her. In the evening, after my colleagues got wind of the presence of the Beast in the parking lot, we all went out and took a few test drives to appease everyone. There was much nodding and appreciation, and much cautioning about the high maintenance black shade, but overall, everyone absolutely loved it.

I'll be back with more pics and info, guys, please share your opinions on the car. Will be absolutely swamped in work till the 1st.

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