How Mahindra helped solve my Alturas' tailgate issue over a call

At one point, I noticed that the boot was opening an inch and closing back.

BHPian Linuskm recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I was on a long drive this last weekend and while opening the auto tailgate of my Alturas it was not opening fully I mean only a few inches and stalls, tried a few things like starting the engine, locking and unlocking with the remote, pressing the tailgate button to see if I can make it work. Luckily the boot closed so I was able to continue my journey and return back home. At a rest point, I tried again and observed that the boot was opening like an inch and closing back.

Today morning I read about the reset option and emergency unlocking of the tailgate from the manual and tried the same options. The tailgate opened halfway thru with the emergency lever pulled from inside. After this, the tailgate remained in a half-open position and did not close. All this while I was careful not to use any force to press or open the boot manually.

I called the toll-free number of Mahindra and the person on the phone said they will tow my car to the service centre and get it fixed, I was not ready to do this yet. I called the service centre and spoke to a couple of people and figured out they had no clue other than saying that the appointments were full and I had to get the car later to service to get checked and towing was needed.

Finally, I decided to use the chat option on the 'withyouhaamesha' app and the person on the other end shared a number for the workshop manager Mr Raju.

I called Mr Raju and explained the problem and asked if he could get a technical person on phone to try and fix this problem, after a couple of minutes he got another technician on the line. The person asked me to put the ignition on and manually close the boot by applying pressure, I double-checked with him on this and he said that the system has to do learning while I manually close and open the boot lid, skeptical I did try this and voila the problem got solved and now the powered tailgate is working.

Note: YMMV all problems with electronics are not the same so be sure to talk to the floor manager and get a technical person to assist in such occasions.

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