I clocked 31,000 km on my Tata Altroz diesel in 2022

If I add up the running I did in all my cars (Safari, Kwid, Celerio & Altroz), then the total would reach 47,000 km. So, a good year for driving.

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Year End Update

December usage: 2542 km

Odo : 36,925 km

Any issues to report - None

Total mileage done in 2022

  • Altroz 1.5 D - 31,000 km
  • Storme V400 - 9500 km
  • Kwid 1.0 (now sold) - 4500 km
  • Celerio 1.0 - 2000 km

A good year for driving, clocking a total of 47,000 km of driving for me. Glad most was on Altroz diesel. A very nice mixture of frugality & fun!

Some pics as usual

I had the chance to push a Ford Fiesta 1.6S on highways today. I can't say any further without facing the risk of an infraction, lol. It was fun, but I expected a better top end. But a solid-handling compact sedan nevertheless. I am spoilt by the Polo 1.0 TSI I guess. This blue shade is gorgeous!

I also did the routine wheel balancing and alignment last week

Ended 2022 with a trip to my inlaw's home. A 300 km round trip.

With my 2021 Celerio which has run just 3500 km in 2022

My close pal is buying a nexon diesel. Pics during PDI

2022 was a good year. I wish everyone a better, happier, more prosperous and more productive New Year 2023!

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