Literal rebirth of my 2-stroke Kawasaki KB100: I found a good engine

One major change after the engine work is how the sound has returned. The motorcycle is louder but at the same time, the distinct exhaust note is back.

BHPian TorqueMonster recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I managed to find an engine in good condition, with most of that engine being used for fixing the bike, rather than a straightforward engine swap owing to issues with the RTO. Now that the engine has been fully fixed again, a very strict run-in is being undertaken.

While minor issues such as that of a resurfacing issue with the accelerator and other small niggles here and there are present, the bike is finally running, and back on the road. Unfortunately, the photos of this work being done are lost due to a broken phone.

The one major change after the engine work is how the sound has returned, the bike is louder, but at the same time the distinct exhaust note is back, and in almost all aspects, this is a brand new bike. It's a literal rebirth of this legendary bike. The first time I started it, the sound from the cold start was almost like the bike roaring back to life.

With regard to driving, it is still the same rev-happy motor, but despite this, I am forced to use the vehicle gently for the sake of ensuring that the proper run-in is done, hence it's ridden daily at moderate speeds without revving the bike excessively. It's still nimble, and after my 3-month stint of dailying the Thunderbird, I appreciate how nimble this bike is, and how it's so easy to drive around traffic or small roads.

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