My Tiguan's DSG fails again! Frustrated with VW's inability to fix it

I’ve driven the car only about 14,000 km post gearbox replacement.

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15th April 2022


Exactly after a year since I first noticed this problem in summer, I am facing the same exact problem again!

After driving the car on the highway for about 15km at an ambient temperature of 42 degrees, again my car refused to accelerate and started knocking from the engine side.

What is the problem with VW for launching this untested, useless product in Indian conditions in the name of CBU? Who should be held responsible for this.

In fact, just an hour back I received a comment on my older video on youtube from a viewer asking for help for exact same issue. Who knew that I’ll be posting the videos of the same issue again!

I’ll send my car to the service centre again and god knows what kind of diagnosis they’ll do and how long my car will be stranded there.

Currently, the ODO stands at approx 27,500km. I’ve driven the car only about 14k km post gearbox replacement.

Here's what BHPian EV NXT had to say on the matter:

Sorry to hear about this situation.

But to answer your question, I think it’s we customers who buy DSGs full aware that it is notorious for consistent failures and even indicate that we should set apart a lakh or two for possible failures that are responsible for this situation.

Instead of boycotting VW thereby forcing them to come out with a product that does not fail or provide unconditional/unlimited warranties we instead encourage VW by knowingly buying DSGs.

There are quite a few threads advising to set apart money for DSG failures instead of advising to boycott the product thereby forcing VW to improve or introduce a better gearbox. Wouldn’t VW read those threads and realize that they can actually make more money by selling a defective product than by providing a fail-safe one?

On another note, your car must be under warranty but even if it isn’t, the gearbox alone would be eligible for a 2-year warranty after a service done by VW a year ago.

Here's what BHPian Maky had to say on the matter:

Precisely, while VW cannot be given an excuse for creating half tested products simply because they are great to drive, we need to really be aware of what we are buying.

I have been in the market for a new car and will be for the remainder of this year, I have test driven cars from Jeep and Skoda. I asked point-blank the Skoda SA when I tested the Octavia about DSG failures(DQ200) and what could I expect from the new one(DQ381) and he in turn point-blank replied, 'Sir it will cost you 2-2.5L'.

As much as I enjoyed Octavia's drive over the Compass, I decided there and then I will keep aside an amount for the eventual DSG failure over and above the regular maintenance costs should I go with a VAG car.

Here's what BHPian igemini had to say on the matter:

Totally understand your frustration over this and that too the second time in a year. DSG is a real pain for the customers and it's just a matter of time before it is going to fails.

In India at least, DSG isn't a viable option and it isn't an engineering marvel, unlike many claims even in Team-BHP. As long as it works it would be great, and when it fails it would be nothing less than a total disaster and money-draining pit. No need to say about the loss of time.

Either VW India should invest more time and make the DSG gearboxes India ready. Or else they should offer something that's more reliable compared to DSG, a Torque converter perhaps. For those who want a DSG, there must be an option for that too.

Regardless of everything, as long as we as consumers are happy purchasing the DSG, VW India will keep selling the DSG gearboxes that aren't India ready, again and again. VW India is sleeping on it for a long time and they might never get a wake-up call or they don't want to be awakened. Either way, the loss is for the customers, in terms of money, time, and effort and to live in the fear when it's going to fail.

Here's what BHPian pratikonomics had to say on the matter:

I continue to be surprised how people still justify expectations of DSG failure.

A solution doesn't become an engineering marvel just because of its ability to deliver higher highs, all while ignoring or simply accepting periods of frustrating lows. That would be something expected in a lab, not something you're selling for money.

Combined with the abysmal service and accountability culture in India across the entire retail structure, this is a recipe for disaster that simply has no end in sight. Unless VW sees that this is actively hurting their sales and brand, they'll be happy to divert the market euphoria with some Polo nostalgia or Monte Carlo buzz.

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