My Virtus GT: Activated tachometer via coding & added ambient lighting

Now there is a rev counter in one of the view options, something that VW should have provided with the car from the factory.

BHPian vividhavasthi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Virtus GT Update

Delivery Date: 27th September 2022


Quick update this time around, saw a few WhatsApp posts that the tacho can be activated via the coding route, so reached out to DrCodeMyVAG to get this done and it was a painless process to get it activated.

Keep the car started, connect to the OBD and a few minutes later the job is done. Now there is a tacho in one of the view options. Something that VW just should have activated - but for some reason they did not. Interestingly enough the parameter that had to be adjusted was “China Varaint” - interesting how this was missed by VAG India. Something they were saving for a later update to the car?

Video of the tacho in action.

Another thing I added recently was some Ambient lighting via the many USB ports in the car since 20 lakh was not enough to add footwell lighting - I'm sure they will do this later in the car's life.

These are RGB LEDs and can be programmed to a certain color and brightness. Expensive for ~700 a pop, they come from China and take a while to reach, however, they are just what I was looking for, added one in the front and the second at the back, kept them white instead of red.

Car is getting closer to what it should have been right out of the factory, I'm still mulling over wheels and exhaust.

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