New Ford tech automatically slows cars to meet speed limits

The software does allow drivers to override the system anytime.

Ford is said to be testing a new technology called Geofencing Speed Limit Control.

This new tech uses advanced connected systems and some measure of driver-assist functionality to automatically match the set speed limit. In theory, when a vehicle enters a specific area, the speed limit in that particular locality is sent to the vehicle, which then automatically reduces its speed to match the speed limit. However, unlike some cars which use road signs to adjust the speed, the new tech by Ford relies on the establishment of virtual zones, with the vehicle's position being identified using GPS.

The technology is already on trial in Cologne, Germany. As per reports, Ford Software engineers, Ford's City Engagement team and city officials in Cologne have teamed up to test the system using two E-Transit vans. When the vans approach a zone, a notification pops up on the instrument cluster while the software adjusts the speed as per the limit. The software does allow drivers to override the system anytime. Future versions of this system could let drivers establish their own zones.

The trials are expected to run until March 2023. However, there are no details as to when the tech will make its way onto production models, if at all it does.

Source: Motor1

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