Scratches on my black-painted alloy wheel: How do I get rid of them?

When scratched gently by my fingernail, these scratches seem a little bit deep.

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Dear Distinguished Members,

I seek your help in fixing some scratches on the black painted alloy wheels of my new Brezza ZXI. The affected wheel is the rear left one, which got scratched in 3 places (please refer photograph) when I inadvertently bumped my car against a particularly rough piece of concrete lying on the edge of the congested, narrow road I was driving on. There was a sound when the wheel brushed against the piece of concrete.

When scratched gently by my fingernail, these scratches seem a little bit deep (not much though). It may seem I am nitpicking, but maybe that is because it is a brand new car! is there any way I can fix this at home using some polishes/paints etc.?

Thanks in advance!

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Painting is the only option. With black wheels, scratches are a lot more visible than in silver ones.

  • I would suggest getting a paint touch-up for now.
  • A periodic full paint every few years to maintain the fresh look.

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Here are the rims of one of my cars being painted black. Depending on the usage and wear & tear, I do this every 4 - 5 years to maintain the look of the rims. My 530d & Classic 4x4 have silver rims and I got them freshly painted in silver as well:

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Scratches seems to be deep.

  • It would be a simple DIY, I will give more attention to the surface preparation, before coating:
  • Buff/Sandpaper – using sandpaper in the damaged area can help to lessen some of the scuff and scratch marks. A top tip is to wrap your sandpaper around your finger, and use this to apply pressure.
  • Spot putty – Fill in scratches with metal-reinforced spot putty – into the area which has received some damage/scratches, and leave it to cure. When the putty is dry/firm, you can then sandpaper the damaged area once more, which will allow the putty to appear level with the rest of the rim.

Finally Paint your rim, after protecting the good part of the wheel with masking tape.

Good Luck

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I have painted my Ford Aspire interior to black colour in 2015, the paint had started chipping in some places. If you aren't very bothered about the exact factory look on alloys, Montana spray cans are the best option. Mask the places where no damage is present and then use the spray. It's very easy to execute. You will get all most all shades of the can. It's available on and on Flipkart and Amazon.

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For these 3 small scratches, I would go to the nearby paint shop and buy black oil paint ( smallest approx 50ml container) then I would buy a paint brush from a stationary shop that kids use for painting and I would do the touch-up.

I only get the alloys repainted after 3 -5 years of use. Just for 3 scratches going to the alloy wheels specialist shop and getting them repaired or repainted costs a lot of time, effort and money.

Enthusiast Anoop said:

Diamond Cut Refinishing (UK based) has a product (machine) which will repair the wheels, especially diamond cut ones. They also have a paint booth option to paint wheels. It's going to be an innovative business model wherein these machines will be mounted on trucks and will be deployed to places like malls where repair can be done onsite. The company plans to give these machines on lease.

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