Skoda SC confirms an issue with my Rapid but asks to visit another SC

The other authorised service centres are at least 3 hours away.

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My friend owns a Skoda Rapid Diesel which he has been servicing at Malayalam Skoda in Trivandrum. For the last 2-3 months, the showroom and service have not been taking appointments, as they are planning to hand over the operations to PPS Skoda.

Initially, he was told that PPS Skoda will be starting in January 2023, but later they said it will take more time. He has an extended warranty till mid of Feb 2023 and has been facing an issue with the ORVM knob. When he checked with Malayalam Skoda if it can be fixed, he was informed that the workshop is still operational with limited staff and requested he brings the car over.

At the workshop, they checked and confirmed the issue with the knob and that it would be covered under warranty. However, they are asking him to go to some other Skoda service centers to claim the warranty. For people in Trivandrum, after the closure of Malayalam Skoda, the other service centers are at least 3 hours away.

Initially, Malayalam Skoda sent a mail claiming that he can go to the other service centers, and they will refund him the cost of fuel for the round trip (which might be higher than the price of the knob). Upon checking via phone with the service centers in Nagarkovil and Kottayam, they informed us that Malayalam Skoda is making such claims, however, no refund of fuel costs would be done.

My friend's extended warranty will expire in a few weeks, and even though it has been assessed and approved for warranty, the time and fuel spent on the issue will not be worth it.

Would there be any way to raise this with higher-ups in Skoda?

As the issue is already assessed and approved by Malayalam Skoda, would it be possible to get it replaced under warranty from PPS Skoda, after the extended warranty expires, as the issue is at Skoda's side here that they are postponing the opening of their service center in the city?

Multiple emails have been sent to customer care, without any response from them.

He does not want to extend the warranty any further, as he is not sure about the new service center which is coming in Trivandrum and he has not had a good experience with respect to warranty claims till now.

Attaching a response from Malayalam Skoda regarding this issue.

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