Sun Mobility launches battery swapping tech for 2, 3-wheelers


Sun Mobility, co-founded by Chetan Maini (the founder of Reva) has launched an interoperable smart mobility solution for two and 3-wheeler electric vehicles in Bangalore. It comprises of modular smart batteries and quick interchange stations connected via a Smart Network. 

The modular smart batteries can be used on different vehicle types. These batteries automatically customize their output depending on the vehicle's energy requirement. Multiple batteries can be paired together for high performance applications and longer range. 

The company plans to set up quick interchange stations at various locations where customers will be able swap batteries for fully charged ones on a pay-as-you-go basis. According to the company, swapping out the modular batteries takes a few minutes unlike conventional recharging stations where customers have to wait for hours to get the batteries fully charged. The quick interchange stations are expected to have the required infrastructure to recharge a large number of batteries. These are modular and can be installed on demand anywhere in India.

The smart network monitors battery and station status and provides real-time feedback to customers and fleet owners through a mobile app. It detects the battery's state of charge and automatically locates the closest quick interchange station. It uses a digital payment system and customers have to pay only for the energy used. 

Sun Mobility plans to collaborate with multiple OEMs in India. The company has already entered in to a strategic partnership with Ashok Leyland. Meanwhile, quick interchange stations are expected to be set up across various cities in a phased manner.

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