Tata Hexa breaks down under warranty: Poor service centre experience

The workshop did not provide a loaner car. In fact, there is no job card for the SUV to date.

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An ordeal that we all feel will happen someday if you buy a Tata vehicle.

My friend has a 2020 Jan, Tata Hexa - Under standard warranty with the Gold AMC.

The vehicle overheated, broke down and was taken to the Arya Tata Dealership Gurgaon 10 days back for required repairs.

Timeline of events

  • Hexa sent to Arya on the 26th of August
  • Owner was out of the city, so the driver was responsible for delivering the car to the workshop
  • Job card not provided till date
  • No loaner car

The car was supposed to be delivered today as per the service advisor, however, on follow-up, it was communicated that the parts have been ordered, so there is no ETA available as of now for delivery.


  • One service tech on the outset said that the "Engine Assembly will be replaced"
  • After I got involved and asked questions today, the service manager gave some vague answers on the head being changed - on probing further, no more details were given.

The GM of the dealership or Tata, to whom this issue has been escalated are both non-responsive.

Does anyone here have contact details of someone in NCR for Tata service to who I can have my friend escalate the issue?

Here's what BHPian damodar had to say about the matter:

You can contact the North zone customer care manager. All the dealer workshops in the NCR are supervised by him.

Here's what BHPian Kosfactor had to say about the matter:

Allow them good amount of time to go through everything, engine replacement will take time maybe even a month. It's not a good idea to rush through it because if they cut corners to save time, your friend will be a permanent resident of their workshop!

Lots of small bits and pieces may need to be replaced along with the engine, some things may break during disassembly etc which need to be ordered again and then fitted once they arrive. This being a discontinued vehicle, parts will take time to arrive.

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