Tesla drops lumbar support feature due to 'almost no usage'

Tesla has removed adjustable lumbar support on its Model 3 & Model Y, citing 'almost no usage' as the main reason.

Tesla has removed the adjustable lumbar support feature from the front passenger's seats of its Model 3 and Model Y offerings.

The company CEO confirmed the development via social media. Elon Musk explained that the feature log showed 'almost no usage', which prompted the carmaker to discontinue it altogether. Musk further went on to state that the feature did not justify the cost/mass for everyone.

The company CEO also explained the reason for the recent price increases being applied to its products. Musk stated that the rising prices are due to the increasing cost of raw materials and the supply-chain pressure affecting the entire industry.

Tesla previously had also announced that its models will no longer be using radar-based driver assistance systems. Instead, all Tesla models will shift to a camera-based setup. The company is also said to soon be increasing the prices of its Full Self Driving (FSD) tech to $14,000 from the current $10,000.

Source: Automobile.mag

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