Things I like about my Mahindra Scorpio N Z2 base variant

Exactly after 9 months from when bookings opened, Mahindra delivered it to me for 12.5L ex-showroom

BHPian TheARUN recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Surprisingly from what I read on this thread, nobody has spoken of the Z2 variant of the BigDaddy Mahindra ScorpioN

I got one for myself, diesel at introductory pricing. Exactly after 9 months from when bookings opened, Mahindra delivered it to me for 12.5L ex-showroom [price protected]

Here are the positives:- [In no particular order]
- Gear tutor - arrows on the console indicate when it's optimum to up shit on down shift
- Start-stop function, not to be confused with start-stop button!
- Android stereo - I can mirror my iPhone on it and that solves all the other problems
- Commanding seating position
- Indicators on the side mirrors - most base models have them on the fenders
- Parking sensors - at the rear and they give you precise distance from objects, on the console along with adaptive beeping
- Flat bottom steering wheel
- Back-lit switches
- Steering weighs up nicely at speed, it is hydraulic, did not find it too much of a bother even after putting in 500-kilometre stretches
- Seats and interiors are exactly like the top model. Some base models come with bench seats. E.g. Tata Sumo
- Same 175BHP engine, only ECU is detuned. After the warranty can opened up the BHP easily
- Sound-deadening material on the bonnet underside
- The boot space cover is the same one you get in the top model
- Intelligent indicators - If you have your hazards on and then indicate, the indicator would override the hazards and then come back to the hazards after auto cancelling
- Upon sudden braking, the hazards come on, when the bonnet is open and the engine running, the hazards come on
- Same black colour that you get in the top models
- Graphics are awesome when you start the vehicle. You can see the whole design, side view, etc. Unlike the Citroen C3 Electric console
- Design, colours in the dashboard, and interiors are all like the top model

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