Toyota Fortuner 4x2 AT: 1300 Km update

We did test drive the MG Gloster and researched about the Scorpio-N and XUV 700 but never felt they were a replacement or competitor of the Fortuner.

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Finally sharing glimpses of my sparkling black 4x2 AT Fortuner, I have driven it roughly 1300 kms in one month and have used it mostly on highways and occasionally on hilly areas and minor off-roading.

We did test drive MG Gloster and researched about the Scorpio-N and XUV 700 but never felt them being a replacement or competitor of Fortuner (before you guys call me out with the specifications sheet, I refer to the difference more on emotional bias rather than a practical one) as of now I haven't been disappointed with the performance and the sheer road presence one receives while driving this vehicle. Explains why its the best seller in its segment. However the body roll issue is real and can be experienced. It's an SUV thing and experience more or less in every SUV.

I personally find sparkling black colour on Fortuner way more appealing than the typical white or even attitude black, no offence to anyone. Fortuner looks elegant in all colours, it's just my personal preference to opt for darker shades with subtle dual tones. My honda city which the fortuner will be sharing the garage with shares the similar shade of black/brown so it's a personal call.

While the only issue with this shade is it being highly prone to scratches and swirl marks, I opted for a PPF from detailing bull, Indore as the solution and I'll be receiving my vehicle by tomorrow (will update you guys with the end results of it too)

I have queries regarding accessories and underbody coating for my Fortuner, I personally prefer minimalism and would not like additional chrome and now with PPF done, paint safety is taken care of however any additional accessory which improves its looks should be purchased or not? Coming to another query of underbody coating, Toyota is quoting Rs 4700+GST of 3M coating with 1 year warranty, is it worth it or should I look into alternatives?

Awaiting valuable input from fellow BHPians.

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