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How to Maintain your Car in Top Shape


Team-BHP doesn't recommend selling your 5 year old car just yet (Related Thread). As car guys however, we relish the driving experience and absolutely need a "tight feeling" machine. This article will list the basic best practices for keeping your car in top shape, thus helping you prolong its life and enjoy healthy service for well over 150,000 kms.

There are no shortcuts to maintaining a car well and the exercise does require a little effort. But I can assure you, every rupee & minute spent on your car's upkeep will be recovered through a superior driving, owning & resale experience. A well-kept car will serve you better and prove more reliable in the long run. A healthy car is a safer car too. You'll retain it longer, thus saving you big bucks in depreciation losses. Whatever way you look at it, there's tremendous return-on-investment in keeping your car tidy.

Of course, it's an advantage if you own a car that ages well. German cars usually age the best aesthetically, while Japanese & Korean cars prove the most reliable in the long run. Some models however (e.g. Tata Indica) age prematurely, due to poor production & quality processes.

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