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Old 14th February 2020, 10:10   #16
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Happy Birthday Team-BHP. May this community grow at higher RPMs, spreading cars and bikes of love to all avid readers and knowledge seekers.

Thank you Team-BHP for coming into our lives, and giving us the opportunity to revv! what we love. Our pedals are always floored even when the roads run out, for we ride into the horizon of infinity.

May God Bless You
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Happy 16th, Team-BHP. I've been on the forum for only 11 months now, and already a sizeable chunk of my friends comprise of people I met on the forum. The best part is, the moderators (who are also more than double my age) are extremely friendly and I've never had to wait more than a couple of hours to get a reply to my messages to them. When I recently took up cycling as a hobby, I searched for cycling threads, PM'd a couple of members, and they were sweet enough to help me out with everything I needed. What's more, these members also keep motivating me to get out of bed each morning and get on the saddle!
I now refer to Team-BHP for everything ranging from cars to cellphones to food! Thank you moderators and team for everything that you do. Onwards and upwards!
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Happy 16th birthday Team-BHP.

Thank you for empowering geeks like me with immense and valuable information around anything related to cars and for helping me select holiday destinations with friends and family. All I need to do is show them the pictures on some of the Travelogues and they concede to my requests.

Believe me when I say this: My first vehicle purchase as an adult (Maruti Ritz Vxi) was influenced by the review I read on this very forum (was not a member then).

Thank you once again and enjoy the teens.
Cheers !!

P.S. I might not be the one posting a lot on the forum, but I login atleast once a day just to check where the world has moved to on the automotive scene.

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Here's wishing Team-BHP a very happy 16th birthday!!

A heartfelt thank you and congratulations to GTO and all the Moderators for providing and maintaining such a wonderful platform.

A huge thank you to the reviewers whose extremely detailed reviews help millions of people in India to understand and choose a car. People in my society have seen the Team-BHP stickers on my car and have actually come up to me and told that they were able to zero in on the car they wanted after going through the detailed reviews (and so did I!). Makes me feel proud of being a part of this amazing community.

A big thank you to each and every member of the community who give their advice, share their knowledge and help each other out.

May our tribe increase and flourish

Happy driving people!

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Happy Birthday, Team-BHP. I spend way too much time on this forum every day, and that's not reducing anytime soon. Thank you so much for staying true to your motto and soul.

In a world, which is full of people convincing you and fighting for mindshare, you remind a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Pure and tangy and utterly satisfying. I was reading the New York Times and came across a book review for "Let My People Go Surfing." I have just got that on audible, but its blurb reminded me of the work you guys do. Thank you so much for being a positive force in the world today.

I am not a petrol head. I started to love driving after I bought my first automatic (XUV 300). However, I read this forum purely to breathe in the passion that bubbles and floats on its pages. Some things I loved are teenagers writing reviews of cars, sixty-year-old gentlemen and women driving vintage cars to Goa, travel journeys across old and new places, financial advice, and music recommendations.

The forum reminds me of a virtual campfire where friends meet every night under the stars to swap stories and share journeys. Long live the passion, commitment, and drive that fuels this journey.

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Team-BHP Support
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

My first foreign visit (Ford Innovation & Design Fantasy Camp and a visit to NAIAS 2012) (& hence the first passport stamp) was courtesy Team-BHP.

Happy birthday Team-BHP and a big thank you to Rush and the team.
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Been a member since I was 14 IIRC. Having said that, I was always an admirer of team BHP since I was about 12. I still remember the time when I used to look up the internet for 0-100 times and top speeds of cars and that's when I came across a team BHP thread which was about the 0-100 time for the Chevrolet Cruze!

I got through on the first attempt for registration. I still remember. It was in April, 2016 I applied. My summer vacations were on. I was at my maternal grandparent's place and randomly decided to give the registration a shot to see how strict the moderation really would be. My answer to the favorite car question was the VW Polo GT 1.2 TSI (sad to see its no more now). I was to leave for Kerala on 22nd April, 2016 and this happened on the 17th IIRC.

Fast forward to more than a week later, and I decide to check my inbox to see if there has been a reply. AND YES! Membership APPROVED are the words that came up on the screen. I was residing in a remote home stay in Munnar and had used up all of the Wifi Quota browsing team BHP. My dad was royally fed up already and even more frustrated now that I was a member.

Some interesting anecdotes with pertains to team BHP that I think are worth sharing:

- My Facebook usage dropped drastically after my membership got approved. I spent more of my time browsing threads in the first year and posted my first ownership review (Jetta TDI) in 2017 on 21st February which also happens to be my birthday

- Porscheguy a.k.a Ved is the only team BHP member I have met personally. He happened to be a family friend who was also interested in cars at the time and a team BHP fan. He eventually registered less than a year after we met and the forum has become a topic of discussion over our conversations

- Came very close to meeting member Danish_9797 at one point near Inorbit Mall Vadodara but couldn't. The only way I recognised him: His modded BMW 520D with the sexy body kit and bumper lip which has been featured on the "tastefully modded cars" thread as well

- Its not just for namesake that we call team BHP a close knit community. I still remember how hard it was to convince my dad for remapping the Jetta. I casually asked member and fellow Jetta owner Chethan_BG over PM whether he could pitch in and clear our doubts. And guess what, he had a 1 hour chat over call with my dad less than a week later only to clear all concerns about emissions and the impact it would have on reliability. Think about it. Explaining the concept of a remap to a non-car enthusiast who has kept his cars stock for almost a decade! Members like Epic, iliketurtles and Tanveer_2558 never hesitated to help either.

- The Team BHP teenage community has been bustling as well. I still remember member Neel_petrolhead and myself were the only two teens back in 2017. But the number grew exponentially and how! Member and close friend Varun_Hexaguy joined in later too.Got so many teenagers (some who are as much as 3 years away from taking the wheel). And what's also surprising is that some of us also share the same passion for classic cars people aged twice or thrice of us do! Don't believe me? Check out Beemer_Bug's Maruti Zen and Fiat Palio reviews.

4 years have flown by and I just hope I can contribute to the community as much as possible. With the introduction of EVs, here's to praying I get to review some M-A-D internal combustion cars and drive a few of those yesteryear classics (Nikhil hope you're listening).

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

I got hooked on this forum in 2010 and became a member in 2011. Through this forum, I have met and made a lot of great friends. I have had members who I have never met but yet going out of their way to help me. Such is the bonding among the 'family' members!

Over the years, this forum has been my source of knowledge for anything in this world: automotive and non-automotive. If I have a query, fat chance that I always find an answer from among the existing posts.

May our family continue to grow and prosper!
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

I say it on every Team-BHP Birthday thread and will say it again.

The first website I open every morning on my phone and at work is Team-BHP to check the New Posts and New Topics list. The next site I open is the local newspaper and even when I am reading the paper or even in between work, I invariably keep checking Team-BHP. Heck,even my boss knows that I am on Team-BHP when I am not working, that once she commented saying 'Oh I thought you were on 'BHP' when she saw me reading some work related stuff.

It is a habit for something like ten years now to check for anything and everything on this forum and more often than not, you get the answers and you feel happy and satisfied that you have helped someone at the same time.

Happy 16th Team-BHP! Cheers.

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Happy 16th Birthday Team-BHP.

Itís just been a month that I am a part of this extremely wonderful forum. (Was a silent spectator since last few years)

We are all here due to the passion and dedication of GTO, Moderators and the support staff. The amount of hard work in making Team-BHP what it is today is a commendable achievement, and a great teamwork.

Wishing many many years of revving.

Congratulations and best luck.

Thank you Team-BHP.
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Team-BHP Support
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Sweet 16! Wonderful

When I was in the US in December my cousin made a comment "whenever I make a travel plan, I go and check Team-bhp first, even for a location in the US!"

Recently a relative called me for an opinion (always free) on buying a second car. I asked “how about a GT TSI?”. The immediate response was “Team-bhp says there are possible gearbox issues”

The above two are not really petrol heads and not our members, but these comments show the popularity and impact we have on anything related to automobiles!

And in 5 days I complete a decade with Team-bhp...Yay!

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Happy sweet 16 to Team-BHP.

It has been over a decade since I have been a member here and definitely over a dozen years since I had started following this forum. Like most members, I have literally grown up with this forum !

I have literally drooled over pictures in the supercar and superbike sections, yearned to go to those multiple exotic places from the travelogue section, lusted over some beauties in the vintage car sections and have definitely gathered knowledge and inputs on various subjects thanks to the magnitude of great informative threads around. Team-BHP has always been and will always continue to be a source of inspiration !

I have met so many members and made such good friends with them from all over the country is actually something I would have never thought of when I started off as a newbie a decade back.

Breakfast rides, overnighters, Auto Expo trips, functions and events, late night coffee meets, there have been so many occasions in past so many years that I really cherish being in company of such fantastic like-minded folks. All thanks to this beautiful forum.

Here's a picture of me posing with a bunch of bhpians from Pune who made the delivery experience of my motorcycle extra special.

Name:  Tiger 800.jpg
Views: 1645
Size:  93.5 KB
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Happy 16th Team-BHP!!

It's an honour to be a part of such a great community with all the amazing information and unbiased reviews.

I have been visiting this forum for the past one and a half year and decided to become a member 15 days ago and I'm so glad that my membership got approved and I became a part of this ever-growing family
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Happy 16th birthday Team-BHP!
Although I have been a follower since around 2014-15 (selling my pre-owned Activa then made me sad and I promised to buy a car whenever I could), I just recently got my membership. Over the years I have been quite surprised how honest, unbiased and respectful this forum has been.
So this is the first Team-BHP birthday I am officially a part of! And these are probably the most exciting birthday messages I have ever read (yes, includes my birthdays too!). Now, I am spending more time here than on all other sites combined! Well, my family and closed ones have started cursing me for being here all day, to which I keep thinking, families can't be run perfectly but cars can be!

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Team BHP Nation turns 16. Privileged to be part of such enthusiasts and congratulations to all the moderators for the upkeep of the site and the brilliant coverages of all events.
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