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Default On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Wishing our beloved Team-BHP a very happy 16th birthday ! On this special occasion, I thought of sharing with you some fun & interesting trivia on Team-BHP. The inspiration came from a similar thread I had done on the Indian Car Scene (must-read related link).

BHPians, your birthday gift for Team-BHP will be adding to this list in your replies !

• Our community is so well-behaved that the most common Reported Posts are for things like “long quotes” or back-to-back posting. Serious offenses such as poorly typed posts are like once in 4 – 5 days, personal attacks may be once in a fortnight, trolling once / month and abusive language perhaps once in 2 – 3 months. Hat's off to the impeccable posting standards of BHPians!

• We receive some truly unique emails via the ‘contact us’ form. This is one received very recently for advice from our financial wizard Mod:
I want to seek the advice of Mr. Smartcat. I am a 56-year-old female. I come under the 30% tax slab. I have around 7.5 lakhs in my savings account. Am planning to invest it in the following ways - i) 2.5 lakhs in SBI Overnight Fund ii) 2.5 lakhs in SBI Liquid Fund (75% in SOV)....
• This community has an astonishing level of camaraderie. Here's an example of a BHPian visiting another BHPian's relative to help a different country - link!! We've also had a stolen car recovered, thanks to a BHPian - link.

• Our servers are named V6, V8 & V12 (depending on their size & power). What's more, our hosting provider once slapped Team-BHP stickers onto them!
Name:  Server 1.jpg
Views: 14399
Size:  335.0 KB

• We value your privacy as much as we do ours. Team-BHP will NEVER sell your personal data to any 3rd party. Further, we've received many lucrative offers for bombarding you via PMs (or emails) with marketing messages. As you know, that's never been done.

• Be it the Triumph detuning fiasco, the Endeavour's cheap cost-cutting or the MG Hector fires, Team-BHP is the ONLY Indian website that will tell you everything about cars, the good & the bad. As an example, just google up and see how many other "paid media" reported on the MG Hector fires. But if MG releases a new body colour tomorrow, everyone & their grandmothers will report it!

• Noticed the cars on the top-right corner of our homepage? They shuffle with every page refresh & are hand-picked by the team. Each car placed there has to be special in some way. This red Octavia vRS has been there the longest. And here's some more trivia = it was actually yellow, which was converted to red in PhotoShop (we couldn't find a red one in the perfect angle).
Name:  RS.jpg
Views: 14189
Size:  207.1 KB

• Even as the top poster on Team-BHP with 55,000 posts, I barely make up ~1% of the knowledge-base. The true wealth & 99% of this community comes from its members.

• Team-BHP has a Diwali Pooja every year where, instead of books, God blesses our laptops.
Name:  DSC08989.JPG
Views: 14191
Size:  298.5 KB

• Always wanted to see the infraction summary, but didn't know who to ask? Here you go:
Name:  Infractions.jpg
Views: 14001
Size:  185.2 KB

• From time to time, we receive legal threats & we fight 100% of the ones where we’re convinced of being right. We'd once broken a scoop of a car recall (before it was announced publicly), and the manufacturer wrote to me a 500 word legal email from its lawyers. The next morning, I replied back with a 2,000 word email which included many BHPian posts complaining about the same problem in their cars. Told the OEM that they had better focus on fixing their faulty cars instead of trying to fight me legally (which I was 100% ready for, by the way). More related trivia = our first (almost) legal fight was with Skoda (related link).

• The entire EV forum has about as many posts as the single EcoSport Review does (11,000 odd each). When will EVs pick up, in terms of interest & demand? Me thinks it's a long, long time away.

• It's an incredibly satisfying feeling to see Google auto-suggest Team-BHP for so many car reviews!
Name:  Annotation 20200204 124515.jpg
Views: 13536
Size:  29.1 KB

• Believe it or not, we actually had a street racing section called "race stories" in the early days. Damn, the young hot blood we had in our veins then. Today, the mention of any speed over 120 km/h is edited out in our support for safe driving practices.
Name:  2004  TeamBHP.jpg
Views: 13619
Size:  207.4 KB

• Team-BHP did something that even Jeremy Clarkson & $16 million couldn't! That is, build a community. The confusing & over-hyped DriveTribe royally flopped - full details here.

• Us Mods give car advice not only to BHPians in the What Car? forum, but also to each other all the time. Here is Viddy's message after me & my thread convinced him to change from the Octavia 1.8 to the Kodiaq (read Vid6639's post here):
Name:  Viddy 2.jpg
Views: 13444
Size:  188.5 KB

• Here's our total traffic for calendar year 2019. 16 crore pageviews from 2.1 crore visitors via 5 crore sessions. Engagement is high too; most car websites have an average pages / session number of just 1.xx (ditto for session duration where ours is 4 minutes):
Name:  Traffic.jpg
Views: 13240
Size:  136.1 KB

• One of our lowest points was during the 2014 Auto Expo. We were down for pretty much the entire of the main show day; it's like having the electricity cut off at your wedding. Team-BHP was then at WiredTree Hosting as server costs + bandwidth were far cheaper in the USA. Seeing our predicament, BHPian codelust hooked us up with the experts @ E2E Hosting who got us back online. WiredTree's customer service really deserted us in our hour of need. Well, I replied with my feet and transferred our hosting business to E2E. Happy ever since. As they say, whatever happens does so for a good reason. We'll now be completing 6 happy years @ E2E.

• Our extremely useful Assembly Line section was suggested by TSK1979. Today, it's hard to imagine how anyone composed long + detailed threads without it!

• I will always have a soft corner for the butt-ugly Maruti Ritz because it was our first Official Review. Maruti's PR team actually called on my office landline (after googling my name) as they didn't have my email address or cell number. At the event, when we were exchanging business cards, I handed over my EDU-World cards (education business) as we didn't have Team-BHP business cards printed. This is the baggage tag from my luggage then:
Name:  Ritz  1st Official Review 1.JPG
Views: 13026
Size:  82.6 KB

We soon rolled these out:
Name:  Cards.jpg
Views: 13009
Size:  151.4 KB

• There are ~78,000 Reported Posts as of date. On an average, we get about 25 Reported Posts every day.

• Here's our country-wise traffic for last year:
Name:  Annotation 20200205 105003.jpg
Views: 12881
Size:  115.0 KB

• The Shifting Gears forum was a favourite from 2004 itself, and we knew it'll be popular because car enthusiasts can greatly contribute to a "lifestyle" forum (proof is the recent DMart thread). The diversity of topics in Shifting Gears is mind boggling = we have discussions on tattoos, blood donors, pets, H1B visas, veganism, rock shows, weight loss, poetry, real estate & pretty much anything to do with Indian life. Fact = Shifting Gears helped me lose 20 kilos (see before & after pics) & quit smoking.

• Before we moved to, each member on "Formula India" (our earlier MSN group) had a grand total of 2 MB of attachments! If you reached that limit, you'd have to delete some older pictures in order to upload new ones. Hahahaha.

• Believe it or not, car dealerships have been known to hand out printed reviews and even PDI checklists from Team-BHP!

• We once had a Team-BHP office on a sea-facing terrace. What a view!
Name:  01092011893.jpg
Views: 12897
Size:  324.0 KB

• Team-BHP Mod Meets are held quite frequently at the same place. The terrace ended up with a lot of Team-BHP colours (black, red & grey). Wasn't intentional, just turned out that way.
Name:  IMG_20200104_210142 copy2.jpg
Views: 12818
Size:  358.9 KB

• The most commonly reported typo on Team-BHP is “break” (instead of brake). I have to sheepishly admit that I have made this mistake too, many times.

• Sometimes, if you drop us an email via the contact us form with criticism / suggestions / compliments or even a query that is well-written & thought provoking, you might get an invitation email to register on the forum. A minimum of 200 BHPians have come onboard that way.

• When I was in the USA (2001 - 2003), I was a daily reader of s2ki, M5 board and so on. Forums were all the rage in the USA then (all pre-FB & Instagram days, mind you). I must have googled for “Indian Car Forum” like 1,000 times, but was disappointed to see no quality, high traffic forum where I could talk cars with other Indian petrol-heads. I genuinely had no clue then, that Team-BHP will be created in 2004 (my first plan after returning to India was to open a car dealership).

• Our first big publicity push actually came from ACI & for that, we'll always be grateful. I don’t think they realized then how big we’ll become. Frankly, we didn't either:
Name:  Autocar 2004  1st Press Mention.jpg
Views: 12500
Size:  59.3 KB

• Team-BHP is perhaps the only community worldwide to keep trolls out. Even Twitter can’t do it, despite its enormous staff & millions of dollars in the bank account (link 1, 2, 3, 4). Neither can Reddit, despite enormous resources (link 1, 2, 3, 4). Team-BHP has ZERO TOLERANCE for trolls, just to keep things safe & enjoyable for you. We ban them quickly & swiftly.

• Fond of the likes & dislikes at the start of each Official Review? Credit BHPian Greenhorn for that. He was quite sharp & vocal in our Honda Jazz review of 2009 (it was only our 3rd review), and told us we'd better maintain neutrality when we go for these media drives. The team decided then & there that we will list the full list of pros & cons of each car at the very beginning, making each review indisputably unbiased.

• Manufacturers sometimes pleasantly surprise us. This was at my door at 7 a.m. C-l-a-s-s-y, just like their cars:
Name:  Mercedes.jpg
Views: 12426
Size:  122.5 KB

• There are currently 2,880 work-in-progress threads in the Assembly Line forum.

• Bangalore is the no.1 source of our traffic, accounting for 13% of all visits. Even 1/3rd of the Mod team is from there! Team-BHP can might as well stand for “Team-Bangalore Horse Power”. In terms of traffic, Chennai, Bombay, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Kochi & Ahmedabad are next (in that order).

• Our “hot threads” (on the homepage) are handpicked every morning. They are found via two sources = fresh threads + reported posts (i.e. when you ask us to move your thread out of the Assembly Line). D-BHPians & regular members also help us by pointing out hot thread candidates.

• On Team-BHP's last birthday in 2019, the Mods went off to Goa to celebrate!
Name:  5  Planet Bollywood 8.jpg
Views: 12580
Size:  362.5 KB

• Back of the envelope calculations indicate that about 1,500 - 2,000 Team-BHP Meets of varying sizes have been organized so far. I myself have been to ~100.

• Read the FAQ on how empty BHP Garages are deleted on any Saturday of the month? There is no automated script for that. BHP Garages with zero pics are deleted manually…and have been so for the last 15 years!

• Look around and you’ll see that some regular posters have “thanked” counts greater than their “post” counts. Quite an achievement. I greatly respect that. Thank you, guys.

• Some interesting attachment stats for you. Because of his incredibly detailed travelogues (sample link), Distinguished BHPian laluks is the leader by far. Simply no contest:
Name:  Attachments.jpg
Views: 12404
Size:  184.7 KB

• Not only do we refuse to take car ads, but we also block indirect car ads (served through networks like Google Adsense). Reason = the end user won't know what is served directly or indirectly. We’re the only car website in the world to refuse car advertisements.

• On an average, 5 team members contribute to each Team-BHP Official Review. It takes 5 - 7 days with the car (driving + shooting), and then 30 - 45 days of compiling + writing + editing.

• This is the only large Indian car website where 99% of the content is user-generated! Give me the opinion of a car owner vs a biased journo any day.

• I think we really hit it out of the park with the Live To Drive sticker. The caption was mine, and the design Rehaan's. Not only is it the most popular, the LTD sticker is also the most counterfeited. Here is a kirana shop selling a bunch:
Name:  Kirana shop selling TeamBHP stickers.jpg
Views: 12366
Size:  280.2 KB

• Going by our strict rules & enforcement today, you'll find it hard to believe that there were no forum rules at one time! Each & every rule has been reactive, not proactive. As in, we saw a problem and then introduced a rule to solve it. Example = When poor language was dominating the forum (check 2004 - 2005 threads), we came out with the "no SMS" language rule.

• You could say that Team-BHP has weathered all kinds of storms & landscape changes, including macro-level stuff like the global decline of forums (related link), shift to mobile, videos, Instagram etc. In the time that we've been around, many social networks have filled the graveyard (Orkut, MySpace, Google+, Yahoo Groups, Friendster...). Team-BHP has proven that, at the end of the day, content is king.

• Among the many crazy things that happen on Team-BHP, a BHPian once bought a car from another, in 6 minutes via SMS (thread link)! God bless this forum.

• Just like BHPians organize meets, the core team too has Mod meets every few months (here's our Pawna travelogue). More trivia = that's the only travelogue I've written!

And here's our first-ever outstation drive to Mahabaleshwar from 2004:

• For those who are relatively new to Team-BHP, this is how basic our homepage looked a decade ago:
Name:  Subdreamer Portal.JPG
Views: 12134
Size:  203.4 KB

• Had thought of creating a Team-BHP News section in the early days, but I had no clue how to "get news". So, I called some people from the media industry and asked them a simple question "how do you get car news?". They were rather amused. Turns out, there are 4 main sources = press releases from manufacturers, BHPians (or the information you find yourself), scoops & other media sources.

• In total, we've broken some 600 - 700 scoops on Indian cars & the industry.

• The first car on sale on the Team-BHP Classifieds section was - quite fittingly - an enthusiast's machine:
Name:  1st car on sale  An SL500 b.jpg
Views: 12014
Size:  146.9 KB

• We may not reply to all of them, but we read each & every email sent to us via the “contact us” form.

• Get this, in 2019, the team devised a new process whereby the membership approval rate shot up by almost FOUR TIMES.

• I send a PM to almost every rule breaker that I spot via "Reported Posts". I easily send about 15 - 20 such PMs every day. If you’ve broken a rule, odds are you got a PM from me in the morning.

• One mistake almost every forum makes is having too many forum sections, and too little content in each of them. On Team-BHP, it's the other way around. Forum sections are created only after there is enough existing content for them. Take our EV & Safety sections – they were created once we had 500 – 600 threads (each) for them.

• In total, 384 BHPians have been banned on Team-BHP. About 20% of those are temporary bans (the rest are permanent).

• It's not just you, even the Bangalore Traffic Police loves our content:
Name:  Bangalore Traffic Police.jpg
Views: 11930
Size:  121.9 KB

• Don’t assume that you'll get away with breaking the rules at night! While we’re sleeping in India, our International Mods preside over the forum (Aah78, Benbsb29, BlackPearl, TSK1979, Vb-San). Then of course, you have night owls like CrAzY dRiVeR who you will sometimes see online at 1 am, and others at 5 am.

• Seen the "Users Online" box on our homepage (desktop version), and on the bottom of the forum homepage? A lot of new people find it funny, but it's a habit from the old days. In the early 2000s, there were a ton of forums worldwide. Think, like 40 forums for Mercedes-Benz alone. The default way for any forum-fan to know which of the 40 to spend time on was looking at the "users online" figure. Everyone likes busy forums, no one likes ghost towns.

• The Team-BHP gang usually makes for the biggest group at any family function!
Name:  201404  Stratos Engagement.jpg
Views: 12153
Size:  430.0 KB

• From time to time, manufacturers approach us for feedback or advice, and we willingly provide the same (without ANY fees, mind you). Here is a pic of me addressing a manufacturer's conference via video link (it's me on the bottom right screen). We’ve participated in R&D meets of a couple of cars. One of India’s best-selling SUVs has features suggested by us.
Name:  Presentation.jpg
Views: 12112
Size:  352.3 KB

• About 15% of those who apply for forum membership are accepted. ~85% are unfortunately rejected. We don’t like this situation and will be the first to agree it's not the ideal solution. Equally, we are fanatical about our forum quality and will go to any lengths to maintain it.

• During one of our initial Official Reviews, the brand’s agency asked me “so how much will you charge us for the review?”. They were visibly shocked when we told them we don't take any money for reviews. Our sole request = give us the car for a long time due to the depth of our write-ups.

• The Team-BHP Weekly Newsletter is auto-generated (sign up here). It simply picks up the most read news & most clicked hot threads of the week.

• Ours is a rare online forum that is completely family & child-safe. We have ZERO tolerance for inappropriate material (adult content, profanity, racist posts etc.).

• In total, our Distinguished BHPians have contributed ~325,000 posts, which is 7% of Team-BHP's knowledge-base; they set the standards for us to follow.

The Mods read each & every reported post. Not a single one is missed. Team-BHP is probably the only forum in the world where a post is reported for a full stop (instead of a comma)...and it is corrected too (link to post)! We are a mad bunch:
Name:  Annotation 20200206 115549.jpg
Views: 11836
Size:  146.1 KB

• Sometimes, we get cute thank you notes too, which make us smile while going about our work:
Name:  Annotation 20200206 120109.jpg
Views: 11853
Size:  193.0 KB

• Do you like the Travelogues section? That was Rehaan’s idea. And all Distinguished BHPians should thank Samurai as he proposed that special recognition of our top contributors.

• If it weren’t for EDU-World (my earlier education business), Team-BHP wouldn’t have lasted / survived / remained independent. EDU-World footed all the Team-BHP bills for the initial 6 years & sometimes, the monthly bills were in the Rs 50,000 - 100,000 range. This picture signifies the early days the best – EDU was my wallpaper, while Team-BHP was merely a tiny folder on my computer (it's the other way around now).
Name:  When TeamBHP was just a folder.JPG
Views: 11846
Size:  343.0 KB

• Despite being a closed community that is strictly moderated, has a rigorous membership approval process and awesome rule-adhering BHPians, there are still 6,000 - 6,500 moderator actions performed every month. That's like 200 moderator actions every day! This, of course, includes everything (post edits & deletions, thread title changes, moving posts, merging similar discussions...).

• The love you see sometimes just takes your breath away! This is the rangoli outside a BHPian's house...
Name:  Rangoli 1.jpg
Views: 11778
Size:  271.8 KB

...and a crazy BHPian's garage shutter! Not that my own office was spared either (check thread here):
Name:  Garage.jpg
Views: 11685
Size:  189.8 KB

• If you ask me for my favourite thread on Team-BHP, it is indisputably the 12th birthday one. That thread best signifies our love, culture & craziness.

• Our sticker spotting thread now has 37,000 posts, 16,000 pictures & 98-lakh views!!!

• A cute reference to Team-BHP (2:25 minute mark) in this clever + witty video:

• Thanks to our sexy mobile website & the headache of maintaining an app, we retired our offerings on the Play / iTunes stores. Yet, we can't forget how we made it to the "Top 10" list on Apple, within 24 hours of release:
Name:  Annotation 20200207 115010.jpg
Views: 11642
Size:  156.7 KB

• Our first "big" moment of celebration was when we had all of 41 users online, and we thought the entire world is on Team-BHP. IIRC, that night, Revvmaster was over at my place and we celebrated by eating tacos + watching this M3 CSL video. We played it over & over again to listen to that wicked exhaust note:
Name:  41 users online.JPG
Views: 11597
Size:  178.2 KB

• It's not just you, even manufacturers refer to our Official Reviews to understand the new launches / their competitors well. We've been told this by many brands. Sometimes (we’ve been told), it helped them know details of their OWN products too!

• On the "About Us" section, we intentionally gave a lot of importance to our philosophy & special moments. It's very important for any curious newbie to know our culture & community spirit.

• This is a rare Team-BHP detailed thread by me that doesn't have a picture of an actual car!! Weird for an auto website (no, stuff like the screenshot of a classifieds ad doesn't count).

• Last piece of trivia that made me chuckle = By sheer coincidence, this trivia thread ended up having approximately the same number of trivia points as the thread that inspired it (link). Wasn't planned at all. I just started writing & researching the same way I did that thread. Such are the incredible coincidences of life!

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Team-BHP is sweet 16!

Finally old enough to drive in some countries

A HUGE THANKS to all of you for making this happen! It's the amazing knowledge-sharing, community spirit & pride that each one of you has for Team-BHP that has made it what it is today. This goes for members, lurkers & readers alike!

Adding a few more trivia points:

• Back in the day, Sam used to sneak in Team-BHP related bylines at the bottom of JBL ads on the rear cover of car magazines. Here's a particularly funny one:
Name:  Rtech wedding2.jpg
Views: 11454
Size:  305.2 KB

• More than a decade back, almost all our images were hosted on a popular external image-hosting site. One day we got a report that a post from a very respected elderly member contained pornography! It turns out that externally hot-linked images were slowly being replaced with ads & other questionable content. GTO sprung into action and had all externally-hosted images copied to our server, along with activating our own image hosting (attachment) system.

• The "I DRIVE SAFE" sticker that is still part of our set was a member-submitted design. Back in 2009 we actually created a thread requesting ideas & designs. A few submissions:
On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-ids-options.jpg

• Whilst writing the new Ford Fiesta review, I wanted to make up a name for the female British voice that talks back to you after you use voice commands. I thought it would make the 'voice controls' post more fun to read. I brainstormed possible names late one night and finalized on "Kate". I referred to her as such multiple times in our official review. 2 months after the review went live, Ford released a Fiesta TV commercial for India -- and in the ad, they referred to the voice as... you guessed it - "Kate!". A name that I just made up
(The Youtube link I had for the TVC is now dead. Can't find a new one. I remember scenes of a desert, a camel and a turbaned Rajasthani man)

• Speaking of TV commercials - a post by Vid6639 about taking an unnecessarily long route back from the Bangalore airport - just so he could hit a particular corner, struck a chord with a reader. The reader also happened to be writing a story-board for an upcoming tyre ad. The post unknowingly set off a chain of events that resulted in an entire team (including a James Bond stunt driver) traveling to Austria to shoot the ad. Here's the full story.
On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-austriaad.jpg

• Team-BHP members (some of whom keep a very low profile) have had a major hand in the development & production of several very well known cars, in India & abroad. Ranging from the Toyotas & Mercedes' of the world, to Caparo, Pininfarina and Ferrari.

• Sometimes I get calls from people who work for auto manufacturers & parts suppliers asking things like "When is the Team-BHP report on XYZ coming out? I need to use some data/images from it for an office presentation" Hah!

• The twitter handle @teambhp has been blocked for over a decade by a well-meaning fan. However the account is inactive & he's totally unreachable, so we had to settle for @teambhpforum instead:
Name:  teambhptwitter.jpg
Views: 11178
Size:  32.9 KB

Originally Posted by GTO
The Team-BHP gang usually makes for the biggest group at any family function!
• At times of celebration, and equally, at times of need - it's not uncommon to see a large majority of the crowd present is BHPians. Shows just how tight-knit this community is!

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Wish TEAM-BHP a very happy 16th birthday!

We celebrate our and our near one's birthday's by cutting cakes every year. So this year I thought, why not celebrate Team-Bhp's birthday by having some cake!

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-img_t2601.jpg

After-all, a good portion of my wardrobe is dominated by Team-Bhp T-Shirts, jackets and hoodies!

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-img_2470-2.jpg

My cars & bike proudly flaunt the Team-Bhp stickers & the key chains!

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-img_2606.jpg

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-img_7081.jpg

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-img_8091.jpg

A good percentage of my friends are from Team-Bhp too!
Its now like an extended family!

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-img_1468.jpg

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Originally Posted by Samba View Post
Wish TEAM-BHP a very happy 16th birthday!

So this year I thought, why not celebrate Team Bhp's birthday by having some cake!
Wow Samba ! You are a true TeamBhp fan

Sweet 16 to TeamBhp, the platform that got us all together !

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-img_5480.jpg

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-img_5483.jpg

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Just joined Team- Bhp last year. Imagine this I was just 2 when Team-Bhp was started.

Cars have been my passion since I was a child (started from hot wheels).

I started reading threads on team-Bhp since I was 16 and this forum played a pivotal role in helping us shortlist our cars. But my favourite section is the Travelogue section, we have such awesome travelogues that I make it a point to read a travelogue on team-bhp before I sleep ( and I have been having the most beautiful dreams since I started doing this).

Just one word for the mods ~ keep continuing the beautiful work you do.

Sweet 16 Team-Bhp and to my fellow bhpians- keep revving.
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Wishing Team-BHP a very happy 16th birthday!

Tomorrow, it'll be exactly 2 years since I joined as a member. It is truly a matter of pride for me to be associated with the community.

In my free time, I often look back at threads from 2004, 05 or so. I can't help but admire the dedication, hardwork and passion of members and mods that must've gone in to bring the quality of content to where it stands now. Also, as I go through user profiles from posts of that time, I can see a lot of users still active on the forums after 14-15 years. Such is the level of engagement. Thumbs up to Rushabh sir and the team for nurturing this top-class community of petrolheads!

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
BHPians, your birthday gift for Team-BHP will be adding to this list in your replies
Just realised this. My apologies for breaking the flow.

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Congratulations GTO and all the Moderators past and present for building and maintaining this excellent platform. To manage excellence on such a vast scale of literally millions & millions of users is a testimony to your dedication and love for the cause.

Another 2 years and we'll get you a learners driving license.
I hope to be posting on your 30th and then 40th birthdays too.

God bless Team BHP.
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Sweet 16 to Team BHP!!

My first out station Team BHP meet - Hyderabad

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-eb8ef55ff2b1425b9db6e760e665edb5.jpeg

Navsjab’s wedding in Bhopal -

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-1ac8b376d36d4f3ea0db56d2b9229266.jpeg

When PapaBravo invited us and we went all the way to Delhi -

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-a42f746cabb14c02875282fcaf2a8d68.jpeg

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-1584a096d15646ac9a4c495fa46ed512.jpeg

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-d81c8a342b6d4fb8925e5bbb0c3fcac6.jpeg

When your birthday cake has the Team BHP handle, please ignore the typo in the name. There was no way to infract the person who did it!

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-a124e4ae125e46a4987844d8496e9bbf.jpeg

PapaBravo and me having the birthday bash together -

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-55578e274a1343a0af2a6bd234ffd724.jpeg

Few pics from the innumerable Team BHP meets -

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-d63aad6a731441ee85acd60fc49e32d6.jpeg

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-c22895d6e7424e4d852781c1e40771b1.jpeg

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-2fb9285e40064775bf0eb607ea819418.jpeg

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-97d1cf27a98342309948beefb930bdba.jpeg

The turn out at my see-off meet before I came to UK! They wanted to ensure that I go away from Kolkata for good.

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-584bd96060ed40a8ad193e39f80b062b.jpeg

The first thing that I did after buying the Mini Cooper was putting up the LTD sticker -

On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community-74dc18e4007e41ab91556898e56c8cca.jpeg

I am sure I will have many more such memorable moments with fellow bhpians in the years to come!

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

What a long, fun journey it has been ! From the playful start, the boisterous middle-years, and now a more mature place - it's been like life itself. And now, an integral part of life !

Rush, Rehaan and the mod team - Congrats on holding the fort and guiding the Forum through the years. Looking forward to many more years of TBHP.

Keep Revvin' !!
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Originally Posted by GTO View Post

BHPians, your birthday gift for Team-BHP will be adding to this list in your replies !
I agree. Teambhp has been one of my daily reads from the day I joined the forum. My first car Ritz was purchased after thoroughly reading teambhp. My second car was purchased after reading reviews on teambhp. And I can't forget the first passing light flash and thumbs up I have received by team bhp members sporting the tbhp stickers on the car.

Thanks the teambhp team for the amazing community that you have created.
Kee revving

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Wish you a very happy birthday tbhp.

Thanks to the community, many of us have been able to choose cars, convince people on the whys and why nots and also resolve issues that looked like heading to a dead end.

Why just cars, even choosing the next vacation destination to the next RO water purifier, most of us depend on the community.

My big moment with tbhp was about resolving petrol smell in my brand new Zest. It was not getting resolved even after weekly service center visits where they did not have a clue. PM'd Behram Dhabhar and within a week a team of engineers landed in Bangalore to inspect the vehicle and solve it for once and all.
Unfortunately the printer didn't work in the service center that day when i was taking back the car and I was told to come later to collect the details of parts replaced. Behram sir asked me to share the details with him when i collect it. By the time I got it, he unfortunately left us. God bless his soul.
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

I suppose a trivia I forgot to mention to GTO before he posted this thread was that some of us mods have never even met GTO in person.
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Team-bhp!!!

Team-bhp is an integral part of my life now. I mean, yeah it began as a community of petrol (/diesel) heads but these days, I find myself coming to the forum for even professiinal guidance, apart from learning on so many other practical aspects of life.
Having had the priviledge to personally meet and interact with some of the mods, including GTO and Rehaan, and given the high standards our current mods ensure for forum sanity , I am sure she is in safe hands for a long long time to come.

EDIT: Have never felt the urge to go back on FB (2+ yrs now) or start an Insta account; this forum suffices those temporary pangs in more ways than one! Ok - am addicted to Team-Bhp!!

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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Happy Birthday TBHP!

Thanks to GTO & all the moderators for their constant efforts to keep TBHP in the great shape that it is in. Thanks to all the members who contribute and help make TBHP the vast reservoir of knowledge it is. The impact of TBHP on my life is incredible for which I can't thank enough. Hope to keep learning & posting for years to come. Thank you TBHP!!
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Default Re: On Team-BHP's 16th birthday, some fun & interesting trivia on our community

Happy Birthday No 16 to TBHP, it has indeed come a long way since it began and become one of the best site for anything with/without an engine and other stuff.
Nice to remember that I completed 12 years in TBHP, joined when I bought my Palio which still remains with me , I was banned twice for excessive one liners, that was the time I used to have TBHP always open on my browser
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