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Old 16th September 2010, 08:35   #151
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Originally Posted by yzfrj View Post
This is the main reason I went to Ignite.
M.A.S.S guys are full of bull.
Well, the cars India is doing good, but I somehow get a feeling that they replace parts unnecessarily; like eg, they replaced the entire steering column at 40K kms, ofcourse with my permission. Here's what they said...
The column is good for now, but Maruti suggests changing every 40K interval. It might go kaput anytime & changing it gives peace of mind. Choice is yours. Now after hearing this, I would definitely give in!!!

Originally Posted by yzfrj View Post
I've even got friendly "warnings" when I went to change a blown fuse to change the Clutch in my Zen after I got them fixed at Ignite.
^^^ Is the above is what you mean by friendly warning?

Originally Posted by yzfrj View Post

Can you define a "class" car ?
Originally Posted by nitrous View Post

Very true.
Only classy people are allowed.
Well, my laziness to type all the expensive models from Audi to Toyota has yielded 2 emoticons; OTOH, there was no doubt on classiness w.r.t people

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Old 26th November 2010, 12:34   #152
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Dude just got mentioned on
He set up India's first 'Green Garage' - Business
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Old 26th November 2010, 12:53   #153
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Kudos to Raghav! A well deserved note for his skill & hardwork.
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Old 26th November 2010, 15:52   #154
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Very well deserved.

How many guys like this can be found on their back under a car in a workshop, when they could be behind a desk in a software company?

I've met Raghav a couple of times, and when I took the car there he was happy to advise me that something did not need doing --- for free.

Now my Swift warranty is over, I have no doubt where I'll be going for service, or any other need that may arise.
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Old 26th November 2010, 16:58   #155
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A little far off for me, but still given all the +ve feedback on this thread, the bext service of my Baleno will be at Ignite.

Referred this thread to a couple of colleagues and one of them is dropping in next Monday to service his Baleno.
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Old 27th November 2010, 16:49   #156
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Thread moved to the Team-BHP Directory section.
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Old 27th November 2010, 19:29   #157
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I just spoke to Raghav and congratulated him for his achievement.

I feel nice to be associated with Raghav. Great going buddy. It is now high time that you should the vacant land next door.
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Old 26th January 2011, 00:04   #158
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Re: Car repairs & maintenance : Ignite Garage (Chennai)

Looks like this thread has been dormant for quite some time-

Anyways, my WagonR crossed the 70k mark, and i decided to give it some proper treatment. Took the car to Ignite. (Second time i am visiting the garage).

Major work done-

1. Steering box assembly replacement. (Was making drumming sound over bad roads. I have been informing multiple A.S.S since it crossed the 40k mark, and no one diagnosed it properly. Everytime, they would tell- suspension issue! Full credits to Raghav for narrowing it down to a worn steering rack!).

2. Power window (Front LHS) replacement.

3. Starter Motor Solenoid Switch. (Had devoleped a hesitation to start after 70k mark. That too, intermittent. Hard to diagnose since it was intermittent!).

4. Brake pad replacement and a.c gas charging.


1. Old power window switch was stuck, while they reconditioned the switch with superglue. Fixed in 5 mins, and anyways i went in for a replacement next day when spare arrived.

2. Thud sound from suspension. Took it back the next day (including power window replacement), and was diagnosed to a worn bolt on the lower arm. Not too happy that i had to go back again for a work, but very happy with the way the situation was handled, and work properly diagnosed and completed.

3. Number of days taken could have been reduced. But its compensated by the quality of work done.

Would i recommend?

Definitely yes.


Its no exaggeration when i tell that it feels better than ever! I have been used to the suspension noise over bad rounds, and with that gone- it feels like a different machine altogether!
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Old 15th March 2011, 20:02   #159
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Re: Garage - Ignite

Got two my friends car serviced at Ignite recently (Santro and Petrol Verna). They addressed all the problems reported and my friends are happy.

Another past experience with Ignite: Had taken my Getz (last year) for service once. The mileage and the pick up had dropped. Raghav took it for a nice test ride and diagnosed the problems with the car. Suggested me to change the clutch as it was slipping (partially due to my switch from automatic in the US to manual in India and my friend who used to ride the clutch) . I decided against clutch replacement as I was planning to sell the car. The service was well done and except for the clutch the car was in great shape.

Later, I went out of country and my dad took the car to Kun for clutch plate change where the SA advised against changing the clutch and did some adjustments. The clutch stopped slipping but the mileage did not improve. Raghav was indeed correct and in hindsight, I should have changed the clutch at the first instance.

On the flip side

a) The interiors of my friends car got dirtied during service. Lot of hands marks over the dashboard, seats.

b) For the Verna, he did not change the spark plugs which he promised and we had to take the car the second time.

c) For my Getz (an year back), they forgot to change the rear seat adjustment cable that had snapped and central locking actuators in one of the doors. He asked me to bring the car back and I did not have time. Kun did not fix both of the issues either and asked me to come back. Finally got them sorted out at Express Hyundai before I sold the car.

d) Raghav got 3M to do the interior cleaning done for my Getz as part of the service. Post the treatment, my dashboard got sticky but wouldn't attribute the problem to Ignite though.

e) Ignite does not have a facility for wheel alignment and balancing nearby and the car is driven around 15 Kms. (saw it on my Getz as well as friends Santro).

From my experience, Ignite is a great place to address specific problems & peace of mind but there is scope of improvement in the way generic service is done like better washing, addressing all small niggles that bother a customer but may not interest an enthusiast like Raghav.
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Old 14th May 2011, 10:38   #160
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Re: Car repairs & maintenance : Ignite Garage (Chennai)

Good to see so many good reviews of this place, saw this place when it was devleloping and was planning to post a query on Team-BHP (took photos even) but saw a huge thread instead, surprisingly it's just 2 minutes down the road for me but still havn't gone there. Have got to say this place was jam-packed

Have been planning to restore my 12 year old esteem to its former glory for some time now, I guess i'll go today or tommorrow.
Attached Thumbnails
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Car repairs & maintenance : Ignite Garage (Chennai)-img_2088.jpg  

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Old 16th May 2011, 15:40   #161
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Re: Car repairs & maintenance : Ignite Garage (Chennai)

I want to drop my car @ Ignite - trying out for the first time after all the positive review in TeamBHP - Do we have to take an appointment to drop the car. I would appreciate if someone can post me Raghav's contact.
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Old 16th May 2011, 16:39   #162
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Re: Car repairs & maintenance : Ignite Garage (Chennai)

Originally Posted by SR-71 View Post
I would appreciate if someone can post me Raghav's contact.
His contact number is : +919841955158. It would be advisable to call him up about the availability before you go there, this would avoid surprises.
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Old 9th July 2011, 18:38   #163
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Re: Car repairs & maintenance : Ignite Garage (Chennai)

Originally Posted by supremeBaleno
A little far off for me, but still given all the +ve feedback on this thread, the next service of my Baleno will be at Ignite.
Got the 50K km service of my Baleno done yesterday at Ignite.
Liked the way he does a personal TD of the car to ascertain for himself any issues to be taken care of - part of the TD is on ECR, with the rest on some kutcha sandy road. When was the last time the SA even gave you your full attention while dropping the car for service ?

Mine was a routine service, with no specific complaints other than an EngineCheck light being on always - this could not be rectified since he does not have a scanner for Maruti cars.

Gave the car at 10AM and it was ready by 4PM with the service costing 3K - including oil & filter change. Since I asked for ThrottleAssy cleaning, which took another hour or so & 800bucks, I got the car around 5:30PM. Commuting to/from my office on OMR after dropping/to-pick the car was not a big deal - lots of buses & share-autos available.

I liked the service at Ignite. So did a couple of my colleagues who got their Baleno/Accent/Alto serviced there. The Accent guy did a paint job too (of some 4 panels) and he felt the paint job could have been better. But mechanically, he said his car feels like makhan (butter) after the service - I dont recollect him saying this with the previous services done at HASS.
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Old 18th July 2011, 14:54   #164
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Re: Car repairs & maintenance : Ignite Garage (Chennai)

For the last 1 year my car has been serviced at IGNITE.

Raghav is very professional and honest in his approach, he will not push you for changing parts if its not required or can be deferred for some time/kms.

Most charges are at par with auth. service centres.
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Old 26th July 2011, 16:41   #165
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Re: Car repairs & maintenance : Ignite Garage (Chennai)

Got my Estilo serviced today with Ignite. Cost was 4K for 20K km service which incl. oil, filter & spark plugs change. Also Charged nothing for servicing on a small repair in the front suspension.
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