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View Poll Results: Why wouldn't you consider buying an EV today?
Purchase cost is too Expensive 229 34.28%
Not enough options 142 21.26%
Limited battery range 225 33.68%
Inadequate charging facilities 267 39.97%
Uncertainty of battery life and repair costs after 5-7 years 155 23.20%
All of the above 305 45.66%
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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

I'll go electric the day we have a sporty sharp motorcycle with 250 km range.

Basically an electric RC390.
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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

I’d like my next car to be an electric. Find the Nexon EV to be about adequate for my usage, but priced rather steep at 17L on road (precious little subsidy in Haryana). Keenly looking forward to Altroz EV or something similar, which will be an ideal daily urban runabout.

There needs to be a standard all India policy that exempts EV from road tax and provides a certain rebate on price, which can be availed against your ITR. Just the road tax exemption will drop the price by 1.5L.

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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

I work in the Oil and Gas Industry. Cannot be unfaithful to my profession.
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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

I am open to buy electric, and looking forward to replace my ageing i20 with an EV in the range of 10-15lakh. My primary requirements are 350-450kms actual range. Apart from the car, I'll take plunge only when Fast/Superchargers are available on almost all petrol pump/Or some alterante arrangements at similar distance interval.
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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

Originally Posted by Sir"CAR" View Post
I am curious to understand everyone's individual perspectives of what is stopping them from going electric.
This is one of those questions ironically that doesn't need a lot to be said. For a person living in a Mumbai highrise complex with a flurry of rules around what can and cannot be done in the parking lot, the answer is as simple as it is black and white:

A compatible fast charging plug point.

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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

I test drove Nexon EV and really liked it as an overall package. The acceleration and driving fun is unmatched too. There is an instant power on tap of foot. It is easy to drive in the city, however, this is only the place where it belongs, currently. It is still unsuitable for those who want to take long journey, like many of them have undertaken during and post this lockdown, with no other options available. This is the impediment in getting an electric vehicle. I think even with the improvement of charging infrastructure, it wonít be as convenient as the vehicles running on diesel and petrol are with the long queues and the time taken to charge the electric vehicles, even with the fast chargers.
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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

Whatís stopping me from me going electric for my car is:
1. Range: I find the range not to be practical. My work requires me to travel between Chennai, Trichy and Madurai, none of the EVís available at market today shall serve the purpose. Even the expensive Hyundai Kona, shall not help me even for a 1 way trip of Chennai to Madurai office (455 km). The logic of keeping it only as a Ďcity carí doesnít work for me.
2. Charging Time: Might work for me if the charging time at stations are brought down to the ball park of 15 minutes. Cannot wait for anything more than 30 minutes Enroute. Read something about emerging technology of graphene batteries, lets see.
3. Not Time Tested: I find the technology to be in its early stage, for me to plonk my money into it. Need to see how things works in longterm. Awaiting major players like MSIL to come up with a mass market EV. I believe the cost will come down, and lot of things shall be sorted over time.

However if at all I plan to buy a two wheeler for city commute, I donít mind buying an electric scooter. Actually contemplating getting one for my fatherís home.
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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

I struggle to sometimes just keep my phone charged. With the advent of fast home and car chargers and now even in portable power banks, the instances of phone completely dying have come to zero. But still there are times, when I have to stop using it and put it on charge on an urgent basis. I do not want the same thing in my car too which would become a much bigger liability and headache. Electrical cars may be the future but they re certainly not the present in our country atleast. After decades of buying gasoline, we still need to be careful while filling our rides on highways etc. Imagine the time it would take for electrical charge points to penetrate to that level. And then we would have the question of time. A tank fill of diesel takes hardly 2 minutes. The same for the electric car would take ages in comparison.
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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

Price and range anxiety is what will put me off. However it would be a great city car. But I am surprised at the price of our maybe first main stream mass produced EV vehicle from a reputed manufacturer that it is priced rather steeply more than it's liquid fueled counterparts (Nexon).
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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

In a few words I would say that the government is trying hard to push electric through and had nearly coerced the people and industry to accept "electrification" by certain ill- conceived and short sightedly decided deadlines. These Humpty-Dumpty deadlines had nearly derailed new car and bike sales due to uncertainities. The indusrty was in turmoil and so were the buyers. You must first make the infrastructure conducive and fully geared up to meet the electric challenges. The GST is though only marginally reduced on electrics and further rationalisation needs to be done. Lastly, the battery niggles and the 300 km or less ranges for the average priced cars are the greatest drawback.

Maybe a decade later there will be a better acceptance of electrics due to improvements on all the presently troubled fronts.

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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

My biggest concern is with the range. In a populous country like India, charging station or battery swapping station may not have enough capacity to handle demand on busy days, at least anytime in near future.
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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

I will be buying an EV for sure in 3-4 years time. I am thinking of buying a small EV like wagonr EV or may be a used Nexon EV. I have no doubts on EV tech, and do not believe in Hydrogen tech for cars.

I want an EV for my city usage so a used Nexon even with 90% battery left is a perfect fit for me. For the road trips which is mostly not more than 8-10 days in a year can be managed with Revv or zoomcar. I am personally not worried about charging infrastructure.

I also strongly believe that by 2030 EV will be a major part of global auto sales. As Jay leno was saying in his latest Tesla model Y review the ICE will exist for long for racing and entertainment just as the horses are used for racing and recreation even after we stopped using horses for transport needs.
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Default Re: What's stopping you from going electric?

Three reasons primarily - range, charging infra and cost. The first one gets pretty much eliminated if EV is your second/beater/city car.

Second one is really tricky. For someone like me who has moved houses every couple of years over the last decade, adding one more parameter for consideration during house hunting process severely complicates things.

Lastly on the cost front, I think manufacturers need to get the prices within an earshot of the corresponding petrol variants. I would hope that customers will lap up EVs if the price difference is around 15 to 20% vis-a-vis petrol engines. Till now, customers with high usage have preferred diesel engines because of cheaper fuel and higher mileage (even though upfront cost is higher). EVs give them a good alternate if priced competitively.

For me, EVs are a good second car to have in the house but I will wait for the costs to come down and infra to develop, so maybe 2025 seems realistic.

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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

Limitations are not limited to India, but even the USA. I think Hydrogen is the way to go TBH.

Credits to Tesla who have setup a good charging network along interstates, but even that is pretty limited outside on more desolate routes. My uncle has done a trip from Fremont, CA to Denver, CO about 3 years ago with his (then) 6 year old Model 3.
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Default Re: What are the reasons you won't buy an EV today?

None. My next vehicle will 100% be electric.
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