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Originally Posted by Maverick1977 (Post 4421789)
Going by the pic, the water is reaching just below the man's knees. Unless those guys are really tall I have my greatest doubts if that is 4 ft of water. Seems to be an exaggeration.

The water level has not even crossed the Ertiga bumper , and I am yet to see an Ertiga whose bumper is 4ft high :D

Looking for a Kindle on, I came across this amusing Q&A. Have retained only the funny ones.

*CEO of Jaguar Cars while justifying its high cost:*
" _We have 12 airbags,safety controls,safety censors,safety parking assistance, safe...."

*Indian :*" _U don't worry about safety.
__We have Sai Baba and
_Ganpati bapa on the dashboard,
__hanuman ji on rear view mirror,
__Nimbu Mirch on bumper_
and_Maata ji ki Lal Chunri_ _around steering.._.

*_'' Tu sirf price kam kar "_* (you only make the price lower)


Originally Posted by pixantz (Post 4424151)
CEO of Jaguar Cars while justifying its high cost

Just wondering how eerily similar the sale pitches of the CEO's of Jaguar and Audi are.


This was a good comparision :)

I bought this book from amazon yesterday. Check the latest reprint year!!


Originally Posted by Latheesh (Post 4428726)
I bought this book from amazon yesterday. Check the latest reprint year!!

And it is the last post on page 666

This is the funniest thing I've seen in some time

This is an old one.

Law Classroom

​Professor​: If you have to give me an orange, what will you say?

​Student​: Sir, please take this orange.

​Professor​: No. Say it like a lawyer would.

​Student​: I, Ramakrishna, son of Satyamurthy, resident of Bangalore, Karnataka, do hereby solemnly affirm & voluntarily & consciously declare out of my volition & without any fear or favour or pressure or undue influence, that I'm giving you this fruit called 'orange' on which I have absolute right, title and interest, along with its peel, juice, seed and pulp. I am also giving you the absolute and unqualified right and interest to cut, peel, freeze or eat it.

You will also have the right to give this along with its peel, juice, seed or pulp to anyone whosoever. I further declare that I will be solely responsible and liable for any dispute that may have been pending till today, pertaining to this orange. And after this conveyance today, my relationship with this orange will cease to exist.

​Prof​essor: My Lordship!

Came across something funny so thought of sharing with you all. It's written in Marathi but I will translate.

'Please don't lie or don't be ashamed, this was the key of your first car lol: '

Father and son
Son: dad, I want a motorbike
Father: I will buy u a violin
Son: no dad, I want a motorbike
Father: you will have a violin.
After several months of violin lessons, the father asks to the son to play something....

Saw this on the rear of a Alto.
It seems the 'R' from the word Ever was taken out by the rear wiper and it changed the whole meaning.

Eclipses are the cause and subject of numerous superstitions, one of which is that garike (a blade of grass) should be kept in food containers to avoid the ill effects of this celestial phenomenon. Below is a hilarious take on the same.

The Official Joke thread-img20180727wa0016.jpg

Chandra Grahana, July 2018

If not posted earlier -

and a more recent version by Tim Hawkins himself,, showing things have not really changed :)

Not to be outdone after noticing cars with Turbo and Intercooler stickers this 800 has its own version:

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