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Default The Quintessential Tablet PC Thread (Android, Apple, BB et al)

While there have been a couple of individual threads fluttering about in the Gadgets, Computer & Software section on specific devices, I thought of creating this space where can discuss the development of the entire ecosystem as a whole and also evaluate various models of tablets introduced by different manufacturers. We can also evaluate applications, accessories, connectivity and uses of tablets in our everyday computing lives.

As the weeks and months go by, more and more tablets will continue to be launched and it would be nice if reviews and opinions can be consolidated in one thread.

While I don't own a tablet yet, I have been doing a lot of research on this genre and intend to purchase a tablet in the next few months. I will try and kick of this discussion by listing some of the popular models of 2011 that have been announced and launched.

2011 Models

1) Apple iPad 2 -$499 to $829

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The second incarnation of the one started it all (Bringing tablets into the mainstream, that is). A lot has been written about the iPad. The iPad 2 tries to fix some of it's predecessors shortcomings. It succeeds in some ways and fails in others. Either way, this is the benchmark that most competitors will try to beat. Let's see what it brings to the table and what it does not.

1) Dual core processor that will up the performance and reduce lag which was a shortcoming in the original iPad.
2) Brilliant treasure trove of an app store that has a wide range of tablet specific and optimized apps - Nearly 60K available.
3) Cameras than now enable video chatting - something that was sorely missed in the first iteration.
4) Never thought I'd say this for an Apple product - But the pricing is extremely competitive. Most of it's counterparts are struggling to price their products this well.
5) Best in class design and build quality. Aluminum wins over plastic any day. And no one does ergonomics and design language better than Cupertino. Period.
6) Still claimed to have the best battery life.
7) No issues of fragmentation - OS updates delivered the moment they are released.

1) Same old standard display. Where is the retina \ HD display that was expected?!
2) Lack of SD card input \ unnecessary cable for HDMI - More ports should have been available on the device for standard connectivity.
3) Their app ecosystem is a double edged sword - In typical Apple fashion, it is closed and syncing with iTunes is a pain for media such as PDF's and other non-media content.
4) 4:3 display - Great for reading books and websites. Not so great for videos \ movies especially HD content.
5) Lack of Flash - A hot point of debate. I personally think that flash support should be standard. Certain websites still use flash and for a device that relies heavily on delivering an above average web experience, the lack of this support can be annoying at times.
6) Lack of widgets in iOS. Anybody who has used an Android device will know how much of an enhancement a widget can make to the UI.
7) 3G models may be sim locked. Unlocking \ Jailbreaking an added inconvenience, if this is true.

The Bottom Line
A great starter pad. Will be a hit with the masses for the ease of use, simplicity of the interface and the wide range of applications. Geeks would feel a bit neglected though.

Tomorrow: A short write up on the Motorola Xoom and the Notion Ink Adam. Over the coming few weeks and months, I will try documenting similar products from Samsung, LG, HTC and HP as and when they are launched. In the meantime, it would be great to get perspectives on the iPad 2 and other products from technoholics and owners alike.


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Default re: The Quintessential Tablet PC Thread (Android, Apple, BB et al)

Here is more information on crackberry.

Spec Comparison: BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad 2 vs. HP Touchpad and Android Tablets
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Default re: The Quintessential Tablet PC Thread (Android, Apple, BB et al)


Looking forward to your views on Notion Ink Adam. I got mine yesterday - overall, I like it very much
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Default re: The Quintessential Tablet PC Thread (Android, Apple, BB et al)

I think Apple wants to add SD card, USB ports in ipad 3 and 4 and milk more money.

But you cant fault them with a product thats so refined and polished.
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Default re: The Quintessential Tablet PC Thread (Android, Apple, BB et al)

@vcash, A very good thread. Liked the big-picture-format that you are following, which does not confuse by getting into too many granular details.
Keep up the good work. Would wait for next installments, especially Motorola xoom and RIM Playbook.
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Default re: The Quintessential Tablet PC Thread (Android, Apple, BB et al)

I think HP with their WebOS based tablet could be the surprise of the pack. WebOS is a great OS and has the best interface among the mobile OSes and should have had more success. But with HP now owning Palm and WebOS, maybe it can get the recognition that it deserves. Good thing that HP cancelled their Win 7 based tablet and instead started work on this one.
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Default re: The Quintessential Tablet PC Thread (Android, Apple, BB et al)

I am thinking of getting a 3G model. Can previous owner of iPad1 3G confirm how it works with Airtel/Vodafone/any Indian 3G operator?
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Default re: The Quintessential Tablet PC Thread (Android, Apple, BB et al)

My suggestion to people who are planning to buy a tablet would be to wait till android 3.0 gets popular. The android versions till gingerbread (2.3) is meant only for mobile phones. Honeycomb (3.0) is the first version to be designed to take advantage of the larger screen space of a tablet.

Motorola Xoom is already here. But if you wait for a couple of months, there will be lot of models coming from the competition.
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Default The *Tablet PC* Thread

I am looking for a Tablet and as of now, have shortlisted following 2 models:

1- Olivepad VT-100 (Android 2.2 Froyo)
2- Samsung Galaxy (Android 2.2 Froyo)-twin camera

The price of Olivepad is Rs.25000 (market), Rs.20000 online purchase from Olive and Rs.17,000 from e-bay.

Samsung Galaxy Rs.30000(market) and Rs.20000 from ebay online purchase.

My main requirement is Email recieving (I get about 2/300 emails daily) and sending with attachements. I have been using BlackBerry (BB9520),but within a year time the Battery power is down( with just 24 hours standby). Instead of buying another BB device, I am thinking of going for a Tablet which will be much easier to type fast and also has got better battery power etc. Also with this Tablet, I can avoid carryng Laptop when am on the move.

Your suggestions are mostly welcome.
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Default re: The *Tablet PC* Thread

If you ignore the camera, why not the ipad ver 1 (20K) or ver 2 (27K) ?
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Default re: The *Tablet PC* Thread

Samsung will be releasing the newer better version of Tab in the coming months. I prefer samsung tabs over Ipad simply because of support it provides.

Apple Ipad 2 is also great but is a little over sized to carry it for me.

Samsung tab is a little bigger than the phones and feels like carrying a small diary. Can be used as phone as well with Blue tooth and has excellent support for mails.

I think it also supports blue tooth as well as external USB.
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Default re: The *Tablet PC* Thread

Nothing beats the iPad still in overall quality, stability and reliability. It is a safe and sound platform, and the User Experience is high quality. Take it from someone who uses both Android and iOS...
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Default re: The *Tablet PC* Thread

You could also look at the Dell Streak.

Tablet Mobile Price List in India | Flipkart
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Default re: The *Tablet PC* Thread

The iPad is definitely a better option if your priority is emails and web browsing. The UI is way better than Samsung's Galaxy Tab.

I would not even consider the OlivePad as an option if I were in your place. An unknown brand with an unknown service backup.

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Default re: The *Tablet PC* Thread

Stay away from Olivepad.
I will suggest that you go for Dell Streak. It fits the bill way better than the options you have listed. You will be rid of taking your cell and laptop.

Samsung if you are totally decided on going for a bigger sized tablet.
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