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Old 21st June 2006, 16:24   #46
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Originally Posted by SUV
is on the card's, I had a chanced encounter with the 140+ BHP DICOR Last week .... The Power is Awesome and the engine refinement is a sea change from what we have seen from Tata's till date. Can hardly hear the engine @ Idle .... Vibration Level's way Low than earlier Tata's ....

Changes Expected - New GearBox, New Engine, Climate Control, Few on Interior, Expected Launch Date (unconfirmed) - Dec 06 to 1st Quater 07.

Sorry Guy's No Snaps were allowed ...

PS : You might spot a few on the road .. They are belived to be doing Road Test's around the Country.

Mod's Please move this thread if required ...
Did your chanced encounter involve taking a ride in the test vehicle? Were the interiors any different from what they are now? Was the vehicle camouflaged?

Is the 2.2 Ltr. engine really new? Is it not based on the existing 1948 CC Safari/Sumo engine that first appeared in 1988 in the Tatamobile and has already seen one derivative - the 2.1 Ltr. version found in petrol Safari, with bore size increased from 83MM to 86 MM? I presume the 2.2 Ltr. engine has twin cams and 16 valves, just like its 2.1 Ltr. petrol cousin.
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Thumbs down

Originally Posted by w 12
gimme a break.. you don't have to rubbish its competitors to highlight the virtue of Dicor..

The question asked was about improvements to Safaris handling..not Scorpios..So the answer would be yes, no or I dont know...

If you want to compare Safari / Scorpio , start a separate thread..
Please!!!!!!!!! It's not rubbishing somebody else for our own virtue. And for the question asked (About Dicor's handling), He has given the answer (Yes, no or I dont know) with some added explanation. That's all.

And your request about starting another thread just because he pointed out some mistakes of SCORPIO, is ridiculous!!! That way nobody will be able to speak out anything about other vehicles at all!!!!???? And just go on posting new threads everytime!!!!!???????
Please!!!!!!!!! Correct me if I'm wrong here!
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Old 22nd June 2006, 12:12   #48
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This thread is for discussing new Dicor and its new price..

Scorpios handling was not the subject IMO.

And he has said all vehicles with high CGs roll..so why pick on Scorpio alone?

Besides as per ACI tests, handling and body roll of safari is wose than that of Old Scorpio with leaf springs..( bigman also referred to this)

So if scorpio is a rolling boat, Safari will become a sinking boat..isnt it?

There are many threads on this forum comparing Safari / Scorpio / Innova and any new comparative data can be easily added there.

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Old 30th June 2006, 15:13   #49
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hi guys,
pardon me if i do not follow protocol, my first post

needed to know if the safari dicor is a good buy at this price, and whethe the new engine will be as price friendly.
A Big Bow to steeroid for the best service overview on the safari
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Old 30th June 2006, 16:21   #50
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Wecome to TBhp i2i.

Certainly, it is a good buy but you could wait for the all new safari replacement due soon. It will be costlier though. Your call.
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Old 30th June 2006, 17:20   #51
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Did you guys notice the Safari advertisements in the papers almost on a daily basis ? I liked their ads - the vehicle looks good and the accompanying copy is also interesting to read. Nice ads - much better than the "dumb, dumb, ...) series of TV ads.

Wish they would invest similar interest in resolving quality issues with their cars too. If so, they would be having a winner on their hands. Price-wise they are competitive when compared to the Tucsons, Endeavours etc. and looks-wise the Safari is anyway a killer.
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Old 30th June 2006, 18:04   #52
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Well, this is definitely a surprising news! 140hp Safari may rock! The new Safari Dicor too is doing pretty well, I am seeing more Dicors on road than any other Safari. If engine is revamped, it will be a 'Sone-Pe-Suhaga' :-) Lets see if Safari reaches a bit close to perfection!

But at the same time the pain of people like steeroid can be felt, a better Safari for far lesser price in less than 1 years time. How can Tata expect people to have faith in them?
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Old 30th June 2006, 19:19   #53
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Took time to painfully read the whole thread. Few pointers. Its in consumers interest that new models come fast, so kudos to TATA. I am fed up with ancient maruti cars on the road. Baba aza ke zamane ki 800, Esteem and Baleno if you pardon the cleshay (is this correct spelling?).

Of course individuals do loose out when we have newer models and cars in quick succesion, but frankly speaking in India, where we are very far from Intl standards of technology and price, we need cars manfacturers to catch up.

Its great that a person like me can afford a Dicor now, whereas previously only selected few could. Whereas its takes away the snob value and is unfair to previous owners, but it also helps in meeting the aspirations of people like me. This kind of price drop and bringing newer models, also forces the competition to revisit their prices and bring newer technology.

Look in the case of Swift, as soon as it came at a killer price, Getz revised its prices. It was a rip off for previous owners, but overall a gain for normal Indian customer.

Price wars and newer technology greatly benefit the Indian customer, only this way, we can expect our cars to become cheaper and better at the same time. Rather than charge a premium for 20 years old car, we should eventually have Camry's selling at 12 lakh. Now that is a dream but not far off.
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Old 30th June 2006, 20:36   #54
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The Tata Site about safari , describes the new safari as a powerfull machines bla bla and in the end it says.. 0 - 100 under 20 secs,
now what does that mean?
should we assume that the timing will be anything from 1 to 19?
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Originally Posted by netarchie
The Tata Site about safari , describes the new safari as a powerfull machines bla bla and in the end it says.. 0 - 100 under 20 secs,
now what does that mean?
should we assume that the timing will be anything from 1 to 19?
If I have studied Tatas Well, Then I bet it would be 19.99 secs.

So long....
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Old 6th July 2006, 14:06   #56
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Originally Posted by nitinbhag
Here's where I start bawling..
Blew 10L 8 months ago and now discover my 'brand new' car which I havent even finished ICEing is already outdated.
Makes me wonder if the 3L Dicor was a stop-gap arrangement till they finished the 2.2L development. In that case, we Dicor buyers have been cheated outright.

BTW, has anyone noticed that Tata have ramped up the Safari ad campaign on TV? I see it around avery F1 telecast and in between as well.
Slightly, but didn't hyundai do the same thing when they launched the Santro, Santro Zip drive, new look santro zipdrive, santro zipplus, santro xing, santro erlx in considerably quick succession and nobody complained?
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Old 6th July 2006, 15:17   #57
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I'm not sure this new dream machine is going to debut in a hurry. I was speaking to a dealer recently and while he confirmed that a new one was on the way, he was of the impression that realistically speaking, it would take another year or a couple of years before that hit the roads. I know that SUV saw the vehicles but I'm wondering if they are only testing out the engines now and will perhaps launch them on the Xover chassis in 2008....would that make sense? And speaking of engines being tested, the Endeavours were supposed to be udnergoing tests down South almost five months ago and there is still no news on the CRDI

So Nitin & Steeroid, take heart, there is hope for you guys yet......Nitin, you may end up being able to ICE your ride after all!
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Old 6th July 2006, 17:09   #58
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Originally Posted by salilpawar1
Slightly, but didn't hyundai do the same thing when they launched the Santro, Santro Zip drive, new look santro zipdrive, santro zipplus, santro xing, santro erlx in considerably quick succession and nobody complained?
The trouble, Salil, as Steer has put it earlier is that - this promised new engine was exactly what we wanted. Since there was no news of this engine earlier I went in for the 3L Dicor.

Just to answer the comparison - the volumes that Santro sells can, in some way, justify rapid introduction of variants.
The new Safari 2.2L is not just a variant. Its a completely new heart which I wanted in the first place. Also, the feeling of hurt when 10L becomes out dated vs 3L, is 3.33 times more

@Suman: Thanks. Yes, I would think it would be mid to end of 2007 when they actually launch the car, considering the current timeframe of Q1 2007. By that time I would have driven this one for 2 years and derived value for money spent.

Last edited by nitinbhag : 6th July 2006 at 17:11.
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Old 6th July 2006, 18:11   #59
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Originally Posted by Boom Shiva
Heh heh. The next Dicor ad line should now be "Reclaim your money"
Ha thats a good one..

BTW, can we really powerslide in the Safari as shown in the TV ads during F1..?? Anybody's tried..??
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Default News on the Safari 2.2

hey guys couple of us have spotted the safari's with the new 2.2 engines undergoing tests. Well a few have reached Mumbai for reviewing the engines behaviour in start-stop traffic, which is vital in our city as the DICOR clearly lacks this. As mentioned earlier in the thread the bodyshell will remain the same but hopefully spruce up the interiors and exteriors with better quality and finish materials. The engineers say there is a massive emphasis on the getting the NVH charactersitics right this time.
They do admit guys who have bought the DICOR cant be blamed fort crying foul over getting a raw deal, though there are some who are happy with their DICOR'S.
This engine as they say is being put into the existing bodyshell so as to fine tune the aggregates (various components) before it should be perfected for the new X2 platform. (X1 platform will form the base for the passenger car range)
Now lets wait and watch for an announcement to this effect. There were rumours that the new engine might be launched by july end, because they were expecting to display the vehicle at the Annual General Meeting of Tata Motors.
Lets wait and watch
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