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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

I would really love to have any German beast (car/SUV) with Toyota grade service! I know its a far fetched ask.
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

My dream car for my daily drive would have the following


Body type: sedan

Looks: city/ ciaz/ Vento

transmission: volkswagen (DSG)

Engine: Honda ( I-vtec)/volkswagen (Tsi)/ Hyundai (CRDI)

Ride and handling: Maruti (ride)/ volkswagen(handling)

Build Quality: volkswagen/Skoda

Fit and finish: volkswagen

Interior design: ciaz/Vento

Interior space: ciaz/city

Rear seat comfort: City

Features: City

Alloys: ciaz/ verna

Safety: Hyundai (6 airbags)/ VW ( ESP and TCS)

Reliability: Toyota

Pricing: TATA/Maruti

Efficiency: city (petrol) / city (diesel)

After sales: Maruti

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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

My 'dream car wish' recently got simplified. All I need is an Abarth Punto with a Santro Gear-shift
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
I would have liked the Grande Punto to come with a 120 - 150 hp TJet engine. That would have been a dream to own. And it should come in black.

PS- Would have helped if petrol prices were lowered too!
Your dream has come true hasn't it?
It just the owning part of it that is remaining

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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

Originally Posted by hemanth.anand View Post
Your dream has come true hasn't it?
It just the owning part of it that is remaining

You are absolutely right. I loved the car and since I'm pretty much used to the driving position, the gearshifts and the long throw clutch - the car didnt have any weaknesses to irritate me. Felt like a perfect version of my car.

But then, I'll not be able to own it anytime soon. The resale value of my Punto and the fact that I can't take a loan right now ensures that.

PS - Even petrol prices came down! Man, who would have thought all my wishes would come true one year down the line.
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

Maruti Baleno with 1.6 MultiJet engine! Practically possible too.
Add 5 star safety package: 6 airbags, ESP, et al and we'll have a car that not only will be flying on the road but something out of Nexa showrooms too!
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

My dream car would be


Engine: Abarth Tjet
Transmission: 7 Speed DSG


Engine: DDIS 320
Transmission: 7 Speed DSG

Car: Any of the following

Punto Evo
New Figo
Elite i20

Features: ABS/EBD, 6 airbags, Auto dimming mirrors, HSC, ESP, sunroof, bi-xenon projectors with DRL, telescopic steering, electric adjustments for everything that needs to be adjusted, cameras on the front bumper, Bose Hifi sound system for the new Audi A6

with the suspension set up, braking and handling tuned for handling respective power/torque figures and with of course a reliable DSG set up

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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

I love both petrol and diesel cars and have always preferred OEM+ builds.

My ideal petrol car will be a current gen VW polo which has the 1.8 TSi shoehorned into it. 6-Speed Manual transmission, AWD!!!, all safety gadgetry(ABS, EBD, ASC, Launch control), black fabric interior, big brakes from the A4 with the 17 inch Audi/skoda superb Alloys and flat bottom Steering wheel

My ideal diesel car will be the Fiat Punto with the 1.6/1.9 MJD, AWD(FWDs just dont make the cut), 6-Speed MT, big brakes and 17 inch alloys from the Fiat Bravo/500.

The things that I would REALLY wish on my cars is an adaptation of KERS i.e the heat energy released while braking should be used to charge the battery and secondly, the roof and bonnet of the cars should be covered by solar panels and the energy generated by the panels should be used to drive lights and basic functions of the car.

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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

My dream car would be a B2 segment car with -

- Space of Jazz
- Engine of Abarth Punto
- Feature set of i20 elite
- DSG of Polo GT TSi
- Reliability of Toyota (I dont want to say Etios Liva here )
- Sales and A.S.S experience of Maruti (perhaps NEXA)
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Putting things into a simpler perspective, Mahindra's 2.2 litre MHawk engine in the Toyota Innova would do wonders.
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

My dream car (SUV) should be like this..
Size of ford excursion
Front end from 2016 ford f150 raptor
Over head lamps like hummer H2
Rear end like ford expedition
19" medium profile off road tyres
Chrome dose all around, especially side gills like a range rover
Gloss black paint
Tinted windows like G wagon
Under the hood- a v6 diesel from merc or audi
Transmission - 8 at from ZF
Suspension setup like range rover but with reliability
Landrover like terrain response
Suspension control to counter body roll from porsche
Differntial locks like a g63 amg
Wide and soft seats like in a cadillac
Center console and Dash board of F150 raptor
Gear lever like a q7 v12tdi
3 rows of beige leather seating
All the electronic goodies you need.
Buttons like a porsche panamera just to look like an aircraft cockpit.
Ooh and yeah roof mounted switches for air compressor to inflate and deflate tyres as in a g65 6x6
Well it seems too yank but if there is an suv like this , you certainly have a customer

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Default The game of 'The Perfect Car' of our time

Hello folks,

This is an aspiration to have a timeless thread which gives us a place for expression of our idea of the perfect car. Here you can post your idea of your perfect car ranging anywhere from a small city ride to a lethal track focused machine. You just need to design it in your head and manifest it here through words. The only rule to play this game is to pick only the technology and features available at this point of time and age(whichever time and age you are going through this thread). You can go bonkers on whatever you want as your perfect car and whatever you want it to be armed with (as features and specs).
May this 'Practical fantasy' thread prevail in expressing what we Indians want and serve the automakers as the guide for getting ideas on what to have for their future or upcoming "Perfect cars".

The following would be my idea of a perfect ride to own in India as of Oct 2018...

For me, I need an overall package in a single vehicle. It should be loaded with tech and safety, have powerful enough engine, should serve me well on a daily basis and for highway runs and must be practical in its size for both robustness and parking. I would Pick Hyundai's quality and reliability, Ford's spirit and handling dynamics and Maruti Suzuki's network. In short, I would have Creta as the base vehicle for its small SUV size, ground clearance and daily practicality. Following are the ways in which I would tweak it.

From this point on, I will continue assuming that the reader knows the existing features of Creta 1.6Crdi SX(O)
With the current SX(O) Variant which already comes with an exhausting list of features and creature comforts, I would additionally add the strangely missing obvious features like isofix mounts, auto-dimming RVM,60:40 split seats, auto-wipers and rear disk breaks.

Some of the additional features I would pack my ride would be:
* Ventilated seats with Memory function.
* AWD with ford's different off-road modes.
* Sun blinds for the rear windows.
* Automated tail-gate.
* Auto parallel-parking.
* Four wheel steering (makes it's turning radius outstanding in tight spots)
* Knee airbags for the front occupants.

Exterior Design and color:
* I like the face-lift but I would definitely change the rare with new tail-lamps that the face-lifted elite I20 boasts(the newest i20 looks more like an SUV from the rare than Creta).
* Will increase the rare window size and the sideline on the body goes straight rather than slanting like in VW Tiguan (this makes the Creta looks more SUVish and gives a sturdy masculine look from the side as well).
* Will have the Iridium silver as the new color that Mercedes Benz offers(Spectacularly shining and minimalist, easy to maintain and practical color for slightly bigger cars) and Carbon Black theme running all over including the grille, door-handle and mirrors.

* Slightly more shoulder room in the rear.
* Improved under-thigh support.
* Slightly more recline for rare seats.

Technical tweaks:
* I would have the current Crdi engine tweaked to proper 1.8 liter, 140bhp and the torque slightly higher by 15nm for those off-road capabilities while managing the efficiency in cities and highways. I would contain the turbo-lag to under1500rpm.
* Increase Ground clearance by 10mm.
* Optional setting to switch to 2wd only for cities.

The present Creta Crdi 1.6SX(O) is priced close to at 19.3Lakhs OTR Bangalore, For the above spec car I will be willing to pay 25 Lakhs OTR.

What else can our Indian driving conditions ask for?
This car, I can park in spots also meant for big hatchbacks, drive on a daily basis and have a really able and powerful car for highways and some ameture off-road adventures. "One car to rule them all, one car to have all and in the 'all-roundedness', bind them!"

PS : My post has been least technical about the intricacies of build quality, ergonomics and driving dynamics. Further posts could go crazy with everything and anything within the rules of the game. God Speed!
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Default re: The game of 'The Perfect Car' of our time

A RWD Octavia vRS!

Compact, fast, and nimble enough for the city. Spacious and practical enough for the highway.
Living with the 328i over the vRS, and graduating from the Laura - there's a lot of everyday practicality where the vRS scores over the 328i.
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Default re: The game of 'The Perfect Car' of our time

For me, any awesome handling Hatchback, with 2.0L diesel and 6 speed manual would be ideal car if we could have Polo GTi with 1.8 turbo petrol, then I don't think it would be impossible to have something like that in India.

P.S : OP should have a look at Tuson and VW Tiguan

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Default re: The game of 'The Perfect Car' of our time

Mahindra Tuv300 with the Tuv300 plus engine and a 4x4 option.


The Bolero with the Thar crdi engine, 4x4, AC and power steering.

Actually we do not have a proper off-road capable vehicle below the 12 L bracket which can carry our family in comfort.

Mahindra stopped the production of Scorpio S4+(4x4), whereas Thar, Gypsy & the V-cross are more like lifestyle vehicles.

I don't find buying the Scorpio S11+ (4x4) for 18L on-road to be of much value for money.

We have the Duster Awd at around 14-15 L on-road but it lacks the low range.
Similarly the AWD version's of the Hexa, Xuv and Compass falls in the 20-25 L territory and they lacks the low range too.

With the current line up, Mahindra is the only company who can offer us such a product.

Curious to see what Tata brings up!

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