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Old 15th September 2019, 21:00   #61
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Interesting topic this, and I have been following the ups and downs (ok more downs than ups) oF Nissan from the Hover automotive days. Japanese cars have always enjoyed a whole lot of success in India and I expected Nissan to also head in that direction.

I have been a fan of Nissan cars right from my childhood years since I grew up in the midst of Nissan cars in Dubai. In fact, the Datsun brand itself has been close to my heart.

Nissan had so much potential to make a mark in India, but they got it wrong from Day 1 with the choice of products and Hover Automotive. I fail to understand why they couldn't launch their global lineup here, while the others could. Add to this, the horrible dealership and service. One day you see a dealership and next day you are not sure if it will exist. Im sure Nissan owners here agree. That itself is a death knell for a brand.

I remember at the reveal event of the Kicks, the AV presentation started with the Patrol followed by the Pathfinder, and finally what comes on stage is the Kicks. Nothing wrong with the Kicks, I loved the driving the car, but the poor service and spares network didnt do anything to help things.

Also why not launch global models like the Altima, Juke, Pathfinder and Patrol? If Toyota could sell the LC200 and Lexus the LX450 and 570 at 2.5 crore a piece , even though a handful units, why cant Nissan launch a Patrol. It definitely doesnt need any introduction in India.

I was pretty excited when the rebirth of Datsun was announced, but after seeing the GO, GO+ and Redigo, my disappointment knew no bounds. The Datsun brand was better dead to be honest.

I dont see any hope for Nissan in India anymore and they dont seem to have any motivation left either. I dont see them surviving for too long in India and will probably go the GM way sooner rather than later.

In short, just wrong decisions will lead to the demise of Nissan India. Even a Rakesh Srivastava wont be able to save it.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

I have voted no.
It may be more of a hope that they stay and do a turn around, maybe because I own one. The Micra CVT that I have is a gem of a car. I primarily use it for in city run-abouts and it is a hoot to drive around. Pity that the more than capable cars are let down by poor a.s.s and customer experience.

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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Originally Posted by octane_100 View Post
I just realised that we still don't have an official review of Kicks on our forum. Mods, is it in the pipeline?
Doesn’t that sum up all the discussions
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Their global vision on electric is quite strong as was displayed yesterday. We need their current products!
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Don't know whether to vote Yes or No as these things are all way beyond my scope of knowledge and information.

But I guess Mr Rakesh only has to keep visiting this forum and he will have plenty of solutions .

But as it happens in most threads, as soon as the tide starts flowing just a bit in the opposite direction, active participants decrease.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Originally Posted by Sebring View Post
Their global vision on electric is quite strong as was displayed yesterday. We need their current products!
Global trends do not work well in our country. Nissan is next to only Toyota worldwide but in India, many feel they have already exited

Kicks is a good product but when you compare with Seltos and Creta, it comes third only because of the brand. Moreover, it is like a secondary unit of Renault which itself is not doing good in the country.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Well said. I believe that their first mistake was the biggest. In an age where companies are obsessed about customer experience, how can you outsource such a central part of your business? I'm not even a marketing guy, but this is common sense.
I was a fan of Nissan in my childhood and was excited about their entry to India. But the moment I learned about their outsourcing deal, I knew that they weren't serious.
And they followed that major disaster with mistake after mistake.
Originally Posted by blackasta View Post
Nissan's first mistake was appointing Hover as it's national sales intermediary and not having direct control on it's dealers.
Nissan's first mistake gave rise the third mistake - incompetent dealerships with no command or control from Nissan India.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Here in Cochin the old EVM Nissan showroom is moving right next door to the MG showroom. I dont think the dealership would have invested this much money if they had an inkling that Nissan was going to shut shop.

This entire building to be a Mahindra showroom for quite some time but it has been empty for a few quarters until MG came in a few months ago.

Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?-20190920_112623_hdr-large.jpg
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

My biggest grouse with Nissan in India & elsewhere is this:

how many nissan cars have nissan engines in India ?
most of the so-called nissan cars in India use renault engines. Only the Nissan GTR imported into India may be using an authentic nissan engine.

So this is not the japanese Nissan motor company of old, this is a charade and an eyewash.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Nissan neither has any good launches in Premium Segment nor Mid Segment only Datsun has launches in entry level-Renault Triber-Kwid-Duster-Lodgy have better value than Nissan-Datsun

Hyundai-Suzuki-Tata-Mahindra are the leaders in Indian Auto Sector

Last year I was searching for a Automatic car as upgrade from my 10 yrs old Fiat Palio Multijet-Too painful to drive manual diesel heavy car in Bangalore ORR peak heavy bumper-bumper traffic with 10 KMPH speed

After reading owner reviews in Team-BHP & all car magazines paid reviews Shortlisted Nissan Micra CVT,Hyundai Grand i10 AT,Honda Jazz CVT & Suzuki Baleno CVT

Suzuki Baleno CVT was the best value for money in terms of space,power,service center network,service & spare cost
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

I recently visited the Nissan Showroom in Porur/Chennai to check out the Datsun CVT.

1. The showroom was totally empty except for the sales people.
2. I found that they were still selling the Nissan Sunny ( which surprised me )
3. I found the internal space of the Datsun Go plus designed so badly, I was shocked. No thought has been given to maximizing space and comfort of the occupants. Japanese are supposed to be masters of making the most out of small spaces.
4. There were no seat belt retraction mechanisms for the rear and the third row passengers.
5. I took a look at the car, shook my head and walked away. Did not even test drive it.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Ever since Nissan announced substantial job cuts and possible plant closures in July, i got my fingers crossed. I always shared a soft corner for nissan, as i look back at my younger self, where skyline or 370z was my default choice in popular video games and even fantasize about owning one someday . However fast forward now, it is a bit disappointment to see an age old micra in their dealerships.

If we go by below report from Indonesia, nissan seems to on path of withdrawal, leaving the other alliance partners(renault /datsun/Mitsubishi) to run the show.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

I voted "No" to the question "Will Nissan exit India Next?". Why did I vote No when more established players like Fiat, Chevrolet have left the market? Well because Nissan is part of an alliance here in India with Renault and Datsun. I believe they have shared manufacturing plants and also shared management across the 3 brands. This I am sure helps to reduce operating costs by a lot.

When you look at Chevrolet, they were a lone company with their huge factories and full strength management teams. The number of cars they were selling was not sufficient to satisfy the top bosses in their headquarters in the USA of their existence in India. Combined that with the not so great state of the parent company, their exit from India was inevitable.

If you Look at Nissan, they are a part of the Renault-Nissan-Datsun group. With Renault doing decently relative to other new entrants into the Indian car market, and with product sharing as close as they are between the two brands, I am guessing they can afford to continue to have Nissan in India.

With countries in the American Continent and Europe seeing an almost stagnation in the growth of new car sales, and with car sales also showing signs of slowing down in China, India is a market that car companies cannot ignore. With private car ownership at around 12% in India, Car companies cannot ignore the future potential of this very important and fast growing market.
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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Here is our bitter story with Nissan India.
It all started with when my FIL started to search a new car to replace his 8-year-old Toyota Etios petrol. His requirement was a good looking compact SUV and he falls in love with Nissan kicks at first sight.

We contacted EVM Nissan Perinthalmanna on 20th March 2019 around 10 am. They responded almost no time and arranged a TD for me and my FIL. We are ok with TD. Then negotiation started.

They agreed on a good exchange offer, unlimited kilometer warranty and an assured date of delivery on 5rh April.

At that time the change in software, "Vahan" was taking place and there was reported so many delays in getting TP and delivery. I told them about the software issue and asked whether they can keep their promise about the delivery date. They were very sure about delivery and assured us everything will be fine.

We confirmed our booking on 28th march and informed them that the exchange car can be taken on 3rd April, so we can get kicks on April 5th.

Everything was fine until this time.
On 31st march around 9 pm, I got a call from the SA and his team leader that, they can't give the assured exchange rate. He also informed us that if we want an unlimited km warranty we should confirm at that time itself with less exchange price, then only he can bill the car. If the billing takes place on April 1st or later they won't give an unlimited km warranty.

We had long talks over the phone including with GM of the dealership. And he assured everything will be fine and the car can be delivered on 5th April.

I immediately called the Nissan call center and send an email too. They too assured they will take care of everything.
On 3rd April SA called me and informed me that the car is reached at their dealership. They came home and took the exchange car.
On 5th April they informed us that TP is delayed due to software issues. I told them, I already informed them about these issues and they promised everything will be fine, and we have a talk.

The next few days it was the same. They are saying software issue and I am giving my peace of mind.
On 8th April I called their PRO and asked about car delivery and she immediately told the car will deliver today evening. And I was in a shock, I asked her " are you sure?". Then she told she will call back and the scene remained the same.

On 9th I called the dealership and told them that both of together visit the RTO and will rectify. They denied this so I asked for the application number for TP. On 10th after many phone calls they gave us the application number and it gave us another shock. They applied for the TP on the 10th morning only.

The car was supposed to be a delivery date of 5th and they applied for the TP on 10th only.
After many words, they agreed to deliver on 10th April evening. I asked them what are they sure that TP will get. They said nothing. I told them don't make a scene simply calling us to the dealership without TP.

On 10th evening we visited the dealership and as expected TP was not ready. I asked them how I supposed to drive the car to home without TP, it is illegal.

After many talks, The GM informed us that they will give home delivery at their own risk and I asked for a letter for the same. He agreed first and we have a cake cutting, some photos, etc. But when we are started I asked for the letter, they refused to give the same. We got frustrated and we went home without letter and after some time, SA came with the car to home and handed over the key. They left without any explanation of car details.

At the same time, I called Nissan customer care every day and informed every detail. They daily assured me everything will be fine and the story was the same.

At last, we got TP on 15th April.

I had regular call to call center and at last, they assured me that their regional manager will visit us at home and will explain everything what happened and why there was a delay in applying for TP. We had phone calls with their regional manager and he agreed too but we waited and waited for weeks but nothing happened.

Again in June last, I called the call center and they informed me that the regional manager was resigned and the new manager is appointed. We had a conference call many times and he too assured to visit us. But we are still waiting.
We also heard that he visited the dealership many times after this call.

We came to know the truth later from another source. The story was the exchange car not fetched as much amount they expected first, so their down payment was delayed. They never told us this and that why they delayed applying for TP.

The other side of the story. The GM can resolve all these issues very simple manner. His father is an acquaintance of my FIL and he can utilize that his advantage. They can also inform us about the exchange rate so that we can provide alternate payment.
But their arrogance worked and everything becomes a horror story. A good occasion turned into a bad one.

The sad part is that Nissan India supporting their dealership and they are doing nothing to improve customer satisfaction

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Default Re: Nissan India Deathwatch - Will Nissan exit India?

Originally Posted by The Orion View Post
[center]Here is our bitter story with Nissan India.
After reading your story got reminded of my own experience with Renault Fluence (Influenced by the Renault Fluence EDIT: Sold!) and my cousins experience with nissan terrano. In both instances there were service issues and spares problems among others.
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