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Default re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

I have mixed feelings about this!!

I mean it hardly takes any effort to see this as an after thought by Tata. While I am happy that the Safari monicker lives on, I am not quite so sure about the car itself, which gets the (re)name !

C'mon Tata - look at what your own Land Rover did with the Defender! How well the new one encompasses so many design queues (soul) of the old one!? Wasn't the old one similarly revered as the Safari (in India atleast). How else did the Safari get its cult status!?

I am beginning to tilt towards the conspiracy theories around possible panic within Tata around product placement of H7X, post Harrier launch. I for one, never had any reservations against the Gravitas name. Heck, in this day and age of social media, and given how long Tata has been sitting on it, its not that even non car-enthusiasts do not know of an upcoming 'Gravitas', by Tata. Now, all of a sudden, and just like Paresh Raval says in the movie 'Hera Pheri' - "Program mein thoda change rehne ka" (translation - slight change of plans) - "Safari naam badhiya rehne ka" (translation - Safari name suits better)!
Why the heck did you sit on 'Gravitas' for so long!!?
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Default re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

Originally Posted by digitalnirvana View Post
Why will a Safari have the same face as that of the Harrier? (same point stands with the Gravitas too)

Right now it's a Harrier Plus and nothing more.

Just when the Harrier started gaining some traction, what could have been for Tata a couple years down the line like what the XUV is for Mahindra and Creta for Hyundai, they turned it nothing but into a Safari Lite.

Or the Safari badge into Harrier XL/Plus

Choose your poison.
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Default re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

Safari brand was in cold storage (almost dead) for some time, so some Safari is better than no Safari.
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Default re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

Originally Posted by avinash_m View Post
I have mixed feelings about this!!
I mean it hardly takes any effort to see this as an after thought by Tata.
I believe it was always intended as a Safari replacement. The below quote from Shailesh Chandra, President, Passenger Vehicles Business Unit:-

“This SUV was conceptualised as the next-generation Safari. We did not name the Harrier thenew Safari for the simple reason that it was not a 7-seater. However, the new Safari will be the best 7-seater, as it does not have apology third-row seating. Like the original, it hasa strong face, a high bonnet,the stepped roof, therear three-quarter glass and stadium seating. All these elements were designed at the start to take care of the Safari legacy going forward”

They also stopped the Safari production(Nov 2019) right before the original planned introduction for the Gravitas which was Feb 2020

Tata Gravitas: 5 things to know

The biggest hint was this video:-

Yes they have had multiple second thoughts on the way from 2013 when the first reports started pouring in but the 7 seater was always on the cards. They have also said that OmegaArc is the future and they did not plan for any BOF platforms.

Now pricing remains the key component and if anything Tata has learnt from the Harrier launch they would not put a high sticker price. The anticipation of not more that 1-2 lakhs above the Harrier is so grounded now that if they launch it above all this might have been for nothing so the closer they dare to go to Harrier pricing especially if they have no panoramic sunroof the better the chances of success

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Default re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

I am sure the design team at TATA Motors in India & as well In UK must have given some changes in the front end too to distinguish it from 5 sweater H5 Harrier it it was being developed with Safari name plate...! Interior place looks to be much better than old Safari model.
Further considering demand scenario here in India, the demand of 4WD has to justify the investment to be made. For majority of people, Monocoque Design of D8 platform should be very much adequate. It’s timely launch before new XUV comes should help TATA Motors.
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Default re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

Originally Posted by nainan View Post
I believe it was always intended as a Safari replacement. The below quote from Shailesh Chandra, President, Passenger Vehicles Business Unit:-
I have same thought. Infact i remember Pratap Bose posting a photo on Instagram of early clay model of H5X concept which was branded as Safari. I am not getting that photo now.
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Default Re: Tata Motors posts a Tata Safari video - What's at play here!?

For all the die hard fans crying about the Safari's 4x4 legacy,
Unfortunately, Indian Consumers DON'T CARE and that's the truth. Let's face it, the Safari and Thar, though 4x4s are both different class of vehicles.
Also, the Army/govt., who is probably the largest buyer of the 4x4 safari, couldn't care less what its called.

I think from a markering perspective this is a great move. Safari is a highly respected Brand name in India. It has always been associated with Butchness, Ruggedness and SPG COMMANDOES . The Safari brand name brings to mind images of Soldiers ploughing through Snowy Himalayas, 4x4 enthusiasts kicking up Mud and most of all VIP politicians and their Z category Security.

What more do Showoff Loving Neighborhood Uncles and Aunties (who are the target market who can afford these) want !

We keep forgetting that Team-BHP members represent a very small Niche of Indian Car Buyers.

90% of Indian buyers care about Image, not Capability.

I think Tata did the right thing. As for any separate future 4x4 models, they have the "Sierra" name left.

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Default re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

I think people are being harsh on Tata.

Some think that without this name change, Gravitas would stand no chance against new XUV. Based on what? Leaked specs. Nobody has seen these cars in person, let alone having driven them. We insist on test drives for any car we buy, howsoever appealing the looks and specs might be. Then how can we assume a definite winner among two unlaunched cars?

XUV500 is a great car, but not without its problems. Harrier beats it in build, ride quality and gearbox. Its success is in part due to the absence of a proper competitor. New don't know how the new iteration will ride. If I am spending 20-25 lakh on a car, safety and comfort would be the top priorities. Unless Mahindra does something radical, I expect Safari to be better in both these areas. I am not alone. We have seen how Tata's market share has suddenly umped up, against all predictions, post lockdown. People are slowly but surely getting safety conscious.

About naming, good businesses are agile, and modify their strategy on the fly. Gone is the era where companies worked on 5 year plans. Heck, even our govt has stopped that! Tatas might have observed that Gravitas name isn't working. As for 4x4, say what you will, it remains a niche market. Team BHP is not a representative sample. In one polling thread about current mid size SUVs, Hector received 3/500 votes, and Harrier has 291 votes. We know how the numbers stand in real life. Even with much improved sales, Harrier still lags Hector.

I am betting on Safari to do decent numbers.
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Default re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

The fact that there’s 4-5 pages of discussion on the name change in last few hours tells me that the decision is working well for TaMo. H7X had design cues (roof ) from the safari and the side profile is reminiscent of the previous gen safari so it’s fair for TaMo to leverage the legacy (well they built it in the first place)

This name change will certainly attract more traffic to the launch. If the build quality and pricing is reasonable, a lot of fence sitters would have one more reason to sign the check book in favour of TaMo.

Lastly this comparison with Mahindra products, Tata cars are better packaged and handle better, while its a personal decision but I would anyday pick a Hexa or Harrier over say an XUV.
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Default Re: Tata Motors posts a Tata Safari video - What's at play here!?

Got hold of FAQs around Safari shared with the dealerships by Tata Motors. Posting it here as I found it useful.

FAQs for Tata Safari are divided into 3 sections
1. Product Details
2. Launch Details
3. Technical Details

Product Details
1. What is the New Tata Safari?
 Tata Safari is the All- New flagship SUV, to be launched soon by Tata Motors.
 The All-New ‘Tata Safari’ draws a strong inspiration from the Safari lineage and enhances its
pedigree of impeccable SUV stance, comfort, performance and robust build.
 The All-New Tata Safari will appeal to the socially active, fun loving customers who seek out
unique experiences and adventure
 The All-New Tata Safari is born to enable its customers to ‘Reclaim their Life’ with its majestic
stance, unmatched performance, effortless drivability for day to day office commute and top it with luxurious comfort, new age connected technology, spacious interiors for an exciting family weekend getaway.

2. What are the top features of All-New Safari?
 The All-New Safari will offer an Arresting design, unparalleled versatility, plush and comfortable interiors, outstanding performance for a modern multifaceted lifestyle.
 The vehicle will come with a host of features, details of which will be announced closer to launch

3. Why has the name been changed from Gravitas to Safari?
 Tata Safari is an iconic brand with a cult following and has undoubtedly been the most sought after SUV on the Indian roads for over two decades.
 The All-New Safari will set new benchmarks in terms of Design, Performance, versatility and long lasting build quality.
 For over two decades, Safari has represented prestige and performance, and in its new avatar, the All-New Safari will carry forward this rich idea and its strong legacy

4. How is it different from the old Safari?
 The All-New Safari is born to enable its customers to ‘Reclaim their Life’ with its majestic stance, unmatched performance, effortless drivability for day to day office commute and top it with luxurious comfort, new age connected technology, spacious interiors for an exciting family
weekend getaway
 The All-New Safari has been developed for the evolved SUV customer & is based on the new
generation OMEGARC, derived from Land Rover’s renowned D8 platform, a gold standard of
SUVs worldwide
 In line with the evolving SUV trends globally, the All-New Safari will be built on a monocoque
chassis, compared to the ladder-on- frame construction of the earlier generation Safari, which promises to deliver world class ride and handling characteristics and true SUV credentials.

5. Is Safari the 7 seater version of Harrier? How is it different from Harrier?
 The All- New Safari will be completely new product from Tata Motors based on the OMEGARC, derived from Land Rover’s legendary D8 platform & equipped with impeccable design, versatile performance, segment leading ride and handling, plush and comfortable interiors and top- of- the- line safety, technology and connectivity features.
 While the Harrier is designed for a younger customer with its distinctly sportier character that is underlined by its almost coupe-like roofline, the All- New Safari appeals to the more accomplished and discerning, with its confident, yet understated and dignified looks

6. Will it be available in 4*4 just like the earlier Safari?
 The All- New Safari will be offered with the 4*2 configuration, since the current market has very limited take rates for 4*4 (less than 1%)
 The versatility of the OMEGARC architecture, derived from Land Rover’s D8 platform, provide the All-New Safari the ability to handle the toughest of terrains with ease.
 The inherent strengths of the OMEGARC, make it capable of being upgraded to a 4*4 configuration, if the market so requires.

7. Will it be available in a petrol engine option?
 Diesel engines are best suited to provide true SUV like performance and drivability, in premium SUV vehicles of this class
 The All- New Safari will be available with a world class diesel engine which will provide segment leading performance for the evolved SUV customers.

8. Will it be available in manual and automatic transmission options?
 Yes

9. Will it be available in both 6 and 7 seater options?
 Yes

Launch Details
1. By when you will launch the Safari?
 We are in advanced stages of launch readiness for Safari.
 Vehicles will be available in showrooms in January & bookings will open shortly.

2. What is the price of this SUV?
 Prices will be announced closer to launch, but just like all Tata Motors cars and SUVs, it promises

to offer great value to the customers. 3. When I can test drive the car
 Test Drives will be made available closer to launch

4. When will the bookings open for this SUV and what will be the booking amount?
 Bookings will open shortly, and the booking amount will also be shared at that time.

5. Where Can I get more details on the product?
 Stay tuned to or follow us on our social media handles for
further updates on Tata Safari

Technical Details
For any a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m)
further technical & feature related questions (for eg): What are the advanced safety features?
Any plans of launching EV/Hybrid version of this SUV? What is the ground clearance?
What is the engine size and make of engine? Is this engine from Jeep Compass?
What are power and torque figures?
What is the ground clearance?
Does it come with sunroof?
How many variants will the Safari come in and what all are the colours available in the car? What is the weight of the SUV?
What are the unique features of this SUV?
What is the wheel size?
Will it offer iRA connected car platform?
Following basic comments to be made
 Thank you for your interest in the all new Safari
 Technical Specification and features will be announced closer to launch.
 Stay tuned to our website or follow us on our social media
handles for further updates.
 Please share your contact details so that we can get in touch with you once these details are
made available
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Default re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

This is what Tata has to say about 4x4 on twitter:

...The All New Safari will be offered with the 4*2 configuration. The versatility of the OMEGARC architecture, derived from Land Rover’s D8 platform, provides the ability to handle the toughest of terrains with ease...

Edit: Their twitter handler is on a roll. Spilled the beans on Hexa:
The Hexa Safari Edition is a concept mode presented at the Auto Expo’20, to give a preview to the shape Hexa would take in the future when launched in BS6 later this year. Since it is a concept version and will not be available for sale

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Default re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

Originally Posted by Garth View Post
Seriously Tata? You had to do this a month after I drove home the Harrier. I would have gladly put down more money just for the legendary name.
I'm also feeling the same way. It was born H7X & all the while it was Buzzard & Gravitas etc etc & when I buy my Harrier, suddenly it becomes the Safari....the very next month! For God's sake TATA, "Are you comedy me"?? Harrier 2020 buyers to TATA:

On a serious note, anyone who seriously follows TATA may get all confused with all the mumbo jumbo around the Safari Storme & BS4 Hexa getting discontinued, then rumours of a 7 seat version of the Harrier - the H7X being developed; to it being introduced as the 'Buzzard' at the Geneva motor followed by its reappearance at the Auto Expo 2019 alongwith the Hexa 'Safari Edition'; then announcement of the 'Gravitas' name for it, only to be now finally called as Safari 2.0.

In my 28 yrs of cognizance, its first of its kind incident in the Indian auto scene which deceptively pegs one’s attention to within the TATA stable. But to me it looks more like a desperate last ditch effort to save a product, to comprehend that one needs to redirect one’s attention away from TATA, onto the larger picture:

Newsflash 1) Innova Crysta 2020 facelift just got expensive with barely anything to show for it; not to forget that prices had already doubled between the original Innova to the Crysta, within the decade itself.

Newsflash 2) Toyota Fortuner 2021 facelift too will be significantly pricier & the Legender injuriously so (50 L+ on road)

Newsflash 3) A loaded to the gills XUV 2.0 2021 is comin' in hot on Gravitas' tail

Newsflash 4) The 7 seater SUV segment is about to get heated up with a slew of upcoming launches throughout 2021 from Jeep (Compass 7 seater), Alcazar (Creta 7 seater), Scorpio 2021 facelift, Ford's 7 seater (?) etc

3) & 4) meant the Gravitas will badly need a Version 2.0 (atleast with an AWD & a Sunroof) as soon as it’s launched, assuming it’s already not DOA. On the other hand 1) & 2) also presented an opportunity, albeit a steep one. Nevertheless, there was little hope for a “Gravitas” , but for a “Safari”?? never know. It’s like launching a particular ‘Abhishek’ at the box office when you know he’s got a better chance as ‘Abhishek Bachchhan' (btw I sincerely hope the Safari does better). You see, ‘Abhishek’ is not bad per se but unlucky for ‘Abhishek’ there’s already a ‘Salman' (Innova). For the critics, always hard to say who’s better, for the public – not so much.

So TATA is hoping to somehow bestow an identify upon a product whose position TATA itself is unsure of. Amusing! but identities need not necessarily be earned in our country, they can be readily bestowed alright! Innovas can be sold for double (& more) within a decade, Fortuners can perpetually inflate for what they are, Boleros can outsell TUV 300s & many such examples. It seems making is in the name. Nevertheless, this name-swap enables TATA to target the following crowd which it wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise:

1) Small-time local Politicians (more in number than upper tier Politicians) & local Dabanggs ‘freeing' them of the compulsion to own the cliche Fortuner by providing an alternative which looks equally handsome & badass with a nostalgic nameplate synonymous with political liaisons.

2) Loyal past owners & fanbase who have/had the Safari & will own nothing but the the Safari (substantial in number). Even I know a couple of people who went the Safari > Dicor > Storme route

3) Scorpio owners/prospective buyers who are willing to upgrade but want an iconic nameplate (a large base even 5-10℅ migration will be significant)

4) Other people with Political affiliations in general (including mid level Politicians, contractors etc) as convoy vehicle or even as the main ride enabling them to imply their apparent solidarity with ‘Vocal for Local' as a side measure.

5) Innova buyers by providing them a modern vehicle boasting an aspirational platform & a comparable ride, in the SUV form factor with an iconic name (again, a large base & even 5-10℅ migration will be substantial)

Do the math & suddenly you see it doesn’t seem too bad a move at all! IMO, on paper, the “Safari” nameplate itself has the potential to add ~ 500 odd units above & beyond what the Gravitas was capable of on its own & that can be a difference b/w a borderline flop (≤ 900 units) to a mediocre success (≥ 1500 units). Besides there’s always the opportunity for brand revival (although it can backfire without a sunroof & AWD).

I personally feel the Safari (aka Gravitas) will be a mediocre success (≥ 1500 units) when in a classic TATA move, version 2.0 arrives with sunroof, AWD, connected tech etc to better take on the competition. Till then we have to say:
Gangadhar hi Shaktimaan hai….
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Default Re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

My 2 cents on the Gravitas = Safari debate.

1. As I'd posted earlier, before the announcement:
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
All said & done, the "Safari" brand is legendary & carries enormous weight. IMHO, they should periodically keep posting such updates on the Safari to keep the legend alive and eventually use it for a totally butch SUV. I've pondered upon this from time to time = while the "Harrier" nameplate is good, branding that car "Safari" would've done wonders.
2. I think it's an excellent move & fully support it. Brand Safari is worth 100 crores at the minimum & has instant recognition. Now, Tata doesn't have another big SUV in development as far as I know. So why wait another 5 years to use the brand, if & when that next SUV comes? Instead, paste it on a ready product that is quite butch-looking too, mind you.

3. It could also have been an afterthought decision taken recently to revive Harrier / Gravitas sales as the Harrier's market performance has been way lower than Tata's expectations.

4. I can guarantee you that 10X more people will look at Gravitas advertisements now that it is branded as the "Safari".

What the heck is the point of having ammunition in your bag if you don't use it? This is an EXCELLENT move from the POV of marketing IMHO. I also understand the POV of purists & those who are passionate about the Safari brand, but the fact is, purist values don't sell cars.

Lastly, for whatever it is worth, the Safari 4x4 was a terrible offroader. So, purists need to calm down a bit .

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Default Re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

This whole Buzzard/Cassini/Harrier/Gravitas/H5X/H7X/Safari business seems to be a bit of a mish mash from marketing point of view. TATA used to make some of the best advertisements even though their products didn't have the substance to back that up. Now their products have substance but their advertisement is completely off the point.

I still consider this to be the best automotive ad ever created in India, so just going to leave it here:
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Default Re: The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!

I needed a day to process this and assemble my thoughts.

So I'll start with a disclaimer: I'm a Safari Storme owner and Ive made it quite evident through many posts in the forum, that I find it had to find an upgrade to my Safari. I was one of the early adopters (beta testers) and amongst the first batch of Safari Storme owners who brought it home when the model hit the showrooms. It was a different time then and the options I had were the loaded with gizmos XUV and the work horse Scorpio. I chose the Safari. (TATA Safari Storme EX Urban Bronze-Buying Experience Initial Ownership Report)

Its a mammoth that ambles around town, shows its weight evidently on demanding quick blasts of power and hates quick lane changes, and has made me good acquaintances with the Tata A.S.S in all the different towns that the Safari has moved with me, because I have to ceremoniously visit them for infamous small annoying things that bother me now and then. It was not a stranger to the squeaks and rattles and let's just say that it was nowhere close to the refinements of TATA vehicles that populate their showrooms today.

For all its weakness, my Safari still put a smile on my face last night when I parked it. Its ride quality and stadium seating is a hit with everyone, even in my extended family. I have moved so many houses and intercity runs using the safari and has never disappointed me when I ask reasonable demands from a tall BOF SUV. Its waded through floods, never let me down stranded anywhere, and overall aesthetically aged well. Its got character, unique recall and instant recognition from common folk and enthusiasts alike. I love it and honestly find it hard to replace.

I was not happy with the move to axe the Safari (both the model and the nameplate) when they pulled the plug after the Storme iteration. Price wise, with due account for inflation and looking at Tata Motors product lineup, the Harrier slotted into what was Safari's price spot. I never could bring myself to see the Harrier as a Safari replacement both for the company and for myself.
So I started forcefully hunting beyond the wide darien gap in the D2 Premium SUVs which become more dearer financially with every passing month. (The definitive full-size 7-seater Premium SUV shootout)

The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!-dsc_1512.jpg

The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!-storme-alturas.jpg

The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!-storme-kodiaq-storme.jpg

The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!-stormeortunerstorme.jpg

The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!-stormezendeavourz.jpg

When the Harrier came, I didn't see it as a replacement for the abuse friendly workhorse that the Safari was.

Now with the new 'Safari' (although we know that its a Harrier+) I can't help but consider it. I HAVE to! Thats the pull the nameplate holds. And thats what Tata Motors has achieved.

As I see it and have explained it in the D2 thread above, there is a good gap for a 7 seater home grown SUV with updated interiors, tech and AT. The AT+AWD combo is a rare and elusive variant available only in premium D2 (And now in the Thar, Vcross lifestyle vehicles) There is no isolated BOF platform for a Safari being raised from the ashes to finally ceremoniously resurrect the Safari to its formal glory. That product lives only in our dreams and wishes.

Tata Motors today is a much refined and matured product line up and is aggressive with their safety and marketing, whilst still retaining the essential good bits of the tata dna like plush ride and internal space. The Tiago, Nexon, Altroz all stand testimony to what Tata can do and the market has slowly started accepting Tata and is in the transition to forgive the gloomy past.

What if I for an instant assume the Harrier never existed, assume that after the BS6 hiatus, Tata heralded the arrival of a brand new Safari- 7 seater SUV, based on the OMEGARC and D8 platform, with an automatic and most importantly updated to compete with today's market in terms of safety, tech, features and most importantly design. Would it have been the H7X? probably yes. Will the whole stigma associated with a stretched harrier then disappeared and we would've braced for the new monocoque Safari and started evaluating it rationally? Probably yes.

If Defenders can wear monocoque, we should be ready to embrace the new normal. We were expecting an Endeavour equivalent from TATA stable to wear the Safari badge, but we have to deal with the cards we've dealt.

But then why the Harrier? The Harrier was a required step in that direction. It helps Tata close the price gap and also gives us an iterated and updated product hopefully with sorted out niggles. So despite the Harrier+ nature of the build, the end customer cannot deny the benefits.

The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!-tatasafarilegacy.jpg

What the Safari loyalists like myself were dreaming for was a more stand alone, boxy SUV that gave us the memories of the original iterations. The concept that probably went closest in that direction was

The Tata Gravitas (H7X) SUV. EDIT: Branded as the Safari!-sierra-concept.jpg

But waking myself to reality, and as much as an afterthought this rebranding of the Gravitas as Safari is , the branding on the H7X is the best welcome the Safari can get given the current market scenario and Tata's lineup and future plans considered.

Let's wait and watch what the new Safari brings in terms of pricing, positioning and in time, the AT+AWD combo which Tata would be smart to plonk in the top end as an option, regardless of the miniscule market share, its simply unavoidable in the location that the Safari would slot into.

Smart move by Tata to resurrect the Safari nameplate now. It's made me take notice and give a chance to the new Safari. So it works.

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