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Old 23rd December 2006, 19:53   #76
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i guess mine would be lee iacocca, besides contributing to the automotive industry by leading ford, his act of reviving chrysler was definitely praise worthy!! and yes ofcourse, the mustang!!! which his successors went on to spoil till the 2005 version came out !!!
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Old 23rd December 2006, 22:33   #77
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mr.ratan tata without any second thought
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Old 23rd December 2006, 22:55   #78
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Always Michael schumacher ......
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Old 24th December 2006, 15:11   #79
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1. LeeIcocca - A man who believed in himself.

2.Micheal Schumacher - Do I need to say more .. ?

3.Ratan Tata - hmm...Just check the BMW- Williams F1 car - an Indian who has surely gone places in Automotive world and earned respect . I remember reading somewhere one quote about Tata - " Business cycles may change but class is for ever "

4.Dr.Ferdinand Piech - For making 400kmph road car a reality.

5.JAgddish Khattar - Ability to capture a country's 40% total car markert share

6.Feruccio Lamborghini - For making a car that can scare daylights out of Ferrari.

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Old 24th December 2006, 18:04   #80
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VALENTINO-ROSSI.: respect is something understatement for me , he is my GOD...really a "TRUE CHAMPION"
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Old 25th December 2006, 14:56   #81
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there are only three guys really respect:
1.henry ford
2.steve saleen
3.carrol shelby.
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Old 8th April 2007, 06:28   #82
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man at the moment its Mr.Ratan Tata that i would respect for he the man making profits in our country when the biggies like chevys, toyotas, and other are incurring only losses or no profits.

although its sad for tata cars to lack quality like the foriegn ones in india, he is still minting while other are in losses...
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Old 30th July 2007, 12:51   #83
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Hey guys..one man is missed out ..the guy who gave the world -"The Mini" in its various forms.. Sir Alec Issigonis..

Mini was a car that made a mark for itself..It was a FWD, small car, participated in the Himalayan Rally.., was BRITISH..and had LOTS of INTERIOR SPACE..aka indica..

Currently the brand belongs to BMW..and heard rumours that the BMW plant at Chennai may introduce the current generation Mini in India..pricing around 12 lakhs..
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Old 30th July 2007, 13:40   #84
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Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn together put transformed the Ferrari F1 team.
Steve Saleen - Founder of Saleen Inc.
Genichi Kawakami - Yamaha
Valentini Rossi and Jeremy Burgess came together to take Yamaha to the top in Motogp. Jeremy left Honda at the prime of his career to help Rossi and Yamaha.
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Old 22nd October 2007, 19:09   #85
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1. Sir ENZO Ferrari
2. Luca De Montezmolo
3. Ratan Tata
4. Rajiv Bajaj
5. Michael Schumacher (you are GOD)

(there is no mini at bmw plant in india... mini still has time)
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Old 28th October 2007, 21:31   #86
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I respect:

1) Valentino Rossi: Motorcyclin GOD (Has truckloads of prowess with many other automotives as well, no... no... don't ring Schumi)

2) Glynn Kerr: Designs and HOW!!!!

3) Henry Ford: Dhirubhai-esque (or the other way round) of the Global Automotive Industry

4) Ratan Tata: The Indian Incarnation of Henry Ford

5) Venu Srinivasan: Some hope in the Indian motor-racing map. Competes with 125cc-250cc Jap motocross machines and can make them eat mud as well.
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Old 4th November 2007, 01:46   #87
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I wonder if the "motor industry" consists of race drivers too....in any case my favorite person is was and will always be Aryton Senna. Apart from him Enzo Ferrari, Ferrucio Lamborghini, Massimo Tamburini, and a whole lot more.....
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Old 11th November 2007, 18:20   #88
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RATAN TATA : Remember the indian made cars of the past. He changed it all with the Indica in 1998 and maybe he'll do it again with the 1 lakh car in 2008
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Old 15th November 2007, 08:47   #89
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Default Wind

I salute Dr. Rahoon Wind, Indo-American inventor and yogi. Dr. Wind was a serious yogan and, naturally, a vegetarian. In 1911, the early days of the automobile, he got tired of eating flying insects while touring the American countryside in his neo-Ford. He decided to place a barrier in his vehicle to stop the bugs from hitting him in the mouth and going down his gullet, an intolerable situation for a vegetarian yogi. His first attempts were wildly unsuccessful. His first barrier was mounted behind the back seat. This stopped no bugs and Dr. Wind correctly surmised that the barrier should be placed in front of the driver. His second attempt was only partly successful. This barrier stopped bugs but it was impossible to see the road ahead through the solid oak tree wood that comprised the barrier. Several near fatal accidents sparked Dr. Wind's keen intellect and he quickly grasped the idea that the barrier should be transparent so that the driver could see obstacles in his path. After several more attempts Dr. Rahoon tried mounting a glass barrier in front of the driver. And the rest, as they say, is history. Hats off in salute to the intrepid Dr. Wind inventor of the first Wind-shield.
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Old 12th January 2008, 20:28   #90
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In the light of current events, I thought I'd bump this up.

Originally Posted by doctorque, five46, adityamunshi, Powerslave, GTO, shravan316, manson, khanak, Steeroid, sandeepmdas, kiku007, tifosikrishna, IndianDawg, islero, himanshugoswami, nitrous, SP_Kolkata, v.tec, Mpower, BWN, superboy44, Suryam, jessie007, nikhilb2008, gonecase_01, Mr.Rage, sumina, moose56, Rekha, pugram, Beeman, zucchero, maxbhp, rider60, v1p3r

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