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Close to 91 in a 96 Zen. The performance has dropped slightly and the car is a little sluggish but still a great car for city driving.
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Default CBZ - 49k Kms..

Had a black Hero Honda CBZ, clocked 49000 kms in 8 months. Sold it after that.

My cars run less than my bike.
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I actually don't know how much KM this has runned, but no doubt the highest. Hold your breath, it is not a car, it is a truck. It is the oldest one we have and have kept it for emotional attachements.

It is a Mercedes, The model from which tata derived there 1210E. It started its life as 4X4 army truck and then after its service life was over it was decommissioned and was bought by my grandfather, in the 60's. After this truck came in the family elders say our business picked up. It was deployed in the norteastern part of the country hauling logs and doing every thing it could, where its 4X4 came to great help. Today we stll have the truck running, and it has been kept at shillong doing the job of a wrecker whenever it is needed, we never let it out for all jobs, it is meant for our business use only, means it is only sent when one of our truck is in trouble. Its odo currently reads a paltry reading on 3,555,78. And we al can be sure that this reading is only a fraction of the actuall milage logged by the truck. And yes it still has its 4x4 working.
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Hmmm I have had some high-mileage cars recently. My mother though likes to replace cars within 3yrs/100,000kms. whichever is earlier so we had a spat of decent mileage cars earlier:

'92 Gypsy - Totalled at about 20-25k
'93 800 - She went on with us to about 105k (sold)
'95 Zen - 57k (sold)
'96 800 - 62k (sold)
'99 Santro- 105k (sold) was more or less dead by now!
'99 Matiz - 15k (sold to an uncle)
'00 Matiz - 75k (sold to another family friend)
'04 Santro - 65k (Currently going strong, in good condition. Also it's my mother's car & should be up for replacement next year)
'03 VTEC - 108k (Going strong, beautiful engine, gearbox & still on the original clutch!! But niggling faults have started cropping up & I think she'll be up for replacement in a few months!)
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Default 96 Tata Sumo - 2,50,000+ Kms

My dad's 1996 ruby red (originally white) Tata Sumo has done more than 2,50,000 kms. The engine has been over-hauled twice. Mostly self-driven by my father and quite well-maintained. Still can cross 100 km/h (that's pretty good considering the vehicles top speed as per the manual is just 98 km/h, but that is at G.W.W not Kerb Wt.). But it does take its own sweet time reaching that speed. Has lugged good amount of load - once around 1 tonne payload to Himachal Pradesh from Delhi (that is another story - with all seats except the driver's seat removed. I only know how I managed to sit on some material and on a carton on the way back). My dad intends to keep it for around two more years, so expect it to cross 3,00,000 by that time.
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My Fiat UNO diesel has done about 95000 Kms and my Lancer Diesel around 132000 kms. Both going strong and smooth.....
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Originally Posted by CaliforniaKnight
wow..gr8 tread this one.. my '96 esteem has done 85k+, '86 model 800 around 112000, Dad's w124 E-class '97 model has done 2,04,000.. all cars well maintained and still running strong..Well,I also have a Honda Marvel with 43,000 kms still running smooth.
U forgot tp include your Baleno in it.

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my old dad's W124 FIRST MERCEDES HAD DONE 700 000 KM IN 10 YEARS.
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I bought my 1991 Mercury Sable when it was at 118,000 miles and sold it at 134,000 miles. That's 2,14,400Kms.
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Originally Posted by sumitkalindi
It is a Mercedes, The model from which tata derived there 1210E. And yes it still has its 4x4 working.

Dude.. Please post pics....
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Originally Posted by abdul 65 amg
my old dad's W124 FIRST MERCEDES HAD DONE 700 000 KM IN 10 YEARS.
Firstly, what do you mean by your "old dad"!!!!! "Dad's old", eh!!!???
Secondly, 7 lac km in 10 yrs... i.e. 70k in one yr.... i.e. almost 200kms a day for 10 long years!!! Man that was some driving and some car!!!
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Hey all,

My dad's ex-car - Honda City 1.5 Exi Purchased: August 2000. Sold January 2006. = 5.5 years, ODO when sold : 1,03,000 kms

I cant say that i was a happy owner for this. Did the biggest mistake when we bought it coz we bought it used. We went to purchase a new one. and My dad was like, 80% convinced to buy it. That time things werent as smooth sailing as now. so budget was a constraint. And seeing the hesitation of my dad, the showroom sales person called me later and said that theres a 5,000 kms driven Blue city 1.5 exi available for sale at his "customers" place and they are to do away with it for around Rs.7lk. The new one was costing around 8.5lk that time.
So we checked it out, looked jus great with light scratches here n there which is common on Indian roads. We bought it, it was nice and cool, but dad always had this thing in the mind that it was used and that the engine was rough coz it hadnt been driven well with the first owner as thats the most crucial stage of the cars life. All 5.5 years he was like, we should have rather gone for the new one, and swore never to buy a used ever again. At that time he was keen on buying a New accent, and i was trying to pull him for the Honda city.

The Car lasted well, with minor problems. And when we sold it, it was not in great condition. The engine wasnt as smooth as before, There were noises from below the car when making u-turns, and such lil things. The speedometer also started making weird noises at times, and the cost to replace it was around Rs.5,000/- so dad let it be as we were bound to see it anytime then.
SO unfortunately, we were overall not that satisfied with its performance.

While again,
Bought a Zen for my mom on JAN 1995. and sold it in MARCH 2005 when bought her a new GETZ. That car i can say was in great performing condition till the day we sold! ( after that i dunno how its doing!) It was driven 1,05,000 kms. and dad was always comparing the Honda City with the Zen saying the zen is driving better as a car as it was bought new and maintained properly and all..... There were again minor problems face with the Zen which is common with the roads and traffic we have. if not, it was a brilliant car, very happy having it throughout!

Hence i suggest all used car buyers to rather go for a same valued NEW CAR of a lower category, than going for a higher category car as the feeling of a new car is totally different, and they perform good in the long run in one owners hand. Mentally and in reality too!
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Default 82k

Hi! My Hyundai santro has done 82K, but I must say, Hyundai Santro is not at best of its health at this reading. May be due to poor build quality and other issues such as suspension etc. I have serviced this car always at authorised workshop and done all possible changes as mentioned in the book and or by the service advisor. I must say, I have mainted the car pretty well, despite of that, I don;t think you should continue keeping a Hyundai car for more than 90,000-100,000 kms.

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My previous esteem had 134xxx on the odo when i decided to give her up. She still purrs like a well fed kitten. Engine smooth as ever. Infact the new owner still calls me up and says that he cant believe that it had run so much.
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My 1991 SAAB 9000 is 230000 miles 3.68 lac kms and still going strong
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