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I've seen a column in Autocar India where they try and help out customers with problems that the dealer cant/wont rectify by approaching the manufacturer directly.
@Harish: I just spent the better part of 2 hours reading and re-reading every post and I feel this is a fit case to be highlighted in every way possible. Will be interesting to see if Autocar India takes this case up.
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I say, since we're an indian auto forum, we need an indian vehicle. Safari/scorpio anyone ?

PS: maybe the discussion for the new t bhp mascot can be taken elsewhere
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My friend was planning to buy a superb, I forwarded this link to him
that's it he decided not to buy.

Harish wish you all the best

Time has come to remove the skoda car from our home page.
Let us put Nano/Safari/Amby/Scorpio
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Most of the time we come to teambhp the top right corner image is of a red SKODA OCTAVIA VRS. This is also doing indirect publicity for this brand of scoundrels. As many viewers, users don't see all these threads. And as to many novices thinks as this is the car being shown on top of TEAMBHP, india's biggest and most famous car forum so this might be the best brand or best car. Can't we remove this image from related collection so the random picker don't pick this image at all? Just a though from one of the first skoda buyer (the point is sufferer for long time) from eastern zone.
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Wow man, I have to say, like others, I agree. Very few people have the fortitude to carry on with a car case this far. Kudos to you. I have a lemon-ish car but I haven't pursued it after everything was fixed mainly because I don't want to waste anymore time on the car but I'm glad there are people like you out there who are willing to fight it out, down and dirty. Well done and I hope you get to the better side of this...
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Whatever happened to Harish or for that matter to any other customer is outrageous. How can company behave like this and turn a blind eye even after all these proofs. It's beyond my apprehension. Hats off to Harish for relentlessly following the issue and we are with you always.

Originally Posted by navin View Post
Either that or Rudra's Amby. It is an Indian icon and it is owned and wonderfully maintained by a respected TBHPian.
BTW, better not put any particular car on the logo and put some outlines of a car which will represent for all the cars. I'm sure there are quite a few in-house designers are there who can make a very nice Car logo. We can even have a competition among the TBHP'ians to make a strong TBHP logo automobile. That'll be a better approach then to put a photograph of a particular brand of vehicle.
And I would really like to see the Photograph of the Skoda in the TBHP logo to be removed as soon as possible. Not that I hate the car(infact I love the RS but hate their after sales) but to show the Skoda that they've been booted out from the front-page of the premier Indian automotive site i.e Team-bhp. I'm sure that some of them must be following this site and if they see this happening then they might learn a lesson or two.
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I read in this thread " he tracked TBHP " did his job and reduced the spare price cost.
Let me give you a simple example.
Once upon a time, Fiat sold uno and their A.S & S. was under their control. Every 2-3 months there would be an article in " Auto India " ( an automotive mag of the past ) how Fiat has taken steps to improve A.S & S., how they have made new strategies, etc. with the photograph of the service vehicles that happened to be Uno.
What was the end result ? They are still not good at it.

The same thing applies for Skoda too. Absolutely no improvements in any area. They launch a new car, then tell the world that because of fuel quality they are having a 1.4 ltr mill to be worked upon. So much for quality!
Whatever the world says, one fact that Skoda has absolutely shown no improvements is to be accepted.
And I doubt the words " tacked TBHP ". Even one of our moderators is not happy about the VRs, and he spotted TBHP ?

And its not that only Skoda from VW is affected. I read in ACI that even an Audi A6 customer had power steering failure. The gearbox issues are also present.

We must not buy a Skoda/VW car till they sort out the dissatisfied customers and the A.S & S. in general.
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Hi Folks

I have just registered onto team-bhp. I have also had a very bad experience from the Skoda dealer in Pune (Europa Auto). Planning to write the Skoda Auto on the same.

I drive a Sep-04 vRS done 77k.

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One more vote for removing the red skoda banner on tbhp. Or is there some sponsorship arrangement in place?

I would suggest as others have that a generic car outline be placed rather than any one model.
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Originally Posted by sandeep108 View Post
One more vote for removing the red skoda banner on tbhp.
We've been reading all your comments and the same is being considered. Any further suggestions on the same may be communicated via the contact us form.

Or is there some sponsorship arrangement in place?
Do me a favour and watch what you type. The support team has a wide tolerance level, but such statements are stepping over the line. It would be best for you to first spend some time through the various announcement threads, about us section and suggestions thread before posting such rubbish. It has been VERY CLEARLY communicated, on ample occasion, that Team-BHP does NOT accept any kind of funding from the automotive industry.

Last edited by GTO : 23rd March 2009 at 12:04.
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Hi Harish

I am from Pune and I service my vRS from Acumen (Pune). Since my cousing was using my car for a month in Mumbai he gave it for a servive @ our very own Nummer Eins and the guy replaced the lower arms with fake ones. I got them replaced to new ones from Acumen Pune and got a refund from Nummer Eins. I didnt really do anything about it.

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kudos to you harish for giving that fighting spirit with skoda, which brings lots of people to know a reality which not everyone does stand up on.Always there to your support.
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I second the sticker idea. Sounds good too. Skoda needs a kick in the backside, big time.
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Default better late then never

i was planning to buy a VRS.i was pretty impresed by the VRs & the mods you can do to this car.before reading this thread i was told by a friend that how easily he got his part replaced in his rider which had a was not my friends know adjustment means alot in our own country (the part was replaced from some other car)i had the shock of my life.a company like skoda does this.i have dropped the plan of buying a skoda & this is a right decision.

Note from Mods : Please try to use punctuation and capitalization properly in order to improve the readability of your posts. Take a look at this thread for details. Thanks.

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All this makes me wonder about our consumer forum functioning, arent they supposed to be swift with their decisions?

Dealer takes customer for a ride, which when caught should have been addressed by Skoda instead of dragging it further. I really dont understand why a manufacturer who puts up advertisement raving about quality, working against its own Motto OR quality doesnt apply to after sales service support?? which IS the dealership network!

Hang in there and hope you get a favorable judgment from the courts, soon.
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