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Originally Posted by Meer View Post
I would like to share a fresh incident which has pleasantly surprised me, that too at a time when things are pretty heated on this thread regarding customer care for the cars.
Some brands just know how to make us smile, don't they. MUL & Toyota are consistently raising the benchmark of service quality, more so over the last 5 years. Toyota sells relatively limited cars, but when you consider Maruti's sheer volumes, that is a true class act. The No.1 is the No.1 for a solid reason.

Originally Posted by Gagan.js View Post
@carcoll, Actually a few lucky ones did post their positive experiences with the company.

This forum being un biased has positive and negative posts towards skoda, the latter being in majority for skoda India's brilliant management of the company.
Absolutely. We couldn't agree any more. We will give a huge pat on the back to Skoda for their good work, but an equally large reprimanding for their misdeeds.

Originally Posted by harishv View Post
Try and imagine their behavior with a solitary individual like me.

Skoda trampled all over me with their financial and legal muscle
while their dealer's did with their political and strong arm clout.
No BHPian should ever consider himself alone.

Someone wrote in this morning with how a Skoda dealer stole the light control unit of his cars xenon lights and then went on to charge him for a new one. I have asked him to share the story here.

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Originally Posted by vineethvazhayil View Post
They have every right to express their opinion right? For all you know they got the poll question wrong!
Well I sure hope so.
( .. to or not to support Skoda was NOT the question in that poll!)

While they are free to have any opinion, I hope they realise their current public stand of NOT standing for TRUTH casts a shadow on everything they say/have said/will say!

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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
No BHPian should ever consider himself alone.
I was alone then. Now I am not. I am thankful to Normally_crazy for having introduced me to Team BHP. Thanks GTO.
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ok. so here it is about that dangerous incident i was referring to earlier about this friend of mine who gave his RS for service in Mumbai

The fuel filter had to be changed, which is a metal cylinder. Service center changes it. He fills up his fuel tank and drives 15 kms approx to his office. Fuel indicator goes down 1/4th. Wonders how this would happen

Drives into his compound, watchman comes running behind him saying fuel is leaking. he looks down and there is a major leak. He calls service center. They arrive at his office compound

The service guy checks it and looks up to him with a blank expression. Says he has to go to the service center to get the part. Friend asks him what happened. Says let him get the part and he would tell him. Comes back with a new fuel filter

Takes out the one in the car and shows it to him. It has a hole! Imagine the shock on my friends face. A metal piece has a hole in it! And that too Audi / Volkswagen stamped on the part!

He was lucky the car did not catch fire on his way to the office

From the next service onwards my friend takes the day off and is at the service station and does not let the car out of his sight.

So much for "Quality Control"
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Kudos to T-bhp moderators-(GTO) & Members.
Can this link be brought out in any public magnize or news paper, so that we can rattle the butts Skoda India?
We are ready to donate any amount for the publications & feel more responsible for being a true car enthusiastic on this forum.

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Skoda Dealer Steals Lighting Control Unit From My Car

WARNING: This is a long and tedious post, with amazing hilarious bits of Skoda`s great customer service. Feel free to skip some portions if you`d like!

As you`d all agree, Skoda is hardly a beacon of good management as shown by Harish`s case.

In my case, I had given my RS for a paintjob last May to the Skoda India dealer at Kolkata called JIA AUTO. They asked for a crazy price but since I was scared of another place opening up the car, I gave it to them as I thought that any damage/pilferage done by another work shop would cost me much more than how much these guys were over charging me for the paintjob.


Read on to know what they did:

My mail to Skoda India

To: CustomerCare
Cc:Bankar, Ranjeet; Deshpande, Ashish;
Subject: Pathetic Service



I had given my car to your Kolkata dealership Topaz Marketing Pvt Ltd (Now called JIA AUTO) on the 1st of April 08 at 11 AM vide Workshop Order No. 1912 for a full paint job. I was promised delivery "definitely within ten days". I agreed even though I found the charges exorbitant, because I thought that the Skoda authorised workshop would take good care of the car and paint it in a proper manner.
The degree of lack of judgment on my part could not have been higher!

Today is the 1st of May. i.e. 1 entire month from the day I gave in my car.
This is just to put on record that after being promised delivery of my car at 4 PM yesterday, when I reached the workshop at 5.30 pm, the car was still not ready at all, let alone being in showroom condition as was promised to me by your Workshop.

As if that was not enough, one of the technicians told me that a Lighting Control Unit was defective and had to replaced at my cost! This. is surprising since the headlights were working perfectly fine when I gave in the car. Skoda workshop taking care of my car?? On the contrary, they were asking me to pay for something that was working when I gave it to them!

I was flabbergasted. However, there was more to come, I was billed for a replacement grille when I had never authorised that.

After standing at the workshop for 2 hours on a working day, I was told that the car could not be taken by me since the work hadn't been completed.

This is not just poor customer service but an enormous insult.

Apart from wasting my time, your workshop has also wasted my entire holiday today when I had planned a road trip in the car.

Your service is pathetic and the attitude of the staff is very wrong.

Your spares and service cost are very very high, but I decided to bear that as I thought that premium service would come at a cost. This, definitely is not premium service.

We were planning to buy a few Laura Ambiente for our Hotel Fleet at Kolkata and Shillong, you can rest assured that we will not do such a thing which will not only trouble us but also our guests.

I will also never recommend another car from your company to anyone else I know. Infact I`m also sending a cc of this mail to some of my friends and associates within India and beyond who are in the market to buy a car from the segments where your company operates in, just so that they know what kind of trouble they would be inviting if they did commit the mistake of buying a Skoda car.

I think that your workshop has given me below par service, let alone above par or "SPECIAL" like your ad campaign says.

You have until tomorrow (2MAY08) 11 AM to let me know how you plan to compensate me for the inconvenience of not having the car available, for the two hours I have spent there and for an entire wasted holiday in what has been a very busy 30 days. The insult ofcourse cannot be made up for.

Ironically, all this is above and beyond still not having the car.

I trust that you will take this chance to preserve a vestige of respect for your company in my eyes.



The very same Karthik Ramesh who was involved in pilfering parts from Harish`s car writes back saying

Dear Mr. Tibrewalla,

We understand from our dealer that your vehicle was sent to our workshop for full car painting on 1st April, 2008 vide our job card number 1912. Your decision on colour shade was done only after 3 weeks, (8X color) and conveyed to our dealer. Once the colour was confirmed from your end it took 9 days for delivery of the car.

With regards to the Lighting Control Unit, as you are aware it is an electronic part and lifespan cannot be predetermined. The car as on date is out of warranty for more than 2 years. As you are our esteemed customer, we are considering a 50 % discount on the control unit on goodwill basis.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you on the 30th of April when you visited the workshop to collect your car. We have spoken to our dealer and strict action would be taken as required. Request you to kindly coordinate with our dealer and get the necessary work carried out.

Please do let me know if you require any further details/ clarification.

Thanks & Regards,

So much for the truth. Not only about the paint job, also about the fact the Lighting Control Unit malfunctioned.

My mail to them

Dear Mr.Karthik,

It is good to see that there is some response from your company, considering that you last communicated with me 11 days before this.
You`ll understand that this means that for the past 11 days my car has been running without a high beam lamp working due to no lapse on my part.

The colour shade 8x 8x was given to your workshop BEFORE I gave my car. I had infact also given them a pdf document from the Skoda UK website that had this shade and the exact number. I had also categorically asked Mr. Yogesh if it was possible for him to match the colour and he assured me that it could be done. It is utterly disgusting how you choose to hide behind invented excuses even after having been supplied with all relevant information.

I doubt that many of your customers go through the trouble of finding out the exact shade with your companys shade code!

It was your dealer who couldnt find the colour from the shade code for the 3 weeks that you have mentioned. I found this very surprising since it was a colour that belonged to your company! If I had given you a Honda colour and asked for it and your dealer took time, it would have been still understandable.

I have the sms messages that Mr.Yogesh and I exchanged which will give a nice chronological outline of how it happened.

I`d request you to verify facts before corresponding with me in the future.
As for the Lighting Control Unit, please note that electronic items which cost this much money dont suddenly stop working. If they do, then you should seriously reconsider your campaign of "The most well built luxury car." or the Advertising Standards Council may find you guilty of misleading advertising.

That aside, even if your products are of such flimsy quality, there is absolutely no reason why I should be liable for a fault which happened in your workshop. One of the reasons why I did not give in my car to a non Skoda workshop was because I was not sure whether the other workshop would mishandle the parts or try to bill me for additional parts.

Here I am, at a Skoda workshop, where you are asking me to pay for something which happened under your care! A possible reason could be mishandling or poor storage on the part of your workshop and it just goes to show the kind of concern you have for customer`s property. This is hilarious that you so casually chose to not take any responsibility.

I would like you to end this immediately by firstly replacing the unit at no cost to me and secondly detailing how you intend to compensate me for the grievances that I have already specified in my earlier mail.

I am also not willing to wait a further 11 days for a reply from your company. As such I`d like a reply tomorrow by 11 am at the latest.

THEN, Jia Auto (the dealer) writes back saying:

On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 5:02 PM, Gaurav Goenka <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Deval,

As per discussion, we would like to inform you that we can waive off 50% of the cost of spare subject to your acceptance, request you to kindly send the vehicle at our dealership for necessary action.

To quote your mail"The color shade 8x 8x was given to your workshop BEFORE I gave my car. I had in fact also given them a pdf document from the Skoda UK website that had this shade and the exact number" we would like to put some light on the facts that for painting of the car, we need a formal approval from the customer irrespective of any shade or of any make. On number of occasions it was found that you were not in town for approving the sample before the car was fully painted.

Secondly, it was you who took time to decide on color combination & at times you have changed your idea, which further delayed the process.

Thirdly, the control unit has got nothing to do with the car painting which we still tried & got the approval for on a goodwill gesture for a vehicle which is out of warranty.

Fourthly, though we have considered the case under goodwill gesture, you have informed about the issue to your colleagues without giving the reason behind the delay.

We once again request you to kindly quit the argument and send the vehicle at our dealership at the earliest for immediate action.


Yogesh Chirimar
0-98368 28400

SO, the dealer asks me to "Quit the argument", so much for corporate communications! And also says that I was "not to be found" like I was obligated to be found in town when they called.

As such, I sent both Skoda and the dealer the sms transcript of our conversation regarding the colour.

Posting the sms transcript in another post so you can skip it if dont want the petty details.
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The SMS transcript

SMS TRANSCRIPT FOR 0936828400 (Mr.Yogesh Chirimar. Jia/Topaz)

------Original Message------
To: 09836828400
Sent Apr 10, 2008 2:19 PM
Subject: Update? Deval
Update? Deval

------Original Message------
From: +919836828400
Sent Apr 10, 2008 7:51 PM
Subject: Will send on friday
Will send on friday

------Original Message------
To: +919836828400
Sent Apr 13, 2008 11:48 AM
Subject: I still haven't got the...
I still haven't got the paint sample. I'm in shillong now. This delay is not appropriate.

------Original Message------
From: +919836828400
Sent Apr 13, 2008 5:22 PM
Subject: Sir i am trying 2 get...
Sir i am trying 2 get the exact colour & have got the whole blue shade card. When r u coming so that i can show u the colour

------Original Message------
To: 09836828400
Sent Apr 18, 2008 1:44 PM
Subject: Am in office till 4pm
Am in office till 4pm

------Original Message------
To: 09836828400
Sent Apr 21, 2008 7:50 PM
Subject: I want the paint shade...
I want the paint shade first thing in the morning tomoro. This delay is getting a little too much now.

------Original Message------
From: +919836828400
Sent Apr 22, 2008 1:23 AM
Subject: Definitely things will...
Definitely things will be done. R u coming or i shall send the paint boy to u

------Original Message------
To: +919836828400
Sent Apr 21, 2008 7:55 PM
Subject: I'll come at 9 am,
I'll come at 9 am, pls be there at tat time

------Original Message------
To: 09836828400
Sent Apr 30, 2008 1:00 PM
Subject: ???

------Original Message------
From: +919836828400
Sent Apr 30, 2008 6:32 PM
Subject: 4 sharp
4 sharp

------Original Message------
To: 09836828400
Sent Apr 30, 2008 4:28 PM
Subject: Am on the way.
Am on the way.
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PART II of the Skoda Saga

Since Skoda thought that I was guilty until proven innocent and that their dealer was innocent until proven guilty, I`d sent them the transcript. With that I sent them a mail saying:

To: Ramesh, Karthik; Kolpurath, Ravindran; Sudhir, Srinivas
Cc: Bankar, Ranjeet; Deshpande, Ashish;;
Subject: Re: Mail from your dealer- Jia/Topaz

Dear Mr. Karthk,Mr.Ravndran,Mr.Sudhir,Mr Ashish

This is ironic that your dealer is even saying these things.

"Quit this argument" ??? I havent been a part of a conversation that uses this language for quite sometime.

You will instruct your dealers to refrain from using such unprofessional language with me.

There is hardly anything more that I can say. You can refer to the trascript of our sms conversation from by Blackberry below.

Suffice to say that it is self explanatory and will prove in an absolute manner the facts which conclusively show that it was I and not your dealer who was following up (after giving them 10 entire days to get the shade!) and that it was your dealer and not I "who was not available".

At first, I was just annoyed by your service at the workshop and your customer service. However, with your use of insulting language and such a confrontationary and non repentant attitude, I`m plain disgusted and very angry.

I`m completely horrified that your company puts me in a position where it seems that I have to give proof of your lack of knowledge, courtesy and training.

Infact, since you have brought matters to this stage where I`ve had to waste so much of my time on this, I`d expect a much faster response that details not just the enhanced compensation you will offer for all my earlier grievances and the wastage of more time in pursuing this dialogue with you, but also the penal compensation for this kind of unacceptable behaviour.

However, since I know that you generally respond in days and not hours, I`d extend my earlier deadline to 1 PM tomorrow.

Heres the Killer

Dear Mr.Deval,

I have just spoken to the dealer principal Mr. Amit Modi (+91 94331 25938) and taken up the conversational issue strongly. We apologize on behalf of the dealer for such conversational mails.

Further with regards to the control unit as mailed earlier, we would not be able to support you any further. Kindly coordinate with our dealer principal directly to resolve your concerns.

Thanks & Regards,


They just said that they would not be able to support me any further!
Haha. They just said it. Its like saying "Too bad mate, now I dont give a damn what my dealer does to you"


I couldnt believe my eyes, so I wrote to them :


I find your earlier mail to be incredulous in its arrogance where you declaim all responsibility let alone apolgise.

However, this mail is just to put on record that Skoda Auto India has officially comunicated to me that the company will do nothing to make good my loss of the thirty odd thousand rupees that the control unit costs, nor will it offer any compensation for the harrasment and the waste of time.


I then wrote to Tomsu Ondrej, Skoda Czek

Dear Mr.Tomsu,

Please see the response that I have received from Skoda India below in this mail.

You will see that they are still trying to cheat me by making me pay for a part.

I`m quite sure that your company would not have tolerated this if it happened in Prague, so why here?

I request you to kindly look into the matter and take it up with Skoda India.



The chap writes back saying:

As I have mentioned in my previous email the whole matter is fully in the responsibility of our independent manufacturing company of Skoda vehicle on the territory of India.

We respect their below-mentioned decision and we believe that the offer given to you is above the standards and very customer-friendly.

We are sorry we are not able to assist you anymore in this matter.

Best regards,

Ondrej Tomsu
Customer Care

How brilliant is that? The second time Skoda tells me that "we cannot assist you anymore in this matter"

And he has the cheek to call their offer "customer friendly".


Some chap from Skoda India wrote harping about the so called goodwill warranty, and I wrote to him:

Dear Mr.Srinivas,

Please note that there is no question of a goodwill warranty here. If the car was with me and the part failed then a goodwill warranty could have been considered, however, since the car was at the dealer workshop when this happened, it is not even my concern, as such infact I`m being defrauded and your company chooses to do nothing about this.


So there folks, is the story of Skoda and I.

I was flabbergasted that someone could behave like this, but after reading about Harish, I realise that I could have been subject to so much more torment than I have been through.

Imagine dealers stealing parts when they are anyways making such a huge margin on the car!

To top it all, my super expensive paint job has already started wearing and you can see that they didnt sand the earlier coat before repainting!

Sorry for the long posts but I thought that we should all be aware of what goes on.

Let me know if you guys have any questions or comments on these.

DISCLAIMER: I have removed my email id and the email id`s of other people that I cc`d the mail to due to privacy reasons.
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Thats very sad to hear evo!
I wonder why do people still buy skodas!
Unless they pull up their socks, they will soon have double digit sales figures.
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Hope more and more people come out with their saga on Skoda. This proves that we just should not blame the dealership alone. You should have told the Czech guy who replied to your email to shove his czech attitude up his royal you know what. Just very very angry at their attitude.
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Originally Posted by evo View Post
So much for the truth. Not only about the paint job, also about the fact the Lighting Control Unit malfunctioned.
evo. just the tip of the iceberg friend.

Why doesn't some enterprising journalist take the whole story up and blow the lid off this huge scam being played on the Indian public ? He will have the story of the decade. A subsidiary of Volkswagen. Wow. Imagine.

Can somebody get in touch with Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear? Can we have a Sucheta Dalal here ? Would that help ?

Navin - will surely do

All those who pm'ed me regarding next course of action -

Good work.

Start by making a dossier. Make it easy to read. Every correspondence on each page, date wise, single, easy to read. Highlight the actual conversation in color.

One page for the sms converstaions. Use a different color for the actual conversation, otherwise it might not be readable along with the other details.

Photographs if any.

Put your copy of the job card and the bills.

Keep a recorder handy for further conversations.

Any other relevant data.

Thats it. Make a soft copy and a hard copy. Send me the hard copy. Will edit it and send it back to you.
Check it ou. Lets start moving.


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That is some nightmare that you have gone thru! So, Skoda Czek do not have any control on Skoda India. Skoda India has no control on their dealers. And Skoda Dealers have no control on their employee's!

Man, what a circus!
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
It's past 11 a.m. on monday already:

1. Has this supposed *customer service system* been put in place? How exactly do your unhappy customers get in touch with Skoda India for a resolution (better buy a lot of bandwidth for that online system!)? What is the guaranteed turn around time? Have you decided - once and for all - whether you are going to side up with the dealer or with the customer? ...........
Haha! Really, with such proper and structured advice for free, all Skoda needs to do is follow it, no McKinsey no body, just do what my local juicewallah has been doing for ages:

Dont give bad quality juice.
If you do, replace it with an apology.


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Originally Posted by bhp1 View Post
I completely stand by affected consumers like Harish, but also feel that it has become an issue of nose/ego among the admin/mod staff.

What is really going to happen is, some bigwig from Skoda might apologize to T-Bhp & the matter shall be laid to rest.
bhp1, how many mods do you know? To accuse any of us (or the admin) of being egotistic is uncalled for. Of course we are proud. Proud of our collective experience, knowledge, intellect, and integrity but this does not translate to 'having an ego'.

A certain degree of pride of oneself is essential to doing a good job for it only when you believe you can do a good job is whne you actually do it.

As far as TBHP buckling under pressure from any car manufacturer, I dont see that happening any time soon. The Admin and the Mods all have happy days jobs and what brings us together is our passion and belief that together we can improve the auto community in India.

My personal car is being serviced by Skoda-Autobahn (I have mentioned this earlier many times) as I type this. The car was given for servicing after Harish made his first post (which only proves that we dont think all is lost in Skoda). After I get my car back from servicing I will post the results of that experience on a seperate thread. So far Mr. Liyakat Chajju (a Manager at Autobahn) has been doing a reasonable job of keeping in touch with me and letting me know the progress of the work being carried out however in the end what matters is how well the job was carried out.

Right now what we are expecting from Skoda is an action plan on who they will resolve the issues faced by so many of their customers.

Originally Posted by amit_mechengg View Post
As some people say the thread will die some day, but yes the impression of skoda in peoples mind will never die. no one will DARE to buy a SKODA nor will they recommend anyone.
Originally Posted by harishv View Post
No guys. They haven't.
5 days now. You can see Skoda's callous attitude and response to a respected automobile community of 40,000 + people, 2 threads, 1200 posts, 1,00,000 views.

Try and imagine their behavior with a solitary individual like me.

Skoda trampled all over me with their financial and legal muscle
while their dealer's did with their political and strong arm clout.
Harish, if and when Skoda does contact you please post your expereince here.

Originally Posted by StarScream View Post
What a PR disaster Skoda -
Forget sub-judice, settle the matter and cut your losses!
Exactly. Skoda dont hide behind legal skirts. We are all human. Some more human than others but let start with trying to resolve the most attrocious cases first especially if they have been as well documented as Harish's.
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Originally Posted by evo View Post
just do what my local juicewallah has been doing for ages:

Dont give bad quality juice.
If you do, replace it with an apology.

Sometimes the best business philosophies are the simplest ones.
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