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Old 24th August 2010, 12:35   #106
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Awesome work friend.
The quality of the job is outstanding. I loved the neat engine bay and the underbody .
The two lights up front from the bumper doesn't go well with the rest of the car.
Hope the garage is the same one that you had put up in your previous posts. The so called ridiculously expensive multi-brand workshops and the authorised dealers must learn a thing or two from them.
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Old 24th August 2010, 12:56   #107
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dazzling work my friend , cars look superb like an american muscle . awesome man . im stunned
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Old 25th August 2010, 09:55   #108
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Please read our rules before proceeding any further.

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Old 25th August 2010, 11:23   #109
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hey sanjeev a very well done jod i like the dashboard and the center console and the seats alot can i have some more details on that
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Old 25th August 2010, 23:56   #110
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I should say, good job buddy. The muscle car concept lives right as per your imagination. I know you will definitely tweak your ride as time passes by, so i would say " enjoy your ride and don't get discouraged or insulted if fellow BHpians provides his/her point of view, it will only help you improvise".
Everybody means well here as we are one big reving happy family
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Old 27th August 2010, 18:13   #111
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Really retro cool ! nice to see that u have sorted out all the electricals properly and set the CAI at a good position.the engine bay looks neat as the rest of the car.Even the OEM wiring were not this perfect.Btw what happened to the rear windsheild? looks like a convertible from the back.also get the rear bumper chromed . The car looks great. kudos to you!
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Old 27th August 2010, 18:35   #112
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Nice modification and good selection of items here. How much did it cost overall? (sorry my bad did not read the entire thread).

congrats once again. Photo I like is that of the car standing on a tiled floor.

Neat work and looked like the OverHaulin' output.

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Old 27th August 2010, 22:31   #113
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What brand seats are those? Look really good.
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Old 27th August 2010, 22:42   #114
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The seats look like they are Recaro or Corbeau Seats

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Old 28th August 2010, 15:32   #115
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It looks awesome. good work. Hows the drive? Must be nice to be in a totally custom ed hulk.
Cheeers to you.
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Old 6th September 2010, 22:44   #116
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Thanks every body for the appreciation and comments. I had redone the head lights and will be removing the fog lamps very soon.

Now, i'm having the wierd idea --by any means to change my diesel engine to petrol 1.8 GL or to source a 4FG1 T Engine or at least a turbo kit (even though the RTO rules are a potential threat in doing so). It may seem strange to go for the petrol!. but i'm not satisfied with the power and i need the experts advise-i mean miyer and pyscho in particular.i'm ready to bring it anywhere to add more power or to tune the engine and to get what i'm looking for!. i had tuned the fuel pump but in vain. The power has not yet improved.

i would like to clarify what i'm looking for- the car runs smoothly and picks up speed but after applying the brakes , the gear has to be shifted even down to the first gear to pick up the accelaration again.Also, it's a dog in the slopes with only first gear seen doing the work.

looking forward for your advise.....and some information about procuring a 4FG1T or whatever which helps to increase the performance.
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Old 7th September 2010, 13:48   #117
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Just had a quick glance.
If you are looking for a good Isuzu 4FG1T Engine for a straight fit then you can contact these guys in NZ depending on how deep your pockets are and how effectively you can manage the logistics. Both of which you have done magnificently during your build.
Blairs Engines & Tyres
Head Office
PO Box 14
New Zealand
Phone : 64-3-693-8122
Fax : 64-3-693-8120
E-Mail :
BLAIRS: Incorporating - Engines & Parts - Argo - Supertyre Distributors. Geraldine New Zealand
Since you are already in Qatar you can import it by sea freight without much hassles and bring it to India suitably. Will reply in detail when I find the time later.
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Old 9th September 2010, 10:32   #118
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My Suggestions :
1.Get a 1.8GL Petrol engine 4ZB1 - work on the head, port, polish, and as you already have a CAI, fit it in.
2. Get a tuned (rally Tuner spec) carb - even the old nikki is good, make double butterflies to open at same time, and fit in a NOX - if needed an occasional blast.
3. Go for an aero exhaust 2525XL or 2540 (more sound) - from usa, they make my conti rock on accelaration, even my mm540 accelerates noticeably.
4. the petrol conversion and carb and exhaust all would not cost you no more than 25k, if purchased new (except the engine (for 5k)).
5. for such low amount, ur conti will rock when you press ur right foot, and also be a gentleman if you caress the pedal.

Lastly, ur conti mods - no words to express, simply awesome looks like american cadillac, cheers !!!
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Old 9th September 2010, 15:12   #119
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Thanks Miyer, I had checked with Blair's and they had informed me that they have only a 4FC1 T in stock.

Mr. Shekaran, Thanks for the info. A petrol engine is an easy find. But could you let me know where i can get the carb ,the exhaust and all other stuff and get them fixed in my conti, I don't mind to send the car to your place in case you have a guy there who has done your job. Please give me the details. Eagerly awaiting for some good news. And for the pricing, the amount referred by you is simply good.
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Old 17th September 2010, 11:31   #120
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Are you in need of 4FG1 engine.I have fitted the same engine,But fully reworked.
Those engine fromthe market will be not that much effective.Some problem life more oil consumption,drop in the power etc.,

Get an Engine and rework completely to feel the power of G1 Imported Isuzu.

Salem and Chennai are the current areas where now the engines are available.Also Mettupalayam is also a best place.
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