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Old 16th January 2011, 20:19   #241
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Default Still very much the Logan

Spotted this car today morning. The worksmanship looked good (could not stop to check it out). Like I have already said, the front design is too prominent, while the rear is nice. The side profile has been un-touched, and hence the effort put in has not been able to change it much from it's identity as a Logan.

But to each his own. And definitely not to take away anything from the efforts of the people involed in this.
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Default Re: The Logan Makeover

Very detalied work indeed!

The face looks too toothy; as advised by many, the split grill might have worked. Try a grid patteren above the same griil by sticking some horizontal & vertical chrome strips. Some what like LINEA
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Old 18th January 2011, 01:29   #243
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Default Re: The Logan Makeover

The grille might get to be a bit more palatable when we finally get to meet someone good at Chrome garnishes. As for the rear lights - there are some promising developments here. The rear wooden tid-bits have been made more presentable - Will post the updated pics in good time - perhaps by next week even...
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Old 12th May 2011, 10:11   #244
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Default Re: The Logan Makeover

Originally Posted by R.K.Ramesh View Post
We have planned to give it a makeover in stages:
- Exteriors first keeping the wheels in mind for a swap later on
- Should not look obviously tarted like a boy racer - a more restrained look like an OEM car with good lines and proportions
- Interiors will be executed at a later date - the car comes with Beige interiors and not the more bland grey one...
Any updates
  • The front grill ?
  • Has the interiors got an upgrade
If possible with pics
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Old 13th May 2011, 01:02   #245
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Default Re: The Logan Makeover

Saw this car today while passing through On Mobile office road on Bannerghatta Road.
The distinctive front really caught my eye.

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Old 21st December 2011, 23:28   #246
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Default Re: The Logan Makeover

The 'Kanoe' came into the workshop for some minor bumper scrape on the kerb - took some updated snaps - another update is planned later within another 2 months. So watch this space folks .
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Old 23rd December 2011, 12:41   #247
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Default Re: The Logan Makeover

r.k.ramesh- hope you really change the rear end of the logan in your next makeover .

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Default Re: The Logan Makeover

The grille would great with a bridge it would complete the car's design. the emptiness gives it a incomplete look u could consider something like this.
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Old 26th December 2011, 13:45   #249
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Default Re: The Logan Makeover

An update on the front 3/4 of the Kanoe...
Name:  Picture166.jpg
Views: 2291
Size:  152.8 KB

I wonder if the differences are apparent - being more on the subtle side that they are.
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Default Re: The Logan Makeover

And some more pics of the mild upgrade...
Name:  Picture163.jpg
Views: 2183
Size:  151.0 KB
Grille opening smaller with new grille frame
Name:  Picture164.jpg
Views: 2172
Size:  144.1 KB
Name:  Picture165.jpg
Views: 2177
Size:  166.4 KB
Near Hand written custom 'Kanoe' font for that customsied embellishment
Name:  Picture167.jpg
Views: 2165
Size:  154.1 KB
Name:  Picture168.jpg
Views: 2166
Size:  138.9 KB
Name:  Picture169.jpg
Views: 2138
Size:  149.5 KB
Name:  Picture170.jpg
Views: 2137
Size:  145.3 KB
More prominent tail pipes
Name:  Picture171.jpg
Views: 2114
Size:  174.9 KB
Name:  Picture172.jpg
Views: 2089
Size:  94.9 KB
Name:  Picture173.jpg
Views: 2082
Size:  148.3 KB
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Default Re: The Logan Makeover

Do those front indicators serve their desired function? I mean are these visible for other people/vehicles from the front. Try to locate them below the head light for safety purposes.

The rear design has come out very well but sorry to say that the front is still looking incomplete (strictly my personal opinion, no offence meant). Also, the bumper at right is not aligned properly to the fender (pic 5).
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Old 2nd January 2012, 15:04   #252
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Very good job with the Logan.. The car looks nice.

The rear also looks understated, but classy.

Two additions I feel are required:

1. Meaty alloys
2. Black Tints

Both the additions will give much needed character to this car.

Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
Ramesh, here is something i cooked up, which should help with the looks.

Attachment 468472

Do consider it. Currently, the grill looks way too empty.

The grille looks better this way..

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Default Re: The Logan Makeover

hi there
have joined in late as i was out of the country
the looks are definitely mitsuish, very aggressive though
...sadly the engine lacks grunt....heart transplant?
sedans don't turn me on but your creativity is whats keeping me glued to the thread
while on this can i ask your opinion about a tyre upgrade for my yeti
stock tyres are 215/60/16 , can i insert 215/75/16 into the wheel well?
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