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Sankar : The Shell smells better imho.
Sankar, are you trying to also use it as a perfume ?! or EDT for the Bull ?

Actually, get some extra stock on your next visit to BLR.
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Originally Posted by condor View Post
Sankar, are you trying to also use it as a perfume ?! or EDT for the Bull ?

Actually, get some extra stock on your next visit to BLR.
Yes i should. Now having earned the first hand experience of the difficulty in trying to source super oils and some other parts for the Bull i should consider stocking up on some parts from Blr when i come there next time.

Also found out that Bull parts are a bit more expensive here. For example the Bull 500 carb, the Mikarb VM 28, costs 1000 bucks in Blr and 1900 bucks in Tvm!!

Bull 500 Piston+rings costs 4k here and in Blr you get the piston+rings+cylinder for 5k chillar.
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Default Need a good Bullet mechanic in chennai

HI All,

I am one of those whom who looked at the machine called bullet in awe and had just waited to get their hands on when their pockets and age permitted. Succeeded yes , happy no. Like most of the first timers armed with just the love to own but with out any knowledge of one. I ended up buying a second hand std 91 model 3rd owner referred by a once good friend now parted cause of my bull again. It looked a beauty at first sight. The bike was moded to look exactly like a TB. Large tank, a beauty indeed but with a bad heart. The engine was supposed to be over hauled and like brand new. I ran into trouble the 2nd month itself with the bike emitting smoke. The mechainic wouldnt budge claiming it to be a very minor problem and that it would die down. result i visited another mechanic . He claimed that the engine and bore need to be over hauled . 7k was the loss. was ok fora month . bike did not have the thump nor power as claimed by my compatriots in my club and as well as blogs. met another mechanic who was of yesteryers. claimed to have experience of 25 yrs. said the same that the main bearing need to be changed and that it needs to be rebored. this time 12k was the loss. had the bike for 2 months and after 5 months of reclaimiing it and frequent visits to the dreaded mechaninc am left now with a lot of rattling noise . with a heavy laden heart still am looking towards the horizon, the day when i will enjoy th bliss of a tru beat and power thus enjoyed by every bulleteer. Please Help.
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Dude you spent so much on a 91 bullet. Well should have instead gone for a down payment and got yourself a new one on installments.

There is one guy by name Kumar and he does superbikes and all and i grade him as the king of bikes. You just meet him once and talk to him, i m sure he will do up your bike excellent.

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Nagesh is the best Enfield mechanic I've come across in the Churchgate-colaba area. He's helped me modify 3 enfields - engine and cosmetic stuff - and he knows the bike well. He's also a careful mechanic who doesn't damage parts while installing them. His workshop is near the petrol pump in front of Oriental House on Jamsedji Tata Road (the Ritz Hotel Road).
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Default Locating a Bullet Mechanic in Chennai

Hello All,

I just joined the club and I am quite exited to be part of team-bhp.

I am quite new to Chennai and I stay in Pallavuram.

Could you guys help me in locating a Bullet mechanic in Chennai.

Any inputs highly appreciated.



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Jaf, Pudupet. The best..

Don't go elsewhere and spoil the ride mate!!!

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There's one guy at cp ramaswamy road, varadha
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Thanks Guys. Will keep you posted on the proceedings.
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Ok so I got the bike repaired and it runs fine now though top speed is either much higher than the odo or it doesn't go above 80kmph.

The battery trouble was traced to the old battery switch which was shorted, has been replaced now, battery too actually so even if i dont use it regularly it starts just fine.

My current problem is that i had a lazy boy handle that rajkamal used to stock, wasnt of very good quality and if you tried to move the bike with handles only, it bent, but at least it was a comfortable ride. I can't seem to find the handle anywhere now and sharma claims i need to get it manufactured. Anyone know any other dealers?
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Andheri East Highway Road: (Highly recommended)
- Mahavir Spares Shop
you'll get all the spares you need here AND the mechanic is very good and reasonable.

On Versova link road:
- Yaseen (Recommended)
- Danny
there is a spares shop there too and both are expensive.

- Anthony

Mahim Station Road:
- PR Enterprises
Worst experience of all. Got my bikes serviced, changed the oil, gaskets, seals but the wise guy didnt bother to tighten the nuts of the head, clutch case, and changed the wrong oil seal. Spent a bomb and got something done thats not worth even half of it. Got it to my garage and did the remainder of the work.

NOTE: I've got my bike done up from all of the above. The best I can say is the mechanic at Mahavir for major repairs. Yaseen and Danny are also good since they are closer to my place. Although each one of them have made annoying mistakes while working on my bike EXCEPT the Mahavir guy.

Near D.N. nagar:
- Bhaskar
i've never got any work done from him but he's quite knowledgeable, enthusiastic and interested in what he's doing, worth a try. Always see a lot of bullets standing outside his garage for work.
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Very old thread, but im crosslinking this here as information anyway :

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@Raja..Please PM our esteemed T-Bhpian from Hyd : BBLost.
He is a pro in RE and will point you to the right direction.
Today he posted a thread on one of his mechanics.Please check it out.
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I remember one garage at Tank Bund, Secundarabad.

This place used to be near the boat club area.

Lots of other artisans also site there - denting, painting etc.
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Its been a while since I’ve left Hyderabad but I know heaps of good mechanics there, its probably the best place to get any work done to an old Brit thumper.
On the secunderabad side of Tankbund, sort of opposite the Mariot near the boat club there is this Bloke called Michael but he does more RDs.
Javed is in Taranaka, on the right side of the road after you cross the railway underpass when your going towards Uppal.
My regular mech was Sherif, he has a workshop in Tharbund..or the place might be called golden point. Sherif used to work on my dad’s bike and a few years ago he rebuilt a motor for me, he can take a while but his work is good.
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