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Old 21st August 2012, 18:58   #46
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

Originally Posted by Rehaan View Post
Good point!

However, a tyre's suggested inflation pressure is not linked to the vehicle per se (45 psi in this case).

Its linked to the model of tyre and its specifications (size, load index, etc).

What you'd probably need to do is find a tyre that has a sufficient LOAD INDEX for the Evalia. It should be able to handle the vehicle weight + max passengers / luggage. This shouldn't be too tall a task for passenger tyres, given that the Evalia already has a ~400 kg weight advantage over cars like the Xylo which have similar seating capacity. After picking a tyre that fits the bill, then see what the recommended PSI is for that tyre in the specific size you chose, and fill accordingly.

There'd be a small degree of safe variability on that suggested pressure (probably +/- 2 psi) depending on how laden the vehicle is, or how the ride feels.


PS - What i wondered about the specific choice of 8-ply Light Truck Tyres is whether Nissan and Ashok Leyland struck up a combined deal for OEM tyres with a supplier? The Ashok Leyland Stile will probably need the LT tyres as it would be hauling heavier loads on average. This might have made financial sense.
In the UK, the Evalia (NV200) is shod with 175/70R14C tyres (the C being for Commercial which is equivalent to LT, I presume). Lower profile but with the same 45 psi inflation pressure. Hence I think the origins of the vehicle (panel van) dictate the size and type of tyres.

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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

This is one ugly duckling if I can say! A hugely practical vehicle that India needs but may well end up selling primarily in the Taxi market. All good things need to be pleasing to the eye too but even in nature many are not. It may do reasonably well in India mainly due to its commercial inclination.

Would I buy one? Never. I would pick the Innova over it any day...
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

I really think that Evalia has potential of becoming a successful taxi! Indian taxi segment has proved (with Qualis) that it does not care about the looks. It is under-tired for sure but that should not affect this segment either.

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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

Fantastic review, I say, folks!

This vehicle from Nissan looks like a treasure hunt exercise to me. You do this and you find this and so on. I guess it's a good attempt by Nissan to get the cash register ringing for them, but it's no way an Innova beater. Just looking at the fantastic pics taken by mods, I can say it's not going to be anywhere close to Innova or for that matter Xylo in comfort. On the other hand if taxi operators can buy Etios, I am sure they would make a queue for this. A perfect vehicle for cab operators
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

Thanks Rehaan and Vidyut for a fantastic detailed review.

What's with Utility Vehicles and ugliness? Innova, Ertiga are OKish; but Xylo, Eecho and now Evalia are plane ugly. The Leyland version looks better with the different headlight design.

I liked the interiors of the Evalia though. Let's see if at least this can give a fight to the age-old Innova.
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

all in all a good taxi has arrived in India.there was no option after Innova for luxurious taxi for 7-8 passengers.would definately like to go on tour hiring this.But as a vehicle to own?OUT OF QUESTION.
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

Excellent reviews Rehaan & Vidyut

Coming to the caar (no pun intended) Nissan would do well to target fleet operators and private taxi operators. Design is most suited for this class. With ample luggage space, if priced well this would well entice Eco owners to upgrade. Don't see too many private owners who would have bench-marked the Innova queuing up to buy Evalia. Given the sturdy looks & awesome reliability over various terrains doubt it would eat into Toyota's market share.
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

I think the commercial one may get tail door like two side by side doors, can't imagine it.
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

1) This car reminds me of EECO and Versa. Versa had similar set up. Van which is very tall, had small tyres as comapared to the vehicle's profile and also commercial tyres.

2) Taxi and commercial vehicle being sold here as passenger vehicle. And we blame Maurti/Toyota for cheating us ? This Nissan car is new Taxi for New York. This Nissan van is sold as commercial product in UK. Recently, Combi van was launched as passenger product in UK.

3) 1.5 for such a large vehicle ? Ritz, i10, swift, even Alto K10, Astar would leave this car for dead on highways. Did I mention Vista ?

4) There is no comparison between Innova/Xylo/Ertiga and this nissan van. Innova is not sold as commercial cargo van, neither is Ertiga. Xylo has its own strength of a very strong engine and great seat comfort.

5) This is not the unique combination of leaf springs and monocoque construction. M800 was the first one, along with Omni. Omni to this date has this leaf spring on monocoque construction combo.

6) Any one who had his/her finger jammed in those sliding doors would know how much it hurts. The hinged doors would be much better.

7) No proper opening of rear windows ? Its 2012 and not 1982, nissan must understand that.

8) I expect a lot of Evalia's to be on the roads, with smaller, modern cars leaving them far behind. Honestly, Nissan-Renault have taken the k9k motor sharing a bit too far in Evalia ( and also in Fluence ).

9) Family man = Ertiga ( car like to drive, fast, efficient, spacious, Maruti A.S & S., VFM )/Innova ( needs no introduction ).
IMO, biggest selling point of Innova is dynamics with diesel motor which makes it more practical. Xylo slots somewhere in between both.
We forgot one nice competitor, the old Tavera. Tavera has got better dynamics than Xylo, is of just about perfect size for a UV and has proven itself in commercial segment.

10) Purely my view, but Evalia makes Ertiga look even more VFM makes Innova look very well engineered and makes Xylo/Tavera look honest UV efforts and not just money making gimmick.
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

Excellent review, as always!

Personally, I don't appreciate the design. Looks like two different halves joined by Feviquick. The interiors also don't appeal much. A person who wants a 7-seater would probably choose from either Ertiga or Innova depending on vitamin M. For 5-seaters, you have the Duster and the near-future coming Ecosport. For me Ertiga seems more VFM (solely my opinion, no offence meant to other brand lovers).
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

It's a bit confusing how the Ashok Leyland version will be positioned. Already Evalia looks more like a 'utility' vehicle. Will Ashok Leyland's Stile will be positioned further down?

Perhaps the Stile is showed as passenger vehicle only in concept & will have cargo versions as their main market.
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

Excellent review.

It would indeed be a personal opinion on how one looks at this car/van. It may work as a delivery van or a plumbers ride in other countries. In India, this is a luxury for many. After seeing the pictures of the interiors, I prefer being in a Evalia than a Xylo. The Evalia's interiors, atleast from the pictures look a lot more well put together than a Xylo. The 3 rows of seats offer enough room for the passengers and there is still room left for some luggage. In the Scoprio, the only people pampered are the front passengers. None of the other rows are as roomy as the Evalia.

The standard safety kit is just amazing. Good call Nissan.

If priced right, this car/van might turn out to be a winner.
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

A very detailed review for sure. The interior fit and finish is way better than anyone else in this segment. But the styling is a massive ship wreck. This is already a flop for sure. To me a Maruti Versa or Eeco looks way better than this with the sliding doors. My question is, what could possibly make you decide that you should buy this when you have the Innova, Xylo and the Ertiga? Again the car might be good but to me personally, it looks pathetic. I thought the Versa was bad looking.
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

Indeed a very detailed and good review.
The front look is better than Innova i feel (Infact i think the old Innova looked better than the refreshed Innova).
Pricing will be crucial for this , seems to be suitable for hotels/office vehicles to shuttle between airports.However i feel Ertiga is a better buy if one wants to commute within city because of Maruti's wide service network and Innova is any day better for long drives.
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Default Re: Nissan Evalia : Official Review

Nice review. Evalia rear remembers me of an 30-40 year old Willy's station wagon(Willys Jeep Station Wagon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) that used to make rounds in my native. Apart from front, i dont think any automobile designer was involved in designing the vehicle.

Well exterior design apart, I definitely will never ever own it. But i would definitely hire it provided rentals are cheaper than Innova.

Also if Nissan can provide such good interiors on 10lac vehicle, why can't Renault do it on Duster.

Given that Evalia has leaf spring rear suspension, doubt regarding its comfort level. The ride might be good on a 4 lane highway or city limits, but a drive on a twisty ,patchy state highway would reveal the actual truth.
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