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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

The front axle gets a MacPherson strut suspension:

Looks like some traces of leakage or seepage around the axle! What was that any idea ? Or any breather opening near by ?
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

Originally Posted by nma83 View Post
In which area is this new workshop? I had seen their Okalipuram service center somewhat renovated in my last visit few months back.
Hi, the new service center might be coming up near Hebbal or around it. Sorry, seems my memory has taken a holiday as I am unable to remember the location more precisely.
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

The Laurin and Klement version of Skoda Kodiaq has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor show. It comes with a few cosmetic updates to both the exterior and the interior, along with a new feature set like aluminium pedals, a Canton sound system, powered driver's seat with memory function, etc. But the biggest updates come in the form of the choice of powertrains - a 1.5 litre 150 BHP turbo petrol, a 2.0 litre 190 BHP turbo petrol, and the ubiquitous 2.0 litre turbo diesel in 150 BHP and 190 BHP states of tune. All the engines come mated with a 7-speed DSG, with the higher powered variants getting a standard 4X4 system (optional on the 150 BHP variants).

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-1_578_872_0_100_http___cdni.autocarindia.com_extraimages_20180216120410_skodakodiaq_lk_front.jpg

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-1_578_872_0_100_http___cdni.autocarindia.com_extraimages_20180216120410_skodakodiaq_lk_rear.jpg


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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

New colour introduced for Kodiaq. Looks like the old favourite Corrida Red
Attached Thumbnails
Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img20180224wa0008.jpg  

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img20180224wa0007.jpg  

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img20180224wa0010.jpg  

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img20180224wa0009.jpg  

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img20180224wa0006.jpg  

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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

Test drove the Kodiaq yesterday, and here are my initial impressions.

1. Looks and Exterior: It is classy. It is elegant. It is suave. I like it.

Looks are a matter of personal taste, but no one would call this car uninspiring. It may not have the sheer size or street cred of the competition, but its not meant for that. If an uninitiated observer was accompanying you, and you told him to look out for a 7seater SUV, he would definitely overlook the Kodiaq. This is not the Kodiaq's fault, neither is it the observer's. It's simply our conditioning and what we have adopted as the accepted definition of SUV.

//The car doesn't roll up its sleeves, spew a few punch dialogues, shatter the glass and enter into the scene. It's not that kind of a brute. It simply pulls up alongside, in a nicely tailored suit, with cubans between its fingers. That headlight array and killer alloys look smashing!
It's got style. You can't take that away from the Kodiaq.//

The car is dwarfed by the colossal Storme when I parked alongside. It is not the car that I would ideally Upgrade to from that rowdy Storme. The Endeavour 3.2 is the natural progression up the ladder. But by the end of the test-drive, the Kodiaq did put a smile on my face in made me introspect dreaded questions like "What if"???. That counts for something. Read on....

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img_7148.jpg

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img_7131.jpg

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img_7139.jpg

2. Interiors and Features This is the KODIAQ's forte. Step in and it feels like you are wrapped in luxury. Everything is well made and clean cut. Everything from that beautifully grippable steering to that chunky gear shifter exudes luxury. Both passenger and driver get electrically adjustable seats. Nice contoured seats draped in rich light coloured leather. The twin glove boxes give lots of space for storage. Small yet significant and nifty clever details like the umbrella holder, the dustbin, the door protection system, the neck pillow 'tusks', give you the much appreciated 'feel good' factor. Hands free parking and hands free boot opening with the virtual pedal are super cool features. This car would make a perfect companion for creatures of the night. Those Smashing alloys and killer headlight arrays set in a black Kodiaq would be my weapon of choice.

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img_7136.jpg

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img_7133.jpg

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img_7125.jpg

The second row seating is a stretched out nice place to be in. It's the best second row I've sat on, in a long time. The head room is ample in both the rows. I don't know if its the low seating, or the extra leg room the second row gets, its uber comfortable. The family will love it. But the middle passenger might not be as pleased as the other two if you're going five up.

And that awesome panoramic sunroof opens up to the heavens above.
Build quality is supreme and no compromise on safety with 9 airbags and a perfect 5 NCAP rating.

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img_7120.jpg
Third row is an excuse. I won't even put my kid there. It's very cramped and a squeeze. This is a sore point for me.

//If I was coming back from a tired day at work and had the keys of the Fortuner, Endeavour and the Kodiaq to choose from, I would pick the third. This is the car to pamper yourself in. This is the Spa drive for the tired soul.//

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img_7106.jpg

3. Engine and Ride
The ride quality was excellent over good and bad roads alike, true to its monocoque underpinnings. The turning radius was wider than what I would've liked. The steering was nice and made flicking the car around look easy.But personally, I would rate the Endeavours steering more 'joyful' in comparison.

The 2.0 litre Engine is my biggest let down with this car. Power and pull are 'adequate' thanks to the lighter kerb weight. But 'adequate' just won't do when I say it in the same line as 40 lacs. Skoda must have offered the higher rated option to us, to make this neat car more likeable. This motor does get the job done, but doesn't punch your gut and plaster a silly grin on your face. In contrast, that brutal 3.2 is reason enough to get the Endy home. A better engine would have definitely completed the package.

Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7106.JPG
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Size:	2.16 MB
ID:	1737665

My Verdict: A wonderful car. Fully loaded. Understated and Under rated. If you are shopping around in that segment, and are not very gung-ho about road presence, don't skip this Skoda. Give this friendly brown bear a chance.

This is one SUV your family would love.
Attached Thumbnails
Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img_7128.jpg  

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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

Skoda is bringing the kodiaq in L&K trim. It gets 19 inch wheels, chrome grill, piano Black finish and some additional features with full LED headlamps. They launch date for India is unknown.
Read it on the powerdrift Instagram.
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

With poor water wading depth I feel the Kodiaq is a seven seater MUV with Sedan like drive and good looks.

No not even an SUV or Crossover which for me should have a minimum of 400mm water wading depth.

Further looses out on 3rd row seats as well as engine power for features.
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

This is one amazing review. I personally feel that Skoda has not done any cost savings by decreasing the quality and this is one master piece. It will soon lead the segment as it is an overall package.
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

Took a short drive in my colleague's car and compared to my Fluence it excels in every field. The engine is brisk and the handling is better than the Superb, I have thrashed it around the by-pass and it never disappointed.

The main sore point is that its not a 7 seater "3rd row tighter than XUV500" so its better to keep that row folded down or to remove it and enjoy the added boot space.

Would I buy it well not quite because of Tucson, Tiguan and X1 "Since 3rd row is useless"

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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

Just back from an expedition with 6 Kodiaqs to Spiti Valley.

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-img_2505.jpg

Route was

Chandigarh - Manali - Chandra Taal - Kaja - Nako - Kufri - Chandigarh - a 1600KM round trip

Beyond Manali till a little after Kaja, we were literally driving on no roads. Lets just say, if Skoda had tried the route themselves, they would have had second thoughts! The cars came back rattle free.

My impressions:

Highway Driving - it is rock stable, it does not beg to be driven hard but it can take what it is given.

Hill Climbs - It copes well, the light steering lacks feedback but makes car easy to hustle up.

On No Roads - Firm ride but it is comfortable. Body control is good. Feedback is a little numb due to steering setting but not a deal breaker. You are well insulated. Alas, we do not have the switchable 4wd option, so when you go through a stream or muddy patch, you cannot prepare yourself, you need to slightly floor the accelerator, let the system detect a slip before engage the rear wheels. This option is not on indian spec cars but again, there would be few takers.

Engine - Tractable - Adequate power, you need to use the flappy paddles to extract the best. I know a few people who could resolve this with a remap.

Handling - Very neutral. We kept it in Sport - all the time. One good thing is that there is minimal body roll. However, it suffers from longitudinal pitching on undulating roads.

Ride -A little firm but no great shakes - literally

Brakes -Brilliant - they could wipe out speed as we descended downhill. A little more feel perhaps!

Controls - Could not fault, the MMI interface is intuitive, not like a clunky COMAND interface. All controls fall to hand (again, I drive a VW)

Ease of driving -We had a local driver riding with us, on the rare occasion when we handed the car over to him, he was at ease with it, only the flappy paddles caught him out. After that, he was driving better than all of us! Note that these guys hang out with RAID de Himalaya drivers.

All Kodiaqs made it without missing a beat with the exception of an AC malfunctioning (had to be our car). It was either a clogged filter (our car was a year old) or a faulty/dirty external sensor. It was misreading external temperature. The car had gone on an early morning shoot just before and driven through some thick mud. I have asked Skoda to let me know the cause. As a group, we lost three tyres overall. I dread to drive the impending 19" equipped L&K over those roads. There was a flat bed somewhere in the rear but it only used to transport one car after the punctures happened and it was deemed not to use a space saver on our diversion to Chandra Taal. A full size wheel was cannabalised from one car. Spare full size wheels were transported to Kaza later.

EDIT: The cause for the A/C failure was the loss of refrigerant. We do not know the casue as no damage was detected. Note that the car we used was a pre-production car hence certain parts might not have conformed.

There was also a Yeti on the trip with us but it was so nimble on these roads.

All in all, the Kodiaq makes for a great package but might be a little too large for some. The only two issues - power and the longitudinal pitching. These are fixable with remaps and DCC respectively. Considering the forthcoming Karoq is a scaled down Kodiaq might overcome these two aspects.

A full trip report will be forthcoming from SDP.

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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

Skoda Kodiaq RS Teased, to debut in Europe in October,

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-skodakodiaqrsteaser.jpg

Kodiaq RS will rely solely on a TDI and in AWD configuration only.

The four-cylinder, 2.0-liter TDI engine will be hooked up exclusively to a dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The engine in question will be an adaptation of the Passat’s BiTDI in which it pumps out 237 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and a generous 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters) of torque from 1,750 rpm
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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

Kodiaq vRS spied in Europe without camouflage,

Kodiaq vRS with more dramatic styling, together with revised front and rear bumpers, and more design details around the front grille. We're yet to see the cabin, although it's expected to feature sports seats and vRS logos.
Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-skodakodiaqrs1.jpg

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-skodakodiaqrs8.jpg

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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

Hello Everyone,

My Wave Rider landed today. I can't get enough of it. Truly a masterpiece.

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-achyuwaverider.jpg

Noticed a couple of things:
1. Skoda has gotten rid of the AUX port. We only get the one USB port now.
2. I'm slightly disappointed that the SUV doesn't have TPMS - something that the Superb and even the Octavia has. Why would they omit this in a 40L car? I had found it particularly useful a couple of times in my earlier car - the XUV 5OO (my very own Battle Cat)

Looking forward to a long and enjoyable motoring life with this beauty.

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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

Can you please share how much does Skoda servicing and parts cost. And perhaps if you could guess the service cost for Skoda Kodiaq. Thanks.

Originally Posted by sumzup View Post
I hope am not too late in posting this but anyway wanted to give my two cents. I've been using my Skoda Yeti for the last 5-1/2 years but my experience with the dealers is couple of months more as I spoke to both the dealers well before I purchased the Yeti and also to Skoda Regional Office. My observations is as follows

Hope this helps. You can send a PM in case you need further information and I would be more than happy to do the same.


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Re: Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review

Originally Posted by achyu View Post
Hello Everyone,

My Wave Rider landed today. I can't get enough of it. Truly a masterpiece.

2. I'm slightly disappointed that the SUV doesn't have TPMS - something that the Superb and even the Octavia has. Why would they omit this in a 40L car? I had found it particularly useful a couple of times in my earlier car - the XUV 5OO (my very own Battle Cat)

Looking forward to a long and enjoyable motoring life with this beauty.


You can have this enabled in Kodiaq, do you have VCDS cable and software? this is how it looks like on Screen..

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-tpmsmain.jpg

and this is how on dash

Skoda Kodiaq : Official Review-tpmsdash.jpg

best part of this generation indirect TPMS is they do give you the individual tyre leaking air.

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