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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

Originally Posted by Shreyans_Jain View Post
This is one sweet car. Tata better get the turbo petrol ready QUICKLY. It’s a simple copy paste exercise. Looking forward to the promised EV variant as well. Assuming they keep the batteries and motor identical to the Nexon EV, the Altroz EV can be a cracker at 11-12L
True that! However, contrary to the popular presumption of it being a copy-paste, I think there is (rather, was) a technical challenge in getting the 1.2 Turbo mill from the Nexon to work in the Altroz. A challenge of heat dissipation.

Look how tightly that NA petrol motor is packaged in the bay already. Quite a different layout compared to the other cars using this engine. Add a turbo charged unit in that same space, I suspect they were having problems with heat dissipation & cooling. Yes agreed that the large 1.5 Turbo diesel is fitting in that bay, but then a diesel engine's operating temperature is generally far lower than that of a turbo petrol. A tight engine bay throws this challenge of quick cooling. Remember - everyone kept on saying the vent on the bonnet of the JTP twins is functional - surely its for the excess heat to blow out fast enough. With that not a possibility on the Altroz, they must have been working out the safe installation method. I'm guessing that has taken a lot of time and the engine couldn't come at launch. We have now started seeing the turbo sticker cars on road as test mules, so seems to have been finally resolved.
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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

Originally Posted by JithinR View Post
Well, TATA did invite Team-BHP for the media drives. But the review team needed the car for a longer period for the kind of in depth reviews they do.

So, they would have got to experience the car both from TATA (for which any self respecting outlets put out disclaimers) and from amazing owners/enthusiasts out there (who trust Team-BHP enough to give brand new cars).
I feel that it is a blessing in disguise TATA didn't/couldn't provide a car for adequate period of time. Actually LOOKING VERY VERY GOOD!! Looking at this, it feels bit soothing that mine is also a white car. A very refreshing color to see a new car in, so is especially the first photo of the interiors . Can't explain how pleasant the exterior is looking in white, after all the overdose of red and gold color. Hearty congratulations Team-BHP for the usual high standard of the review and many many happy miles on the car for all the Altroz owners.

The other car I actually fell for after looking in white was the 2014 Fiesta [all the owners' reviews].

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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

As always, awesome review! How times have changed and Tata is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to Safety! And build quality also is very decent!

I hope this becomes a big money spinner for Tata! Its almost over due!

Any firm timelines on Atroz EV? This would change the EV game at around 12L!
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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

An excellent much awaited review.
Altroz is a smart choice without a doubt.
Expecting a 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine with a proper auto box as a buyer's prospective.

Thank you for such a detailed review!
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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

Contrary to popular vote, I do not like the styling of Altroz. It maybe too futuristic but I find it "over designed" just like fluidic Hyundais. Having non-funcltional cut and creases just for the sake of having them is not my definition of beauty, a few can be tolerated but Tatas have gone all guns blazing and given this one a design element in every square inch- headlights, door handles, tail lights et al. While thier efforts all well appreciated , it is always difficult to coherently bring together so many new design elements and I can only say it a partial sucess. What makes me especially turn in opposite direction is the side profile and the kink in the body below tail lights.
This one is second Tata whose rear makes me curse the designers - first one being nexon. There are buyers who believe that simplicity is also beautiful and all those will skip Altroz.

Maybe the pics do no do justice to the car. Maybe the car is much handsome in person. Maybe it will grow up on me eventually. Maybe some other colour bring out a more beautiful side of the car. But that kink below the tail lights .. gosh. Never mind the lame engine !!!
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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

Altroz - one word as synonym ďSEXY!Ē

Engine - Tataaa!!! Bhai when youíve such a wonderful design team, why not hire like minded individuals in your technical team or whichever team who influences in the decision making to plonk a power train for a car that looks smashing?

Your story is more like those couples on TV - One makes the story, whilst the other is always ready to break it and we are always tuned to watch the same story again & again!

i20 is going to chew up your share this year when it gets launched. Good luck with that! Itís sad your cars are made to look so beautiful but isnít getting the success it deserves for your own lack of judgment in addressing critical things before launch.


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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

My morning started with reading the entire review - Fantastic and very very thorough. No other forum would go to the extent of borrowing a car for official reviews, and without a doubt, no other forum would get the sort of support that Tbhp gets. Thanks to Kothari family, mods and everyone involved for making this happen.
Coming to the car, is the lame powerless engine Tata's way to keep the passengers safe?
On a serious note - Altroz seems to be a well rounded package. Decent looks (I like Tiago facelift better for some reason), nice interiors, good space and handful attention to detail shows that Tata's design team has come of age.
As a downside, I would rate the 3 cylinder engine a bigger concern than the power figures of the car. For the mass market, a premium hatchback needs to be refined and this is where the product lacks as compared to competition.
I just hope the market will reward Tata for being the trendsetters when it comes to safety.
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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

I feel for Tata. They have designed a safe, sexy looking car with above Avg levels of fit and finish and still need to undercut the market with price to be take seriously. You can hear the average car buyer saying Zyada paisa de ke Tata kharidoge . I got the same feedback for my Nexon from my educated friends. Itís hard to make perceptions go away I guess where the Germans and South Koreans can price their cars higher in the name of perceived quality and we Indians just canít catchup.

This may have forced Tata to adopt a cheaper less powerful engine, which does not matter for an average car buyer, just for us car nuts.

The diesel may be the variant to go for, as it offers the power figures of Nexon in the Ďcityí drive mode. Still donít see why some one should not pay more and go for the Nexon , itís a much better car with better ground clearance and auto box and almost similar design elements.
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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

The engine specs on paper appears to be similar to i20 petrol , I felt that the current i20 petrol is adequately powered and was quite happy driving around in the city and highways with 5 adults. If this too has similar driveability and remains silent during normal driving, maybe the buyers will look past the engine and buy the vehicle, engine is no longer the top priority for most buyers as we have seen.
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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

One of the first Altroz in Bangalore was purchased by someone in my neighborhood, in the gold color. Have been seeing it up close ever since. Really think Tata has nailed the design, and the car looks way better than most of its segment rivals. Fly in the ointment being the lackluster engine. Can't wait for the turbo petrol to be plonked in so that the go matches the show. Better late than never.
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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

Extremely detailed and in depth review of a sexy new hatch. Voted 5 stars. Just one grouse. The review didn't contain the usual headlight throw picture at night for low and high beams. Please do include it in all the future reviews, as it is a important factor.

About the car, I kind of have mixed opinions. Kinda similar to what I had when the Harrier was first launched, back in January 2019.

. The car looks sexy, whichever angle you look at it.
. Spacious and comfortable interiors as always with a Tata car.
. The famed TATA build quality.
. Much bigger boot than the Elite I20.

Misses vis a vis the Elite I20 and Baleno-
. 3 cylinder petrol engine vs the 4 cylinder one's. 4 cylinder one is always preferable, come what may.
. Below average petrol engine (maybe due to the added weight) compared to current Hyundai. The Maruti is in a different league altogether.
. A 5 speed diesel gearbox vs the 6 speed of Elite I20. (I hope Hyundai is coming up with a BS6 diesel)
. Some feature omissions like Auto dimming IRVM, LED headlamps(Baleno), 2 rear parking sensors vs 4
. No automatic option (the turbo petrol might come with a DCT, again with its own set of issues)
. The ASS. TATA vs Hyundai/Maruti is a no contest.

X Factor-
All the above comparison is based on the current gen I20 and Baleno, which are on their last legs. And to be frank, we all know the new gen I20 and Baleno (launching this year), will be much better than their current generation versions in almost all parameters. That said, I am not sure, if I would pick the Altroz over the current gen I20 and Baleno.

Deja Vu- Yes, the Altroz is giving me the same feeling when the Harrier was launched. I fear this might result in the failure after the arrival of new gen competition, just like Harrier faced with Hector and Seltos. Sad to see TATA playing catch up with the competition when it comes to product having a great styling package. Earlier it was vice a versa.

. Sexy exterior design, marred by the same fit and finish issues the recent new TATA launches have been having.
. Feature lists that are par for the course, but not enough to fend off the new upcoming competitions (Hector, Seltos for Harrier/ Upcoming I20 and Baleno for Altroz).
. A below par and unrefined engine compared to the rivals, (140 BHP vs 170 of hector/ 3 cylinder petrol vs 4 cylinder of I20 and Baleno).

PS- Hope this doesn't come of as rant against TAMO. My sister owns a Tiago (on my recommendation) and except some service issues, she couldn't be happier with the choice. Personally though, have been disappointed with TAMO, ever since the Tigor and subsequent launches (New Nexon included).
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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

Originally Posted by arjab View Post

After the novelty value of the styling wears off, owners will start digging deeper into the aggregates that make up the ALTROZ and that's where she'll have to put up a very strong fight to win against its talented competition, viz; the Hyundai i20, the Maruti Baleno, the Maruti SWIFT top variants and the Honda Jazz.

In its present form, it will will slay the competition as far as looks are concerned but when it comes to comparing overall performance, refinement and the many other bits that make up a motor car, the competition will be breathing down its neck very heavily indeed.
Hi, I think you have beautifully summed up the entire review in your post.

I would like to add another point, i.e., 'The time of the launch itself'. We are already seeing average number of sales for the Altroz mainly due to various reasons as has been discussed before. The thing is, I can only see it going down in the coming months/years. This is because we expecting the new i20 to be launched later this year. The all new Baleno should be here somewhere in later part of 2021(going by the current product cycle) and the new BS-6 Jazz is expected shortly, with a Honda hatchback also in plans for a future release.

Now Tata could have utilised this scenario and could have launched the Altroz with a better petrol engine and much more features to ensure that the others 'follow' them. However, with the current engine and average or shall I say 'at par' feature set, the Altroz will soon start trailing the other cars in the segment. Now you could say that the diesel heart is good, but it is a fact that most sales are going to come from the petrol engine irrespective of the caliber of the diesel engine.

I appreciate Tata for ensuring a '5 star safety rating' for the Altroz. If a car with such a high safety rating starts selling more and more, it puts pressure on other manufacturers to do the same whereas it the sales number aren't too high, they don't really bother.

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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

Altroz is undoubtedly the most sexy premium hatchback in the market today.

As others have mentioned, what really let's down this beautiful hatch is the lazy petrol motor. Tata should have offered turbo engine during the launch itself.

Hyundai is offering 1.0L turbo in Nios & Aura & for sure it will be offered in the new i20 as well. Nios 1.0 is priced at 7.68 L & Aura is priced at 8.55 L. Assuming new i20 with 1.0L is priced at par with Aura at around 8.5L, why can't TATA offer Altroz turbo petrol in the same range?
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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

Such a wonderful review. Thank you!

The car looks absolutely stunning, and I have my fingers crossed in prayer that it is niggle-free. One of the reasons why the i20s and Balenos of the world are posting those numbers, is that the car doesn't harass you at least in the first five years of ownership. Every tiny, almost-ignorable niggle in a new car leaves a bad taste in the mouth and can considerably reduce equity, and resultant, recommendation to family and peers. Which definitely has an implication on sales. Tata needs to iron out any niggles in order for this car to be a blockbuster.
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Re: Tata Altroz : Official Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Interior - Rear

ISOFIX child seat anchors have been provided on both sides. This is a standard feature in all variants, including the base:
Its good to see properly encased ISOFIX hooks in the seats. In the Nexon, the hooks are sunk in the seat and are quite hard to reach. Not convenient to reach for unlocking the seat. Loved the modern implementation in the Altroz.
Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Two seatback pockets provided. They are adequately deep and wide. These are the best to dump in miscellaneous items (even your house keys so they don't cause rattles & aren't easy to find)
Another item that is conspicuously missing on the costlier Nexon. I don't know why.
Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Rear air-con vents are provided on the XZ & XZ(O) variants. While there is only one common air volume controller, their direction can be adjusted individually. A slot to keep a smartphone is provided just below the vents, as well as a 12v power socket (no USB port though)
Air volume controller & a place to store a smart phone while charging really are good touches. Simple things that go a long way in making a long journey more comfortable.
Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Top tether for the child seat (there are two of them)
Another excellent item that hardly anyone will notice & Thanks to TBHP review for mentioning it. The top tether makes an ISOFIX seat much more useful and secured, ensuring the seat doesn't flip over in case of sudden/accidental deceleration. This is missing in the Nexon that has ISOFIX base mounts. I miss it. So nice to see it in the Altroz.

Its all these little things in the Altroz that show that proper attention went in to the design & feature list finalization. This is why I suggest Altroz over Nexon to those who asked me so far. The finesse, attention to detail & quality even in hidden places is pleasant in this car.
Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
This isnít a watch or fitness band. Itís a key - like the one we saw in the Nexon! Doesn't use batteries as it's just a passive RFID device that need not be charged.
Is this validated for sure with Tata? The Nexon's PEPS key has a button cell inside & it dies after a whlie. Many of my friends have had to replace it after the car suddenly refused to unlock.
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