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Default Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Petrol : Official Review

The Skoda Rapid 1.0L TSI is on sale in India at a price of between Rs. 7.49 - 11.79 lakhs (ex-Delhi).

What you'll like:

• Most fun-to-drive C2 segment sedan on sale today. Begs to be driven hard!
• Brilliant 109 BHP 1.0L TSI engine is an enthusiast's delight. Mated to a slick 6-speed MT
• The Skoda Rapid's European build quality is more solid than the competition's
• VFM pricing. We feel that the Rapid is well-priced for what it offers
• Mature suspension offers a balanced ride & best-in-class dynamics
• Strong safety rating, 4 airbags & good brakes
• Still looks great. Old, but timeless, clean & classy
• Features such as rake & reach steering, cruise control, auto headlamps + wipers, adjustable driver armrest, tinted windows...

What you won't:

• The Skoda Rapid is a 9-year old car based on the 11-year old VW Polo. Cabin feels outdated too
• Horror stories about Skoda's after-sales service
• 1.0 TSI’s refinement is poor at high rpm (it’s satisfactory at regular revs)
• Unknown long-term reliability of this complex turbo-petrol engine
• Horrible, cheap & buggy audio system in the Style & Monte Carlo variants. Replace it
• Tall rear floor hump will annoy the 5th occupant
• No diesel and no automatic in the Rapid (AT is expected in a few months though)
• Missing features: Android Auto / Apple CarPlay, keyless-entry-go, oldschool MID, LED headlamps, basic 4-speaker ICE, sunroof...

This review has been jointly compiled with GTO. Thanks to him for the expert observations!

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Since the Skoda Rapid has already been reviewed by Team-BHP, this report will mainly focus on the 1.0 TSI. Click here to read the full review, here to check out the 1.5L DSG and here to read about the 2016 Facelift.

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Skoda introduced the Rapid back in 2011. While it has not managed to challenge the likes of the Honda City, Hyundai Verna and Maruti Ciaz for the top spot in the C2 segment, it has been Skoda’s best-selling model with its own fan following. While the Rapid is the oldest car in the segment (almost like the senior citizen here!), it has been given periodic updates, just like VW keeps updating the Polo. In 2014, the Rapid’s 1.6L diesel was replaced by a 1.5L unit along with a DSG transmission. This made it one of the few cars in the segment to offer a diesel + AT combo. In 2016, the car got a sweet facelift with some cosmetic changes and feature additions.

For 2020, the Rapid is available in six variants – Rider, Rider Plus, Ambition, Onyx, Style and Monte Carlo. The car is sold in five single-tone colours (Brilliant Silver, Candy White, Carbon Steel, Toffee Brown & Lapiz Blue) and two dual-tone options (Flash Red + Black roof which is our choice & Candy White + Black roof), depending upon the variant. There are no noteworthy changes to the exterior. On the inside too, the car remains largely unchanged, except for some feature additions such as a new touchscreen head-unit. The Rapid does show its age & the cabin looks terribly outdated. Just to put things in perspective, in the same time that this Rapid has been on sale, we have seen THREE different generations of the Honda City!

The biggest change comes under the bonnet and this admittedly is what's drawing BHPians to the car. To comply with the BS6 emission norms, Skoda introduced a new 1.0L, 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. This motor is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox and is already leading in a recent Team-BHP engine poll. This engine, along with the car’s European build & suspension, makes it an enthusiast’s choice. Frankly, in the current era of crossovers & SUVs, the C2 sedan segment has been boring for a while. It is cars like these that bring some excitement to the segment. After all, the last two interesting cars were the Vento TSI and Linea T-Jet....launched years back! This one stirs things up again and will attract driving enthusiasts.

Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Petrol : Official Review-skoda-rapid-tsi.jpg

While we have fallen in love with the engine and gearbox combo, all other engines – petrol and diesel - have been discontinued . For a company that popularised diesels (and shamed them), it is surprising that VAG doesn't have a single BS6 diesel on offer. Talk about not doing your homework. There are no automatic gearboxes on sale currently, but the 6-speed torque converter AT will be coming soon. This lack of a diesel & AT puts the Rapid at a major disadvantage against the competition. Considering Hyundai gives so many options with the Verna & that Honda has just launched the 5th-gen City, Skoda sure has its work cut out. IMHO, the car's sales will remain in the triple digits only.

We appreciate the safety on offer & this Skoda does have the best-in-class build quality. The Rapid / Vento are based on the Polo which has a 4-star GNCAP crash test rating. ABS, rear parking sensors and dual front airbags are standard on every variant, while the Style variant further gets side airbags.

Skoda gives a 4-year / 1,00,000 km warranty and 4-year roadside assistance as standard with the Rapid. Extended warranty is available for the fifth and sixth year or 1,50,000 km (whichever is earlier). Don't even give this a second thought - take the extended warranty, keeping in mind Skoda's terrible dealers & the car's iffy reliability record. The carmaker is also offering 24x7 roadside assistance to customers for the fifth and sixth year of ownership. An optional 4-year maintenance package is available.

So, what’s new on the outside?

While there is nothing new on the outside, the Monte Carlo, which was earlier an edition based on the Style, is now a variant. We will have a look at the features of this trim. GTO says the Rapid is the Aamir Khan of the C2-sedan segment. While it is old and there are younger newcomers, it remains the most talented. The City, Verna & Ciaz cannot match the Rapid on driving pleasure or dynamics:

Grille gets a glossy black border with matte-black internals. Simply clever, simply classy!

The Monte Carlo comes in two colour options: Flash Red + black roof and Candy White + black roof. B-Pillar is finished in glossy black:

ORVMs are dipped in glossy black paint:

"Monte Carlo" badge at the base of the B-Pillar:

No chrome inserts on the door handles. That’s available only on the Style variant:

16” dual-tone Clubber alloy wheels shod with 195/55 section rubber. Smart rim design & perfectly sized tyres. If you drive hard, be sure to get grippy after-market tyres which will further improve the ride & handling package:

Glossy black roof:

The Rapid looks really hot in this red & black colour combo. Apt bumper sticker, no?

Boot lip is finished in glossy black. Some people will like this colour contrast, some won't:

Reverse parking camera is a recent addition:

Monte Carlo does not (thankfully) get a chrome strip on the boot lid. That’s available only in the Style variant:

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So, what's new on the inside?

As mentioned earlier, just like the exterior, the interior of the Rapid does not get any major changes. Here is where the age is even more obvious & the cabin looks awfully outdated. Compared to new launches like the City, this interior is from a different era! The Monte Carlo variant gets an all-black dashboard, black door pads and black carpets. It also has a superb flat-bottom steering wheel. Not only does this theme go well with the exterior colours that the car is available in, it is also less likely to get soiled than the black and beige theme that other variants get:

Monte Carlo gets a perforated leather-wrapped flat bottom steering wheel with red stitching and thumb contours. It is great looking and a joy to use. Within the city, it has just the right amount of weight as well. The steering rack retains its tilt and telescopic adjustments. The horn is a nice, dual tone unit. It’s not the classic "Skoda-type" wind-tone horn, but still, a pleasant dual-tone one:

Zooming in to show you the contrast red stitching & perforated look:

Cruise control is available on the Style and Monte Carlo variants. Switches for this function are located on the LHS light stalk:

Automatic headlamps are a very welcome feature:

All-black doorpads:

Style and Monte Carlo variants get dark green tinted glasses with infrared cut. These are among the darkest tints we've seen as an OEM fitment. All the better for our sunfilm-less times:

Black waste bin that can sit in the door pockets:

Rapid-branded stainless steel scuff plates:

Not only are these seat covers after-market looking, but they are also slippery. So, when driving hard / fast, they don’t grip you will slide around on them:

Monte Carlo inscription on the seat covers:

Driver’s armrest is black, like the rest of the interior. It is long, well-sized and height adjustable. You can even change gears while resting your hand on it:

6-speed leather wrapped gearshifter has a glossy black top with a chrome border. Gear shifts are absolutely superb with smooth, short throws and well-defined gates. It’s slick to use and very sporty. You'll love it!

Tasteful red stitching here too:

The Style & Monte Carlo variants get an 8” Skoda Android touchscreen head-unit which is terrible. It feels like a cheap Chinese HU bought from Ali Express. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not supported & the system is very buggy. After restarting the car, the Bluetooth audio stream started buffering! Then, on the second day that the car was with us, the HU went dead & refused to start. Some hours later, the system fired up on its own. While sound quality is alright, the max volume on Bluetooth audio is ridiculously low. At level 30 (which is the max), it’s equivalent to the medium volume level of normal OEM systems. This stereo’s max volume is so poor that while cruising at 120 km/h, one can barely even hear it. Skoda should change this lame system ASAP:

Rapid Plus, Ambition and Onyx get a 6.5” touchscreen head-unit (more information), while the base Rider variant gets this 2-DIN audio player. Thanks to BHPian DicKy for sharing this image from this video by Passionate For Cars:

USB and Aux-in ports are now located inside the glovebox. This is a rather inconvenient arrangement:

Updated roof bezel consists of a central lamp, two individual map lights and the Bluetooth Mic:

The Rapid still gets a flippy key. Keyless entry & go should have been provided considering it is now available even in budget hatchbacks!

Rear window sunshades aren't standard, but a part of the official accessories list. You should take them. They look good & will keep your family happy:

They are removable and held in place by 4 anchor points:

Sunshades are also available for the rear quarter glasses. Cute

No scuff plates on the rear door sills:

This rear bench is more comfortable than the Polo's, due to the longer wheelbase of the Rapid / Vento:

A pair of Monte Carlo-branded cushions is available as an official accessory:

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Driving the 1.0L TSI MT

109 BHP & 175 Nm on tap. As the saying goes, big things come in small packages. This 1.0L TSI looks tiny inside the Rapid's engine bay, which now has so much of empty space. Make no mistake though, it packs a punch!

There is now just one engine + gearbox option available in the Rapid - this 999cc turbocharged, 3-cylinder, direct-injection petrol which churns out 109 BHP (@ 5,000–5,500 rpm) and 175 Nm (@ 1,750-4,000 rpm). It's mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. There is no diesel engine or automatic on offer at the moment, though there is confirmation of an AT coming our way in September. The Rapid weighs between 1,112 - 1,138 kg depending upon the variant. This means it has a power-to-weight ratio of 98 BHP / ton and a torque-to-weight ratio of 157 Nm / ton.

There is a little cabin shake on startup when you are cranking the engine, yet almost none on shut down. Refinement at idle is quite impressive by 3-cylinder standards, although it's not a match for the Verna & City 4-cylinder petrols.

Throttle response is satisfactory & the Rapid moves off from a standstill without a fuss. The engine has an acceptable bottom-end which makes it easy to drive in urban India. It's not dead off the turbo zone like Ford's 1.0L EcoBoost was. Driveability is satisfactory. There is some lag at low revs (below 1,500 rpm), but the engine still has sufficient torque to pull you through. As an example, we let the speed drop to 20 – 25 km/h in 3rd gear and - with a little bit of patience - the car pulled away alright. Give the motor slightly more accelerator input and release the clutch slightly slower and the Rapid clears the 2nd gear speed breaker test as well. Downshifts are not required frequently. However, if you find yourself in a hurry, you will experience some lag in 2nd and 3rd gears when the rpm needle is too low; best to simply drop a gear then. At 1,500 revvs, the motor is alive. Beyond 2,000 rpm, it starts punching above its weight. The Rapid's size, light controls, good frontal visibility and sorted ergonomics make it easy to drive in the city. It's only the long travel clutch pedal (and its high resting point) that gets annoying in stop & go traffic conditions.

Don't forget that VAG engines have historically been easy to stall. Remember the Yeti, or the 1.8 TSI? This one doesn't stall that easily, but try to lug it and the engine will abruptly give up. GTO stalled it twice in 2 days (admittedly, while seeing how far he could push it).

On the open road, you'll enjoy the revv-happiness of this triple-cylinder engine with a permanent plastered on your face. There might be a puny 1.0L unit under the hood, but thanks to turbocharging and all that technology, you will easily be able to keep up with sedans from a segment above! This is the most fun-to-drive C2 segment sedan on sale today, with the turbo-petrol begging you to drive it hard. Outright performance is impressive and it makes the Rapid a fast sleeper. 2nd gear maxes out at just under 100 km/h. If it was slightly taller, that would shave ~1 second off your 0 – 100 km/h time. The motor has a fantastic mid-range (as is the case with almost all turbo-petrols). The Rapid feels punchy between 2,000 - 5,000 rpm; its naturally-aspirated rivals can't hold a candle to this mid-range muscle and you'll blow past slower moving traffic. What is equally impressive is the healthy top-end. The earlier VAG 1.2L TSI (seen in the Polo & Vento) simply didn't have this. The new 1.0L petrol revs happily till ~6,600 rpm momentarily, before settling down at 6,500 rpm, delivering clean power all the way through. If there is an open road ahead of you, it is impossible to keep the revs low. In fact, we challenge you to drive this one calmly and not redline it on an empty expressway. For the times that you are wanting to cruise, the Rapid does it well too. The car sees 100 km/h at ~2,100 rpm in 6th gear, while 120 km/h is seen at ~2,600 rpm.

At idle, the refinement levels are acceptable (although not as good as the City & Verna). There is a little cabin shake on startup and mild vibrations are felt on the steering wheel + floor. On the move, things are good at regular rpms. A regular Deepak won’t even know about the missing cylinder. As you rev up, the 3-cylinder thrum is obvious, but it’s an enjoyable, sporty note. Close to the redline though, NVH is very poor. There are a lot of noises including throaty groans and growls heard. Vibrations - particularly on the clutch pedal - are prominent. Purist enthusiasts will enjoy this experience (Vid6639 did) and it has a raw JTP-like feel to it. Gives the experience some character. On the other hand, normal folks absolutely won't as some sounds are ugly. Your family will complain if you keep redlining on your driving holidays. Example = take your foot off the accelerator at the redline and as the rpm needle is dropping (around the 5,000 rpm mark), you'll hear another groan. I enjoyed this sound, but GTO hated it. There is simply no comparison to Hyundai's 1.0L turbo-petrol whose refinement is 2 levels above this. While still in the NVH paragraph, we must add that gearheads should definitely get a deep-sounding free flow exhaust; it'll be super fun & in line with the character of this sedan.

The 6-speed MT is terrific! It is smooth with short throws and well-defined gates. You'll enjoy using this slick shifter. The clutch pedal has a medium level of weight. Hyundai clutches are definitely lighter and we would have liked this one to be softer as well. What is annoying is that the travel is longer than we would prefer, and the pedal's resting point is high. So, when you are driving in the city, your left foot will be resting at a high point and at a bit of an awkward angle. Not a bother on the highway as you'll be using the dead pedal for long drives. Skoda should learn from the new Honda City's friendly clutch.

Like earlier, the Rapid comes with an independent McPherson strut front suspension and a compound link crank axle at the rear. This is easily the benchmark for "ride & handling" in this category of sedans, especially since the Linea has been discontinued. The City & Verna can only dream about this level of suspension maturity. Must also add that Skoda tunes its suspensions better than VW. The car manages to ride well in the city and on the highway. Bumps are nicely ironed out, although larger potholes come in strong. The Rider and Ambition variants with their 15” wheels and taller 185/60 section rubber will be cushier.

High speed stability is very good and easily the segment-best again. There is no floatiness or nervousness experienced. The Rapid is well-planted with superb high speed manners. That said, it is still not as rock solid as the tank-like Linea was. We had fun in the corners with the Rapid holding her line well. These 195/55 R16 MRF ZVTV tyres provide fair grip levels for the average Deepak. But for the complete package, we strongly recommend BHPians to upgrade their tyres to something more premium. That will take things to an entirely different level. Premium tyres are a must-have for this kind of a special car.

The thick, flat-bottom steering wheel is a delight to hold. It is light at city speeds and weighs up well as the speedometer needle climbs. Don't expect much feedback though.

Braking is another strong point of the Rapid. The stopping power is good and the car comes to a halt quickly, without any drama from triple digit speeds.

TSI motor gets a cover with no branding. We feel such a special engine should have gotten the silver + red TSI badge here:

Compact 1.0L engine is an easy fit, with lots of space to spare:

Especially here:

Insulation sheet provided under the hood:

No underbody protection for this complex, high-tech engine:

The turbo is mounted behind the engine, just ahead of the firewall:

ECU is imported from Romania and mounted on the firewall. Guess localization levels are yet low for the new TSI:

MID has a gearshift indicator. Newbies will appreciate. It shows which gear you should shift to in order to obtain the best fuel economy (not just up or down arrows). As an example, if you are in 1st and revving hard, it will tell you to go straight to 3rd:

At 80 km/h, a single beep is sounded and a warning pops up in the MID. Cross 120 km/h and the beeping becomes continuous. Strangely, even at 120 km/h, it still showed "80" in the MID. Skoda can chuckle and say that 120 km/h feels like 80 due to the Rapid's solid stability

Like before, fuel and tyre pressure information is pasted on the inside of the fuel flap. However, there is no “Petrol” marking on the fuel cap. Be sure to tell the fuel pump attendant what to fill. The wrong fuel will DESTROY this complicated engine:

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Technical Data on the VW / Skoda 1.0L TSI Petrol

It has taken Volkswagen 5 years to introduce an updated TSI engine in India! This 1.0 TSI belongs to the EA211 family of engines, introduced with a view to replace the old & ageing EA111 TSI motors. And we can safely assume that this motor is here to stay. After all, the Rapid is not the only VAG car to have received this engine. The VW Polo is also now powered by the 1.0 TSI, and we can expect the upcoming small SUVs from both Volkswagen and Skoda to get it as well. In fact, Volkswagen in Europe has deployed this motor in a number of applications across brands within the VAG family, such as the Golf, the 6th-generation Polo, Audi’s A1 supermini, Seat’s Ibiza, Skoda Karoq, Volkswagen T-Roc etc. in various states of tune.

The switch from EA111 to EA211 was a long time coming. The old EA111 1.2 TSI was unveiled globally somewhere in the middle of the 2000s, but was pressed into service in the Indian Polo only in 2013. At the time, the EA111 was revolutionary as it was the first small-capacity turbocharged engine to be used in a mass-market car in India. In 2015 however, Volkswagen had globally replaced the EA111 family of engines with the EA211 series of small-capacity turbocharged motors. Fast-forward to 2020 and VAG has finally deemed our market to be suitable for the new EA211 TSI engine. Actually, it's not VW - you can thank BS6 emission norms for that.

On the face of it, the EA211 1.0 TSI with one missing cylinder and lower cubic capacity may appear to be a downgrade from the outgoing EA111 1.2 TSI. The 1.0 TSI makes 109 BHP @ 5,500 rpm and 175 Nm @ 1,750 rpm. This increase in power and torque on paper is marginal at best. But in the real world, the difference is more than just noticeable! Volkswagen has gone back to the drawing board by starting from scratch and ditching the EA111 in favour of improved performance and efficiency. The new 1.0 TSI benefits from an all-new, all-aluminium head, forged internal components such as a forged steel crankshaft, forged connecting rods, dual-overhead camshafts and 4-valves per cylinder! Even with one cylinder missing, this engine has more valves than the outgoing 1.2 TSI! These revisions would not only help with efficiency and performance, but also make the 1.0 TSI a hit with tuners who will finally be able to extract something significant from this engine.

The 1.0L TSI engine is now oriented with the exhaust manifold and turbocharger positioned behind the engine block, and closer to the bulkhead. This rotation helps in effectively dissipating heat generated from the exhaust manifold and prevents it from lingering in the engine bay while the car is on the move, effectively ensuring that intake air temperatures are kept in check despite the weather or repeated flogging. The new engine also has an intercooler to cool the intake temperatures (similar to the outgoing engine).

Quick look at its specs:

Other TSI engines in VW / Skoda's line-up includes a 1.5L 4-cylinder version of the EA211 seen in the Karoq...

…and a 2.0L 4-cylinder petrol (EA888) in the Superb:

The 1.0 TSI engine comes with direct petrol injection, a turbocharger with electric charge pressure positioner, camshafts driven via a toothed belt, cylinder head with integrated exhaust manifold, variable inlet valve timing, variable exhaust valve timing and vane-type oil pump with continuously variable oil pressure control:

ARAI rating is 18.97 kmpl:

In the EA211 series of engines, VAG has used lighter components to reduce overall engine weight. As an example, on the 1.4L TSI, the weight-saving is a good 22 kg compared to the EA111!

Here’s a short video about the TSI engines that Skoda is using in India:

The car's brochure can be downloaded here - Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Brochure.pdf

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Default Re: Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Petrol : Official Review

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to Official Reviews. Thanks for sharing!

In many ways, I’ll say that the Rapid is to the C2 sedan segment what the Octavia 1.8 TSI is in the D1 segment . Top safety, solid build, enthusiastic petrol engine & best dynamics = the two have a lot in common. They also have their senior-citizen age in common though. The Rapid is too old – wish the VW group invested in bringing the new Polo to India, and then gave us Vento / Rapid versions of it.

If you are able to keep it under 6,500 rpm on an empty road like this, please ping me & I'll send you a lifetime achievement award

@ BHPians, if you can, then wait a bit. This is an old model and F-A-T discounts will follow in the coming months.

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Default Re: Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Petrol : Official Review

Usually you would drop these on Friday's and ruin a day of productive work. Well, there goes my Tuesday morning this time around.

Really hope Skoda brings in the automatic variant as soon as possible and releases the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons by giving us a Rider plus AT.
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Petrol : Official Review

Nice Review. I am getting a strong urge to buy this, mainly due to the TSI engine. For those on a tight budget & doing more than occasional highway drives, this car is a no-brainer. The Rider variant with less than 9 lakhs,OTR is a steal! The long clutch travel + high resting point is a concern for those using the car primarily in congested city conditions. We had a 1st gen Octavia 1.9 tdi a decade ago & it was tiring to drive in stop-start traffic thanks to the clutch travel.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
if you can, then wait a bit. This is an old model and F-A-T discounts will follow in the coming months.
I'm guessing discounts will mostly be from Ambitions variant onwards. Since there is a difference of 2.3 lakhs between the Rider Plus & Ambition variant. Doubt there will be much discounting for the Rider & Rider Plus variants since that is where the real demand is it seems.

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Default Re: Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Petrol : Official Review

what a brilliant review.
Just wish it was in another colour.
Also those key hole on the door handles look very inappropriate in the top variant.
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Petrol : Official Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post

Here’s a short video about the TSI engines that Skoda is using in India....
The video mentions active cylinder technology for the 4 cylinder TSI engine, is this feature also present in the 1.0 TSI (3 cylinder engine)?


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Default Re: Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Petrol : Official Review

Great review as always. I have the cousin - Vento 1.6 TDI with 175K on ODO and still going on. While mechanically Vento and Rapid are same, i like the looks on Vento, which are more straight and plain compared to Rapid. With this review, I believe that there might not be another review of Vento TSI - hence asking question here - is there an automatic expected in Volkswagen too along with Rapid & 195mm width tyres - arent these a bit thin compared to other cars like Verna, Ciaz?
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Petrol : Official Review

Somehow feel that the Rider was the only variant that created interest in many of us as the car was more than VFM. But when it is sold over 9L there are many other latest petrol cars like Nexon, Venue that are interesting and the preference of Indians for pseudo SUVs is quite obvious.
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Petrol : Official Review

It is great to see Rapid in its new avatars even after so many years. I have Rapid 1.6 TDI from the first batch (Feb 2012). Its been more than 8 years and it still runs like a monster with raw power. Interiors of this new model though not changed much from the older model but feels premium. It looks killer in red color. Many times I wish to change my car's color from CB to this RED.
I hope this sells in good number.
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Default Re: Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI Petrol : Official Review

Originally Posted by SPIKE ARRESTOR View Post
The video mentions active cylinder technology for the 4 cylinder TSI engine, is this feature also present in the 1.0 TSI (3 cylinder engine)?

No.This feature is only present in the 1.5L Evo TSI. The 1.0 TSI and even the 2.0 TSI don't get it IIRC.
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