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Nissan Magnite Review

Nissan Magnite Review

Nissan Magnite Pros

• The Magnite looks really good…that handsome face is a head-turner
• Sheer value-for-money pricing. Turbo-petrol with a proper AT under 10 lakhs!
• Peppy performance from the Magnite’s 1.0L turbo-petrol engine
• Smooth well-tuned CVT in a sea of jerky AMTs. Has Sport and L modes too
• Healthy legroom for rear passengers. Space packaging is brilliant
• Impressive kit (cruise control, LED headlamps, rear air-con vents, 360-degree camera, wireless charger, wireless Android Auto & Apple CarPlay)
• 205 mm of ground clearance is more than enough for any kind of bad roads
• Safety kit includes ESP, TPMS, ABS, EBD & hill start assist
• Base variant also gets reasonable kit, including a rear wiper. It’s not poverty-spec

Nissan Magnite Cons

• Stiff & basic ride quality. You feel each and everything on the road
• The Magnite is built to a cost and it does show, especially in the budget-grade cabin
• Lower variants’ 1.0L naturally-aspirated petrol is a boring, unimpressive engine
• Clunky, firm MT gearshift & a clutch pedal that has more weight than it should
• No diesel option available on the Nissan Magnite
• Cabin is narrower than some competitors. Narrow width makes it best for 4 adults
• Missing features such as an auto dimming IRVM, full-size spare tyre…
• Doesn't have the finesse or quality of premium crossovers like the XUV300, Sonet etc.
• Nissan's tiny dealership network & lousy after-sales quality


The Nissan Magnite Concept sub-4 meter crossover was unveiled in July this year. Now, the company has given us a preview of the car in Mumbai. The vehicle is expected to be launched in India by the end of 2020. GTO had said that the only thing that might save Nissan India is a good crossover / SUV and this car might just be it.


Good-looking aggressive front. Big grille is very "Datsun". Car is built on the CMF-A+ platform that also underpins the Triber:
Nissan Magnite Review-1.jpg

This Flare Garnet Red shade is the signature colour of the Magnite. While fit & finish and paint quality are satisfactory, the build is not as solid as some other sub-4m crossovers. The doors, bonnet and tailgate are all light and body panels do flex when pushed with a thumb. I wouldn’t consider the Magnite as a direct competitor to the likes of the XUV300 or Sonet because their quality level is distinctly higher. Those feel “premium”, the Magnite doesn’t. The Magnite is more “Datsun” than Nissan:
Nissan Magnite Review-2.jpg

Front end is dominated by a huge radiator grille which looks heavily influenced by the design used by Datsun. Notice how the front bumper panel stretches around the grille, and all the way up to the bonnet:
Nissan Magnite Review-3.jpg

Rear end features split LED tail-lamps and bold "MAGNITE" lettering on the tailgate. Exhaust pipe is nicely concealed under the bumper. We like the styling:
Nissan Magnite Review-4.jpg

Bulky sides feature flared, square wheel arches, lots of cuts and creases and plastic cladding to give the Magnite a rugged appearance. The car provided had a white roof. Turning radius is 5 meters:
Nissan Magnite Review-5.jpg

LED bi-projector headlamps with LED turn-indicators at the top:
Nissan Magnite Review-6.jpg

The grille's detailing is different from Datsun's. Prominent chrome on the sides, with Nissan's new badge in the center. A 360-degree camera system has been provided! Gosh, the kind of features coming to the sub-10 lakh segment these days . Front camera is located just below the badge:
Nissan Magnite Review-8.jpg

L-shaped LED DRLs and LED foglamps. A silver faux skid plate has been provided as well:
Nissan Magnite Review-10.jpg

A look at the DRLs and foglamps in action:
Nissan Magnite Review-7.jpg

Ground clearance of 205 mm is very close to the best-in-class 209 mm of the Tata Nexon:
Nissan Magnite Review-11.jpg

Bonnet features a wide and largely flat central dome, while the prominent creases on the side give it some muscle. Panel gaps? Overall, there are a couple that are wide, and a few that are inconsistent:
Nissan Magnite Review-12.jpg

Nicely-done Nissan Magnite badges on the fender panels:
Nissan Magnite Review-13.jpg

ORVMs are finished in the same colour as the roof. They get integrated LED blinkers. Both side cameras (for the 360 degree display) are placed under the ORVMs:
Nissan Magnite Review-14.jpg

Puddle lamp under the ORVM displays a welcome message, with detailing similar to the one on the radiator grille:

Chrome door handles. Both units gets a request sensor. Only RHS unit gets a keyhole:
Nissan Magnite Review-15.jpg

Dual-tone, diamond-cut 16" alloy wheels look funky. Shod with 195/60 section MRF Wanderer tyres:
Nissan Magnite Review-16.jpg

Small mud-flaps located ahead of the front tyres:
Nissan Magnite Review-dsc04646.jpg

Rear wheel arch gets a splash guard:
Nissan Magnite Review-19.jpg

Good deal of plastic cladding in the front wheel well...
Nissan Magnite Review-20.jpg

...but none in the rear wheel well:
Nissan Magnite Review-51.jpg

Plastic cladding on the doors gets a silver strip:
Nissan Magnite Review-22.jpg

Window line rises towards the rear. Chrome strip provided at the base of the windows. Notice how small the rear quarter glass is:
Nissan Magnite Review-23.jpg

C-Pillar is very thick. Notice the very-prominent haunch below:
Nissan Magnite Review-24.jpg

Gets silver roof rails. Roof is ribbed for structural rigidity. A long removable antenna sits at the rear:
Nissan Magnite Review-25.jpg

Roof rails are functional and have provisions to attach a rack. Load bearing capacity = 50 kg:
Nissan Magnite Review-26.jpg

Rear spoiler is shaped such that it integrates well with the roof's curvatures:
Nissan Magnite Review-27.jpg

Curvy tailgate features prominent creases and a slim plastic panel on which the Nissan badge is pasted. "Turbo" and "CVT" badges in the bottom corners:
Nissan Magnite Review-28.jpg

A look at the tail-lamps in action:
Nissan Magnite Review-29.jpg

Dual-tone rear bumper houses 4 parking sensors and a pair of slim reflectors. Skid plate is finished in black:
Nissan Magnite Review-32.jpg

40L fuel tank is smaller than most competitors:

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Just like other crossovers, ingress & egress are easier than in hatchbacks or low sedans. Interiors are all-black, with silver & piano black inserts. Many parts are lifted from the recently launched Renault Triber.

We like the overall design. As expected for this segment, the plastics on the dashboard are all hard. Part quality is rather budget-grade, there is no comparison to the Venue or XUV300. Albeit, the Magnite is also priced lower:
Nissan Magnite Review-1.jpg

Leather-wrapped 3-spoke steering wheel looks premium. Buttons for operating the entertainment and telephone are located on the left spoke, while those for the MID and cruise control are placed on the right spoke. Steering has rake adjustment only:
Nissan Magnite Review-dsc04267i.jpg

Illuminated black engine start button with a thick chrome ring is weirdly placed on the center fascia:
Nissan Magnite Review-3.jpg

7" TFT instrument cluster is fully digital with temperature and fuel gauges on the sides, a speedometer in the middle, a revv-counter around it, two trip meters and an odometer. You can switch views to see average and instant fuel consumption, FE history, and a tyre pressure monitoring system. MID displays the specific door that is open. While it covers the tailgate, the bonnet is left out:
Nissan Magnite Review-4.jpg

To the right of the steering wheel are the switches for the headlamp leveller, cruise control and traction control off:
Nissan Magnite Review-edited-2.jpg

Wiper and light stalks look low budget, but are not flimsy. No automatic headlight or wiper functions in the Magnite:

Keyfob design is identical to that of the Sunny which was launched 9 years ago. No boot release function provided though:

All-black doorpad has hard plastics. Armrest area gets softer, fabric insert with white stitching. Door handle is finished in silver and so is the side of the power window console. Don't miss the outdated pull / push type door locks at the top. Door pockets can hold a 1L bottle and other knick knacks. Front speaker is housed in the doorpad as well:
Nissan Magnite Review-6.jpg

ORVMs get electric-folding:
Nissan Magnite Review-7.jpg

Smart-looking black fabric seats with leatherette on the sides and white stitching, adjustable headrests and side bolstering. Nissan has beefed up the lower back support & we found it to be satisfactory, even though the seats are quite slim. Driver's seat is adjustable for height, but not the seatbelts. A driver armrest has been provided - tall drivers can use it, although short drivers will find it useless:
Nissan Magnite Review-8.jpg

Footwell gets a dead pedal, but its brick-like design looks sad. What's more, its placed too much in the front and is ergonomically poor, at least for 5'10" drivers like me. In the MT variant, the A-B-C pedals fill up the wheel well and there is no dead pedal / space to rest your left foot on long drives:
Nissan Magnite Review-9.jpg

Outdated pull-type round knob to open the bonnet is placed even lower, and into the dashboard:
Nissan Magnite Review-10.jpg

OBD port is located under the dashboard on the passenger side:

Day / Night manually-adjustable IRVM looks cheap & boring. We found it to be two sizes too narrow - doesn't cover the rear windscreen entirely:
Nissan Magnite Review-11.jpg

Center fascia has a prominent tilt towards the driver. Hexagonal air-con vents get thick silver borders:
Nissan Magnite Review-12.jpg

8" touchscreen head-unit with 6 speakers and wireless Android Auto + Apple CarPlay. While the touchscreen is fair to use, it can get laggy. Also, it kept dropping the Android Auto connection to our phone. Sound quality is typical OEM type, nothing to write home about:
Nissan Magnite Review-13.jpg

"Driving Eco" display gives you a score based on how efficient your driving style is, and also individual star ratings for acceleration, gear shifting and anticipation (braking). The trip report gives the total distance, time taken, average fuel consumption, average speed and uniquely, the distance traveled without any fuel consumption (we're guessing this is coasting).

Around View Monitor (AVM) or simply put, the 360 degree camera system makes parking easy:
Nissan Magnite Review-14.jpg

Display quality is average during the day & poor at night. Guidelines have been provided, but they are fixed and not adaptive:

One can zoom in to park closer to the kerb. Colour, brightness and contrast of the display can be adjusted:

Circular knobs with a knurled finish + chrome ring for the climate control system. All climate control settings are displayed on screens located on the same knobs. The 4 aircraft-style switches for the defogger, auto mode, air-con and fresh air mode aren't illuminated and get difficult to find in the dark. They look cool though
Nissan Magnite Review-15.jpg

Below the climate control panel is a wireless smartphone charger. This is an optional feature and a part of the "Tech Pack" in which you can also pick an air purifier, puddle lamps and ambient mood lighting:
Nissan Magnite Review-16.jpg

USB port, 12V power outlet & another storage area are provided at the base of the center fascia:
Nissan Magnite Review-17.jpg

2 really large cupholders are located next to the handbrake:
Nissan Magnite Review-edited-3.jpg

A closer look at the detailing on the dashboard. The plastic quality is basic, yet we like the effect this detailing brings. Dual airbags are standard in the Magnite. With some sub-4 m crossovers already offering up to 6 airbags, we expected Nissan to provide more than just 2 (especially when its sibling - the Triber - has 4 airbags!):
Nissan Magnite Review-19.jpg

Huge, 10L glovebox has compartments & illumination:

Sunvisors are meaty. Both units get vanity mirrors with covers. Driver gets a ticket holder as well:
Nissan Magnite Review-22.jpg

Driver's rearward view is average. Rear headrests are small, but the C-pillars are thick:

Recommended tyre pressure of 36 PSI is way too high and partly responsible for the stiff ride quality of the Magnite:

Rear doorpads get an identical theme to the front ones. Door pockets are slightly smaller than the ones in front:
Nissan Magnite Review-23.jpg

Rear seat is more suitable for 2 adults and a child, rather than 3 adults. While the seatbase is largely flat, the seatbacks have some contours to hold you in place. Two adjustable headrests as well as ISOFIX child seat anchors on both sides have been provided. A center armrest with cupholders is given. GTO wishes that the seatback was more reclined; he found it a level too upright:
Nissan Magnite Review-24.jpg

With the driver’s seat adjusted to my 5'10" position, I have about 3 inches of knee room to spare. Push the driver’s seat all the way back and I can still fit. Brilliant space packaging:

Center armrest is wide and soft. It comes with two cupholders and a slot to park your smartphone:
Nissan Magnite Review-25.jpg

Surprisingly, two tall occupants can sit one behind the other. Floor hump is not prominent and the center console doesn't eat into the 5th occupant's kneeroom. Front seats are scooped out to liberate more space. Both front seatbacks have usable pockets for storing the oddities:
Nissan Magnite Review-26.jpg

Rear air-con vents & a 12V power outlet:
Nissan Magnite Review-27.jpg

Nissan needs to pay attention to quality control. The cabin lamp in one of our test cars was loose and came off with no effort!

Even on the inside, the upper part of the tailgate and the tailgate body frame are painted in the same colour as the roof:
Nissan Magnite Review-28.jpg

336L boot is fairly sized. Boot comes with illumination and a bag hook on both sides. A parcel tray with a prominent border has been provided as well. Folding the rear seat down gives you much more cargo capacity:
Nissan Magnite Review-29.jpg

Spare wheel is a steel space saver with an 80 km/h speed limit. Tools and warning triangle are crammed into a bag that is left randomly in the spare wheel well:
Nissan Magnite Review-30.jpg

While the hatch gets proper cladding on the inside, the demister connectors are left exposed; plastic caps should have been used to cover them:
Nissan Magnite Review-31.jpg

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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Driving the 1.0L Turbo-Petrol MT

1.0L turbo-petrol engine puts out 99 BHP & 160 Nm:

The Magnite is powered by a 999cc, 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. Called the HRA0, this engine produces 99 BHP and 160 Nm, which is healthy, although there are rivals that offer more power. The car weighs 1,014 kg. This gives it a power-to-weight ratio of 98 BHP / ton and a torque-to-weight ratio of 158 Nm / ton. While the former is not as high as some of the Magnite's rivals, the latter is better than the cars in the segment. There is enough grunt in this engine to keep most drivers happy.

On startup, being a 3-cylinder, there is slight body shake and a few vibrations do come into the cabin. Faint vibes are felt on the steering, pedals and the driver's seat. The idle is indeed irregular. On the move, there are some vibrations felt on the gear knob as well. While none of these is particularly annoying & we don't expect owners to complain, refinement is not as impressive as some of the recent 3-cylinder motors we have driven (e.g. Hyundai-Kia's 1.0).

The Magnite moves off from a standstill in a clean manner. Despite the turbocharger + small engine size, driveability is acceptable and power delivery is user-friendly. The turbo-petrol has a fair low end and yes, the car clears the 2nd gear speed breaker test; it's certainly not dead off-boost. Some lag is there of course, yet it's well-controlled. That said, you have to be a little patient when pulling from low rpms in 2nd gear. You won’t need to downshift much in the city. The only time you are likely to feel the turbo lag is on an incline or if you need to suddenly close a gap in traffic. The engine starts coming into its stride above 1,750 rpm. Around town, it can cruise at 40 km/h in 3rd gear with the engine spinning at ~ 1,650 rpm without a problem. Above 2,250 rpm, the engine comes into its power band and you can make good progress.

The open road is where you'll really enjoy this engine. Floor the throttle in the turbo-petrol and there's a nice pull from the engine with a bit of enjoyable torque steer. The mid-range is strong too with a healthy surge of power. Keep the revvs in the powerband and the Magnite becomes quite a quick highway cruiser. The engine revvs till 6,500 rpm, but not happily as it groans & moans at the redline in a very crude manner. By this point, power has started tapering off and you will have already shifted up. Driveability is good and you won't find the need to downshift often, although there is some lag in the higher gears. So, while passing slow moving vehicles on undivided highways, it is better to downshift, use the turbo's mid-range and fly past them. In 5th gear, the car can cruise at 100 km/h & 120 km/h @ ~2,300 rpm & ~2,800 rpm respectively.

The Magnite is equipped with 'hill-start assist'. Stop on an incline, the car will hold itself in place and not roll back giving the driver enough time to get his foot off the brake pedal and onto the accelerator.

The 5-speed gearbox offers a poor shifting experience. I found the shift action to be quite clunky and it does require some effort to use. This is not your light Japanese car gearbox at all. In fact, of all the cars we have tested in the last year or two, I cannot think of any which had a poorer shifting quality. As if to match that, the MT's clutch pedal too has weight...more weight than you'd expect in such a small car. In fact, it is quite diesel car-like to use. Our suggestion = pick the super smooth CVT instead.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH)

Coming to NVH levels, the Magnite does well at slow speeds and around town. Upon revving, you can hear that familiar 3-cylinder thrum, yet this noise is not excessive. Even while cruising on the highway, the engine is audible, but not irritatingly so. It's above 5,000 rpm that the motor gets loud. In such a cheap car, I would have expected wind & road noise to be excessive, but no. The cabin is acceptably insulated. Neither wind nor road noise are bothersome at all on the expressway.

Insulation sheet under the bonnet:

While there is some underbody protection provided, it does not stretch back a long way:

Gear shifter gets a glossy black top, silver border and faux leather boot. While the knob looks great, the finish around it could be better. The leather boot feels cheap and outdated:

A-B-C pedals are well positioned. No dead pedal provided though & the narrow footwell doesn't leave you space to rest your left foot!

Driving the 1.0L Turbo-Petrol CVT

The Magnite turbo-petrol also comes with a CVT (continuously variable transmission) Automatic. It's good to see Nissan give a proper automatic gearbox instead of an AMT like some other manufacturers. A CVT has less moving parts than a conventional AT, is lighter and brings a butter-smooth driving experience. However, CVTs also suffer from the rubber-band effect wherein hard throttle input will lead to revs rising with no corresponding increase in speed. While this behaviour is present in the Magnite, Nissan has done well to smoothen the experience & it's not bothersome at all.

The Magnite AT gets a Sport mode as well, but not a manual mode or paddle shifters. Like the MT, the turbo-petrol in the CVT produces 99 BHP. However, unlike the MT, the peak torque has been restricted to 152 Nm.

To start the car, put your foot on the brake pedal and press the starter button. Take your foot off the brake pedal and the vehicle starts crawling @ ~10 km/h. This means you can drive the car with just the brake pedal in stop & go traffic (no need to press the accelerator).

The Magnite CVT provides a seamless experience in the city. As there aren't any actual gearshifts taking place, the drive feels butter-smooth. Forget AMTs, even torque converter & dual-clutch ATs cannot touch a CVT for smoothness. Throttle response is very good and the infamous rubber-band effect is superbly controlled when driven with a light foot. Even when you get aggressive, the engine and transmission respond fairly well compared to some other CVTs. This is easily one of the better CVTs in the market. The light steering, smooth transmission and good all-round visibility make the Magnite an easy car to drive in city traffic.

On the open road, the turbocharged engine makes sure that the Magnite CVT offers good performance. The rubber-band effect is present when you drive aggressively, but nowhere as bad as I have seen in some other cars (like the Baleno / Micra CVT). Open-road performance is very satisfactory and owners will be pleased. The strong mid-range (typical of turbo-petrols) is also enjoyable. The Magnite CVT is peppy and you can maintain triple digit speeds all day long on the expressway.

Want quicker response? Use the Sport mode. You can access Sport mode by pressing a small button placed just below the gear knob. This mode never lets the engine revvs drop below ~2,000 rpm. As a result, the motor is kept on the boil & power is always available when you touch the accelerator. You can have a good deal of fun in Sport mode. It comes in handy on mountain roads & for overtaking too.

The CVT has an "L" mode which should be used on inclines, steep mountain roads and wherever you really need engine braking. Mind you, it's not a 1st gear mode. L mode goes all the way to 120 km/h and beyond. Like the MT, Nissan has equipped the Magnite CVT with cruise control, ESP + traction control and hill start assist.

The CVT is indisputably the superior choice on the Magnite. It is class-leading in some ways (including smoothness), while the MT feels clunky & cumbersome:

Button to engage Sport mode is hidden just below the gear knob. Owners better be informed of the same, else most will miss it! Out of sight, out of mind:

Footwell gets a dead pedal, but its brick-like design looks sad. Further, we felt it was placed too much in the front:


The Magnite comes with a McPherson strut suspension with stabiliser bar at the front and twin tube telescopic shock absorbers at the rear.

Ride Comfort

While almost all the crossovers in this segment have a firm edge to the ride (due to their height), the low speed ride quality of the Magnite is even firmer than you would expect! While the ride is still liveable, it is a far cry from the Honda WR-V which is the best in this field. Even medium-sized potholes make their presence felt inside. Urban ride comfort will be the biggest complaint of Magnite owners. The ride feels a little more comfortable on the expressway, but never plush. Blame this partly on the 36 PSI tyre pressure that is recommended by Nissan. We tried dropping it to 32 PSI and while that did improve matters, we still felt everything on the road! Nissan should have softened things for imperfect Indian roads. All variants of the Magnite are equipped with 16" wheels shod with 195/60 section rubber. I have also mentioned earlier that the car’s tyres could have been taller. This would have ensured that the wheel wells would be filled and improved the ride quality as well. Just for reference, the Kia Sonet's tyres offer a 12 mm taller sidewall which helps the looks + comfort levels.

Handling & Dynamics

As is the case with most monocoque crossovers, the Magnite is very easy & car-like to drive, whether in the city or on the highway. On the open road, straight line stability at high speeds is satisfactory. The car doesn’t feel twitchy over bumps & undulations.

Coming to handling, the Magnite’s firm suspension helps. The car remains composed even when pushed through corners. While there is some body roll, it's not excessive. You can even hustle the car through a series of twisty roads confidently. All the turbo-petrol variants are equipped with ESP which can be a life-saver in an emergency manouveur.

Wheels & Tyres

Grip from the 195/60 Ceat SecuraDrive tyres is acceptable for the average Joe. Those with a more aggressive driving style however, will want to upgrade to stickier rubber.


The electric power steering is light and smooth at parking / city speeds. Along with its small size, this makes for a very easy car to drive in urban conditions. Further, its turning radius of 5.0 m is the tightest in the segment. On the highway, the steering weighs up enough and is never nervous or overtly sensitive. On the flip side, enthusiasts will find the steering to be slow, vague & having weight that's too artificial.

Ground Clearance

The Magnite comes with an unladen ground clearance rating of 205 mm, which is second only to the Tata Nexon (209 mm). This is more than enough to take on the worst of Indian roads.


The Magnite is equipped with disc brakes at the front and drums at the rear, with ABS + EBD and hydraulic brake assist (HBA). The brakes perform as expected. Do note that the second half of the brake pedal travel is quite sensitive, this will take a couple of km to get used to.

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re: Nissan Magnite Review

This car is a looker, much better than the likes of the Sonets and Venues. Had this been a Kia or Hyundai car the pre booking registers would be full but sadly Nissanís dealerships and services centres are to blame. Honestly the Kicks is a really good car let down by the company name! Hope Magnite brings them the numbers!

As always amazing mini-review

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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Sharing the full press release here:

Built on the philosophy of ‘Make in India, Make for the World’, Nissan India has unveiled their much-awaited B-SUV, the all-new Nissan Magnite. This is the company’s first ever product under the Nissan NEXT strategy for the Indian market, scheduled to be introduced in the second half of FY 2020-21. A true reflection of the ‘Nissan-ness’ concept that aims to empower people through breakthrough products and technologies, the all-new Nissan Magnite was unveiled to the global audience via a virtual event. Key spokespersons from Nissan’s leadership teams in Africa, Middle East, and India (AMI), presented the livestreamed event, with Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India, driving in the all-new Nissan Magnite.

“The all-new Nissan Magnite plays a vital role in our Nissan NEXT strategy and represents Nissan’s undeniable commitment to the Indian market as a customer-centric organization. The car reiterates our brand philosophy of keeping customers at the heart of everything we do to deliver exciting products for enriching experiences. As we continue to prioritize and invest in the Indian consumer, who is aspirational and discerning with vehicles, we aim for the all-new Nissan Magnite to be the first product that will enable sustainable growth. Nissan will continue to be the primary brand in India,” said Sinan Ozkok, President, Nissan Motor India.

The all-new Nissan Magnite is a testimony to Nissan’s global SUV DNA of relentless innovation, advanced technology, and Japanese engineering. It features latest technology as a part of Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM), the company’s vision as to how vehicles are powered, driven, and integrated into society. Designed in Japan, keeping in mind the requirements and aspirations of the Indian customers, the all-new Nissan Magnite comes with numerous first-in-class and best-in-segment features that provides consumers with a differentiated, innovative, and accessible ownership experience.

‘Carismatic’ – Dynamic, Vibrant with Premium design

The all-new Nissan Magnite’s statuesque presence can make it stand out even in the most bustling of streets. Made with the perfect blend of style and functionality, its first-in-segment Flare Garnet Red (Tint-Coat) Color exudes premium-ness through depth and quality, symbolic of India’s dynamic and vibrant energy. There are 9 body colors, 5 monotone and 4 dual tone are available to suit customer tastes. Built for those who take charge of every journey, the car has the sleekest headlamps assembled in its class with lightsaber-style turn indicators, while its L-shape LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and dominating front grille is unlike any other design in the B-SUV segment. When it comes to the interiors, the all-new Nissan Magnite has achieved the best level of packaging and seating comfort. Its horizontal instrument panel structure double deck console makes it wider, spacious and provides plenty of functional storages. Along with that, the all-new Nissan Magnite also has a tech pack which has a wireless charger, air purifier, puddle lamps and ambient /mood lighting, premium speakers (JBL powered by Harman).

With 60-40 split foldable rear seats for utmost flexibility, it is the most spacious B-SUV, which has a huge ‘couple distance’ (distance between the driver and side passenger) of 700mm + rear knee room of 593mm + rear headroom of 76mm. The front seats are designed to create an open interior space, delivering the spaciousness that one would experience while sitting in the rear, also known as the ‘one-class-above’ knee room.

The all-new Nissan Magnite’s luggage room capacity (336L) is top-level in its class and can accommodate 3 suitcases*.

Powerful performance & advanced Japanese technology

A first in its segment, the all-new Nissan Magnite is also equipped with one of Nissan’s top support technology, the Around View Monitor (AVM), which gives the driver a virtual bird’s eye view from above the vehicle.

The all-new Nissan Magnite, is spacious and premium as it is equipped with intuitive packaging and human-centric engineering, such as the best-in-segment 7-inch TFT meter with welcome animation and tyre pressure monitoring system and 8-inch infotainment display with full flush touchscreen, Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and built-in voice recognition. It also comes with Nissan’s innovative technology, Nissan Connect, that offers 50+ features (geo fence, roadside assistance, smart watch connectivity etc.) to transform the car as per customer needs.

As one of the most fuel-efficient (20 kmpl) B-SUVs in the market, it comes with a powerful engine, the HRA0, which delivers higher torque at a lower speed than normal torque. The all-new HRA0 1.0-liter Turbo engine is first of its kind in the country and is available with Manual 5 speed and X-TRONIC CVT gearbox. The HRA0 1.0-liter Turbo engine adopts “mirror bore cylinder coating” technology from world-class sports cars such as the Nissan GT-R that reduces resistance inside the engine, thus delivering smooth acceleration and efficient use of fuel. It also features 6 technical improvements that result in better fuel economy, lower CO2 emissions. The HRA0 1.0-liter Turbo engine provides a new experience of responsive and quicker acceleration, whilst also refining Noise, Vibration and Harshness through improved powertrain and road noise isolation, resulting in a quieter cabin.

With Nissan’s signature X-TRONIC CVT gearbox, Cruise Control and wider gear range, the all-new Nissan Magnite delivers seamless performance even in peak city traffic. It’s D-step logic control computer software uses dynamic inputs like vehicle speed, accelerator pedal position and application speed to determine the ideal gear ratio needed to deliver an exhilarating drive and smooth cruises on the highways.


The all-new Nissan Magnite’s features are developed in compliance with Indian safety regulations to ensure customer safety. Built with high strength and impact absorbing efficient body structure, it is equipped with safety features such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Traction Control System (TCS), Hill Start Assist (HSA), speed sensing door lock, central locking and SRS dual airbag system with pretension & load limiter seatbelt for driver and passenger.

Nissan’s unique Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system increases the all-new Nissan Magnite’s stability, allowing the driver to have better control, especially in poor weather conditions. Additionally, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) helps improve the driver’s braking ability while maintaining control of the vehicle in an emergency.

“Given the growing popularity of B-SUVs in India, we aim for the all-new Nissan Magnite to redefine the segment and surpass customer expectations in the country. It is the ideal aspirational upgrade for hatchback customers in India who are weighing their options and looking to own a world-class SUV, from a globally renowned brand that has a strong SUV heritage,” said Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India. “The all-new Nissan Magnite is truly a complete package as the big, bold, beautiful and carismatic B-SUV that offers best in class space for family and friends; dynamic design and high ground clearance, HRA0 1.0-litre Turbo engine for thrill seekers; and advanced Japanese technology for today’s discerning customers and tech enthusiasts. We are confident of its capability to become a game changer in the Indian market,” he added.

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re: Nissan Magnite Review

That was fast! Looks loaded to the brim with features. And WIRELESS Auto and CarPlay? That's a segment first!!! Hopefully they market this product properly and maybe this could be the product that turns the tide for Nissan in India.
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Best VFM in the segment maybe? I'm sold to this. Will wait for the Renault version to launch and booking either this or that.

At least I'm now confident that Nissan India has some plans on their global Nissan Next strategy
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

This is a do or die model for Brand Nissan in India. And it shows. If only Nissan had put in similar efforts for its prior launches and not toyed around with Datsun, they would have been in a far better position in our market.

Nevertheless, from stylish looks and many first-in-segment features to a turbocharged engine and proper automatic transmission, the Magnite appears to have all the ingredients to make it big. I hope Nissan doesn't squander this opportunity and executes this to perfection.
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

I may be wrong here, but purely judging on the basis of pictures, I think the car feels spartan. And those hexagonal AC vents look totally out of place. Maybe it is the choice of material which is a sea of black/gray all round, juxtapositioned with the bright blue paint-but it somehow did not come across as elegant or contemporary or even futuristic on the inside- rather looked like a souped up Datsun Redigo to me.
If this is the cabin look of a fully loaded car, then I wonder how the base variants would come across. They could have made beige/greige colours or even something funky.

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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Looks promising. It is enticing me to move out of Toyota family(Though Toyota is be blamed mainly as there is no genuine Toyota vehicle to upgrade from my Etios Liva). But the observation regarding sheet metal quality is pulling me back. Also, I am presently not considering the Korean duo in the light of few reported instances of brake mis(s)-behaviour.
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Well, seemed a good package, some key boxes are ticked. It is definitely a beautiful car. Most importantly does not seem constrained at all due to the 4m length at all - which is an achievement. Nice job on the outer body design, Nissan!

1. Aggressive front with large grill and LED headlamps. Overall looks nicely aggressive and Junta would like that
Nissan Magnite Review-screen-shot-20201021-1.22.39-pm.png

2. 7 inch drive assist and 8 inch ICE screens. With TPMS
Nissan Magnite Review-screen-shot-20201021-1.23.47-pm.png

3. ABS, EBD, VDC, HSA, Traction control. Funny that they still highlight central locking in this day!!!
Nissan Magnite Review-screen-shot-20201021-1.24.28-pm.png

4. Why no S or manual mode? This is a big miss IMHO. Nissan should have provided a manual mode, given the CVT is not very inspiring.

5. Interior somehow seems bland and not very appealing. This is the big departure from the concept video they share earlier. No red+black combo either.

6. Strange colour scheme for the seats. What colour is that? Some sort of choco-brown?

7. Odd looking pattern in the rear seat. But adjustable head-rests are present. And so is the REAR AC vents!!!

Big Misses are -

1. Sun-roof
2. No manual mode in CVT

It is a good package in a brilliant looking car!!! Now the big question is how is the build quality and fit and finish of the interior. And how are those that motor, transmission and suspension.

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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Quite a detailed overview of this new make-or-break car from Nissan.

I'm sure the styling and features are going to drive footfalls into their showrooms, or at least what's left of them.

I'm curious to know their pricing strategy, because it will be the deciding factor. If they price it at a slight premium to the Triber (factoring in the turbo, CVT, features), then Nissan has a sure-shot winner on their hands. But if they get carried away and price it close to other CSUVs like the Venue, then this will be dead on arrival.
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Striking looks and except for sunroof all the features that customers want these days.

Add to that the rumoured price range of 5.3- 7.5 lakhs ex-showroom as per ACI, Nissan got itself a winner.
Though the Datsun effect of lighter build quality has to be seen in person.

Ofcourse this is a do or die model for Nissan and dare I say, a ray of hope for the smaller players to survive our market.

The only greedy wish I have is the turbo engine to be offered as standard or atleast from the mid variant itself, instead of offering it as a top variant only engine.

Wonder when they are going to unveil the prices and properly launch the models. They do have a small time window before its cousin the Renault Kiger and the Tata HBX arrives to take over the segment.

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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Looks really promising. They have fixed many things from the Kicks such as dead pedal, proper steering mounted controls, led lamps, modern looking digital console, 40:60 split seats, cup holders, automatic gearbox. It does look smashing and I also feel it will be tad more spacious than the Korean rivals.

Loads of features, however I really wish they included the sunroof as well. Rakesh Srivastava if you are listening please make it optional atleast.
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
The Magnite will be powered by a 1.0L turbo-petrol engine mated to an X-Tronic CVT. The company hasn't revealed any more details of the engine or other transmissions that will be available.

CVT comes with an "L" mode, but no "S" or manual modes:

There is a separate thread running on this, here. ---> (Renault-Nissan's 1.0 litre turbo petrol)

What's an L mode? Is it low ratio?
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