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Old 22nd October 2020, 11:43   #76
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

This seems like the first substantial launch by Nissan in a long time. The exteriors look great and I, for one, quite like the ambience of the interiors (although the quality might be a different story). The displays, although funky, look nice without any awkward fonts/weird colours. The centre console especially looks quite modern.
I hope it is priced well and the 100TCe+CVT combination is available at launch.
I'll take or leave the sunroof but I wish curtain airbags (or at least side torso-protecting airbags) were an option, like in the Triber. I also hope the structure is engineered well enough to stay intact in the crash tests (something the Nissan-Renault Group hasn't quite excelled at before in India). Looking at the number of Top Safety Pick awards Nissan wins at the IIHS, I wish they'd take safety in India as seriously as they do globally.
I hope there is enough time after the launch of the Magnite before the Kiger's launch, to avoid any cannibalisation.
If Nissan gets the launch, the variant spread and pricing right, I have a feeling they have a winner on their hands for the first time.
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Originally Posted by sv97 View Post

From the odd placement of the start-stop button
Have a feeling this particular part alongwith that little shelf is a common part shared between the Triber and the Magnite.
After all they are cousins from the same family riding on the CMF-A+ platform of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which first saw the light of day as CMF-A underpinning the Kwid & Redi-Go
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

A very promising looking car, just not able to understand the Datsun grille, unless it is positioned as a lower level offering.
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Originally Posted by Godzilla View Post
Any news about pricing I feel the manual NA petrol should be priced 5.99 Lakhs Ex-showroom and top end Turbo CVT at 9.99 Lakhs. Any thoughts ?
Autocar mentions pricing should undercut all CSUV's on sale currently.
Buzz is that the Magnite range will start at Rs 5.3 lakh (estimated, ex-showroom), while fully loaded Turbo CVT versions will top off at Rs 7.5 lakh, effectively undercutting all present compact SUVs on sale.
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

The plastic in the interiors (referring to the images for the dead-pedal or the image for the mobile holder and charging port) looks poor and flimsy.
What is the overall build quality inside? I am not talking of 'feeling premium' but general standard vis-a-vis industry standards? The Hyundai/Kia or even Tata has upped the game considerably in these areas in this product bracket!

IF this car is build light to allow the 1.0 ltr engine do justice, then we may have a product with long term reliability issues That coupled with Nissan this dealer and aftersales infrastructure may be dangerous!
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I also feel that Autocar's pricing of 7.5 lakhs is optimistic. However, it shouldn't breach the 8.5-9 lakh barrier according to me. Even at that price it will be a good 1-2 lakhs cheaper than the competition.

The exterior of this car is simply fantastic and will turn a lot of heads in my opinion. Can't say the same about the interiors though. But i think it looks a lot better than Brezza/Urban cruiser. The front seats are wide and sporty in design and will certainly look great with aftermarket leather upholstery. The fabric door trims are large enough and if done up leather will certainly uplift the ambience of the cabin. The more adventurous ones could even go ahead and wrap the central dashboard. That is if the airbag module is located on the topmost part of the dashboard. These are some simple mods which could do a world of a difference as far as the interiors as the Magnite are concerned.
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Is Nissan reusing only the Datsun grille? Or is the whole car based on the same platform as the RediGo?

Did nt the RediGo get very poor crash test ratings from NCAP?
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Lamborghini URUS, Found where they got inspiration for the AC vent design

Also, found an Audi with Datsun grill.
Attached Thumbnails
Nissan Magnite Review-urus.jpg  

Nissan Magnite Review-audi.jpg  

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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Overall the vehicle feels like a budget C-SUV to me!! Exterior design looks different and somewhat appealing, but the biiiiiggggg grill reminds me of some heavy vehicle and a turndown for me. IP is also bland, not seems putting any effort to design anything.
If its priced within 6-8.5L chances are there to outsell the 1.2L Smartstream Sonet variant. With the comparatively low powered 1.0L Turbo and NA engines, I don't hope any miracle with this vehicle.
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Old 22nd October 2020, 13:18   #85
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Nissan has been trying to get it's "Duster" or "EcoSport" moment. Both these cars had the cash register ringing for their respective manufacturers. Magnite is entering in a crowded segment. I suspect as a company it is walking on the footprints of GM in India. I also feel that post the unceremonious departure of Carlos Ghosn, they have lost their chutzpah.

One of the positives that I see is the new 1.0 Turbo charged engine. I am expecting this to make it to Renault Triber making it all the more enticing.
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

This is an excellent attempt by Nissan to get some attention in India. If this does well here, it should have an effect on the sales on Kicks as well. That car with a gem of an engine only loses out to Koreans due to Nissan's image in ASS. With Magnite, more Nissans on the road would automatically push those on the fence towards Kicks compared to Seltos/Creta.

They need to do a KIA on pricing and go aggressive.

On the features side, the 2 Airbags is definitely a bummer. Top variant should have atleast 4. They made the same mistake on Kicks CVT as well.

As for sunroof, I believe such a small car can have only a partial sunroof. Not sure if that really makes for a compelling reason to buy. Most people buying Venue/Nexon/Sonnet don't bother with sunroof after a few months. But a Panaromic one is still useful on larger cars like Creta/Seltos
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

Originally Posted by 400notout View Post
If I take the lower end of your calculations i still see the possibility of a 7.99 ex showroom atleast.
At 0.36 sec, Car Guide Rishabh has mentioned top end trim will be priced 7.99 lakhs ex-showroom as quoted by a very reliable source. If it turns out to be true, with this killer pricing, Magnite will disrupt market in multiple segments - premium hatch, compact sedan, CSUV.

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re: Nissan Magnite Review

The car looks great from outside (barring the huge plastic side arches IMO).

Lower quality interior plastic is understandable if the rumoured aggressive pricing is to be believed. But where Nissan missed a trick is with the poor lighting during this event!

I know Iím comparing a rendering (from Nissan website) with a real picture (from Adityaís pics). But the picture feels like it was taken from auto expo floor or worse, from a open-air event at night.

Nissan Magnite Review-6ca6c8a56f894d69983accb9775b7c14.jpeg

Nissan Magnite Review-66c85b597d014d24b84a2fd4827a8996.jpeg

I feel the number of negative comments wrt interiors would be much lower if the pictures and videos could look good. No fault of the photographers or youtubers, of course. They had to work with what they were given.

Compare the lighting from Kia Sonetís launch:
Nissan Magnite Review-688415c53b4646f58547b3c97ad4daef.jpeg

Even though the Sonetís interiors are much better objectively when compared to Magnite, poor lighting could have made it look worse.

Nissan should have put extra effort to ensure their product is shown in the best light (pun intended).
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

No doubt the car looks good. It's feature loaded too. Though the sunroof is missing, doesn't mean much as it is hardly used due to unfavorable weather conditions. However I'll give it a miss only because it's a Nissan. Nothing personal, just that there vehicles hardly sale.
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Old 22nd October 2020, 14:28   #90
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re: Nissan Magnite Review

This car looks very good and overall a superb product. Well-done Nissan. Let's wait for the final pricing, it's the key factor for this car.
Hopefully they widen their dealership and service network also.
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