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Force Gurkha Review

Aditya and I attended the Force Gurkha media drive in Tiwai Hills, on the outskirts of Pune. Here are our quick and brief observations:

Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-1.jpg

• The Force Gurkha always carried the silhouette of the Mercedes Benz G Wagon, and now, it's even more so!
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-2.jpg

• While the previous Gurkha looked like more of an evolved Trax / Traveller, the new 2021 model seems to have gained character. Further, it gets LED headlamps with DRLs, foglamps, 17-inch alloy wheels, a hardtop design and a snorkel to remind you this car means serious offroading.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-3.jpg

• The Gurkha has always been a bit player with marginal monthly sales, yet it does have a fan following. Do check out Trojan's ownership review & MohammedEza's too. No doubt, the car is a bit of an acquired taste.

• Built on an updated chassis, the 3-door version of the Gurkha has a wheelbase of 2,400 mm. The wheelbase extends to 2,825 mm for the 5-door version. It measures 4,116 mm in length, 1,812 mm in width and 2,075 mm in height.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-4.jpg

• The Gurkha feels sturdy, but there are areas of concern. Panel gaps are uneven at places and the doors don’t have the heft of a Korean or European car. The bonnet, on the other hand, is super heavy and has plenty of insulation for dialling down the engine noise.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-6.jpg

• You get remote locking & unlocking with the key (no smartkey). If you want to find your Gurkha in a parking lot at night, there is a find-my-car feature via a button on the key. This switches on the hazard lights, but without any audio alert.

• The doors have leather straps to hold them from swinging out!! No stages in the opening action. It's as simple as simple can be.

• The Gurkha is a tall vehicle, so ingress and egress are a challenge. You will have to use the side step to get into the front seats. You also get grab handles on the A pillars to help you climb inside. Rear passengers will have to use the tailgate door and climb inside the car to sit on the two rear seats!! Of course, rear passengers have it easier in the 5-door variant.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-11.jpg

• Gone is the old utilitarian dashboard and in its place is a new all-black dash with a 7-inch touchscreen that gets Android Auto & Apple CarPlay. Despite the black dashboard, the cabin feels airy due to the massive glass area. The tall windshield & windows bring in a lot of light in the front.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-14.jpg

• The quality of interiors is poor. This will be a deal-breaker for many. The plastics used are very basic, while the fit & finish aren't great either. The glovebox in our test vehicle kept falling open, randomly over rough roads! The seats are good though.

• Force claims that the Gurkha has 44% more window area than the competition, and we don't doubt that. All-round visibility is excellent.

• ORVMs are tall and provide a good view of action at the rear. IRVM is tiny in comparison and its rear view is restricted by the captain seats. Rearward visibility is satisfactory as there’s no middle passenger (captain seats in the second row).
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-18.jpg

• The driver's seat is placed high to give you a great view of the road ahead. Seats have a good amount of side bolstering and provide ample support. While driving on bad roads and in off-roading, the seats keep you in place. You’re not left sliding all over the place.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-24.jpg

• Ergonomically, most things fall in hand quite easily. You have a couple of cubbyholes in the centre console, along with cupholders and a phone holder as well. But the glovebox is small.

• No dead pedal has been provided. Moreover, there’s not much space beyond the clutch pedal to rest your foot. So, you will have to rest your foot below the clutch pedal while driving. This will take getting used to. Those who've driven other body-on-frame Mahindras & Tatas might find the transition easier than say, someone moving from a Dzire or i20 who will be shocked with the cabin!
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-17.jpg

• Big steering wheel is basic and good to hold. The hornpad is easy to reach and the steering also offers tilt + telescopic adjustments. With the new Gurkha, you get a rack & pinion steering replacing the old recirculating ball mechanism. The new steering column is also collapsible, which reduces the odds of occupant injury in a crash. Speaking of safety, the Gurkha gets only 2 airbags like the Thar.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-15.jpg

• Power window buttons are placed on the centre console.

• Doorpad gets a leatherette insert which is soft to touch. Near the armrest area, you have a nice fabric area too, alongside the hard plastics. The door pockets are tiny and are only capable of holding a phone + misc stuff. No bottles will fit here.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-23.jpg

• Aircon worked great in our short drive. You get minimum and maximum AC settings too.

• The touchscreen infotainment unit is an aftermarket unit from Kenwood that has been tuned for the Gurkha. It has smartphone connectivity, but isn’t very user friendly. The buttons are small and the orientation takes some time to get used to.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-21.jpg

• Sound quality from the 4-speaker unit is basic.

• Front-facing rear captain seats are the same as the front seats, so you can adjust the recline angle! Passengers will enjoy the support. Both seats get ISOFIX child seat anchors and offer adjustable headrests.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-25.jpg

• The view from the rear seats is great! It almost feels like you're sitting in a safari vehicle. Take your family to the jungle and they'll love you back for life!

• Since there are no folding rear seats, the boot space is constant at 500 litres. This kind of boot space is a key advantage over the Thar.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-26.jpg

• All passengers get USB charging ports for their devices.
Force Gurkha Review-dsc05153.jpg

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• 2.6 litre BS6 compliant engine is derived from the Mercedes OM611 engine. This is a 4 cylinder diesel making 90 BHP @ 3,200 rpm and 250 Nm @ 1,400 - 2,400 rpm. It’s mated to a 5-speed (G28/5) manual transmission. Sadly, that Gurkha Extreme's 140 horsepower 2.2L engine hasn't been made BS6 compliant. The power ratings are enough to tell you this motor is all about the low end (and offroading), while not offering any top-end.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-27.jpg

• With the clutch pedal pressed, twist the key and the diesel motor comes to life with a shudder. There’s cabin shake and despite the improved NVH levels (as compared to the BS4 Gurkha), you can still hear the engine in the cabin... it reminded Moderator Aditya of the old Tata Sumo. You can also feel vibrations on the steering wheel and pedals.

• The clutch pedal has a long travel range, but isn’t too heavy. Lift off the clutch and the Gurkha crawls forward nicely, thanks to the ample low-end torque.

• Like most off-roaders, the initial lot of gears are short and you will be shifting up quickly while driving on normal roads.

• The turbo kicks in early at ~1,300 rpm, with the engine pulling nicely till ~2,800 rpm. The max that the engine revs to is just 3,400 rpm!

• Since the powerband is narrow, you will find yourself moving through the gears a lot.

• The Gurkha isn’t a fast car by any means. Reaching 80 or 100 kmph takes time. Cruising at 80 kph in 5th gear, you will find the motor spinning at ~1,800 rpm. 100 kph comes at ~2,500 rpm in 5th.

• At the front, the Gurkha has an independent double wishbone suspension with coil springs and at the rear is a multi-link suspension with a Panhard rod. There is an anti-roll bar at the front as well as rear.
Force Gurkha Review-dsc04942.jpg

• Our test car was equipped with 245/70 R16 all-terrain tyres which provided decent grip when driving off-road, but made noise even at 60 kmph while driving on road.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-5.jpg

• Low speed ride quality is good for a ladder-on-frame offroader. The independent suspension really comes into its own when handling small to medium-sized potholes and bumps. There is of course some side to side movement in the cabin, yet in comparison with some of the other offroaders (Thar & Gypsy), the Gurkha was impressive.

• High-speed stability is okay. Since the maximum speed which we could achieve on these tiny village roads outside Pune was 100 kmph, the Gurkha didn’t feel nervous at any point.

• Turn into a fast curve and the height of the vehicle means body roll is evident. It’s controlled to an extent, but you will do well to remember this vehicle's expertise is in offroading, not hard corners.

• Carry excess speed into a corner and you can feel the rear step out a little, which in this car isn’t a good feeling at all. Again, understand the nature of the vehicle and drive it wisely.

• The steering is not very light at parking speeds and does require some effort. It weighs up nicely when you gain speed.

• The Gurkha has a turning radius of 5.65 metres which is slightly smaller than the Thar. 3-point turns in this big vehicle didn’t seem as cumbersome as you would imagine.

• The brakes are spongy and the bite point is further away than you would expect. I wish the feel was more progressive. Standard disc brakes at the front with drum brakes at the rear.

• The Gurkha has a live independent front axle and live rigid rear axle. The transfer case is developed in-house and has been tried & tested by the Force Motors team at Rainforest Challenge events in the past.

• Has a water wading capacity of 700 mm and a gradeability of 35 degrees in 4x4 mode.

• We did get a chance to take the vehicle on some off-road trails and the Gurkha impressed us throughout in 4x4 mode.

• Our offroad trails included going around in freshly created (God bless the rains) massive slush pits on the borders of farms. The Gurkha cleared everything with ease. This is where Force's 4x4 feels most at home. What's equally sweet is the ride quality & supportive seats while offroading - far better than oldschool Jeeps which throw you all around the cabin.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-29.jpg

• A trick up the Gurkha’s sleeve is the mechanically-locking front and rear differentials. While driving, I got stuck in slush, facing 90-degrees the wrong way. All I had to do was pull the rear differential lever and twist it to lock the rear diff. After that, it was just a matter of releasing the clutch and the Gurkha moved out of the tight spot as if being lifted off by a magic carpet.
Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-30.jpg

• Safety features include dual airbags, follow-me-home headlamps & lead me to car function, rear parking sensors, speed sensing auto door lock, tyre pressure monitoring system and ABS with EBD. Force claims that the vehicle structure meets the regulations by an excellent margin since the structure optimisation has been done with the IDIADA team from Spain. Nope, it's not been GNCAP tested like the Thar (4 stars) and doesn't have all that safety kit either (e.g. ESP).

The 2024 Gurkha 5-Door

Link to Review

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re: Force Gurkha Review

Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Thanks for sharing!
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Nice review and an interesting vehicle. If only they had an option of AT even at a higher cost, would have plonked money on this. I am not a typical Gurkha customer (no off-roading), but after Chennai floods I want a vehicle like this. Had a scary moment at that time where I had to take my kid to the doctor and roads were so flooded that my Honda city was not the ideal vehicle to use - we made it luckily. A simple rugged 4WD vehicle usable for a family of 4 just for managing bad roads, monsoons, carrying cycles and not having to worry about a couple of kids playing around and dirtying ! Since the primary use will be city and occassional trips - AT is compulsory for my weak knees.

Also the back windows - somehow they need to make it openable !

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re: Force Gurkha Review

I don't think we have had such a weird time to end the embargo from any manufacturer before. Saw Autocar review notification pop up and knew someone from Team BHP had to be invited.

As for the Gurkha, I am not it's target customer (though Bengaluru roads do occasionally make me wish I had something like this).

They seem to be making some strides towards bringing the interiors into this century but I guess most off-road enthusiasts were looking forward to the 2.2L engine. Hope that Force eventually sees some financial sense in making that lump BS6 compliant.

Edit: Even other reviews mention that the entry for rear passengers is through the rear hatch. Don't really get why they didn't provide a foldable front passenger seat. How do rear passengers get out (for example at rest stops) if the boot area is loaded to the brim with luggage?

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re: Force Gurkha Review

Weird time chosen by the company to end an embargo! Precise and great review of a niche vehicle

I feel the interior is still very utilitarian compared to its arch rival the Thar! As a package it has surely improved but it can’t compete with the Thar’s more modern approach to a lifestyle/utility vehicle.

Where a Thar offers a wide range of gearbox and engine combinations the Gurkha does with only one. Major reason for people choosing the Thar today as a lifestyle vehicle, is the availability of a potent torque converter automatic gearbox! Which is the real armour in the Thar’s cavalry, which is a big miss in the Gurkha! Add to that the Hardtop and Convertible top option of the Thar.

No other reason for the Thar still raking in impressive booking numbers till date. Mahindra have transformed the Thar to a vehicle that can be used both by city dwellers and off-road enthusiasts unlike the previous Gen Thar, which I certainly don’t think the Gurkha is capable of pulling off in city conditions, and people have taken a liking to this particular attribute of the Thar.

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re: Force Gurkha Review

This is what I love about TeamBHP. Honest and brutal at the same time, everything from the front bumper to the rear bumper along with everything has been shared.

Engine - Does not seems to be that under-powered and its not a speed enthusiast car but 2.2L would have been great.

Ride quality - Its better than Thar, which is a good news and it is being compared on this Gen of Thar. We have had Gypsy for year in our home and it does tosses you around when driven on bad roads.

Fit and Finish - Now this was evident from the Auto-expo itself and I was hoping that they will up the game with the Thar as the competing factor but I guess it would have spiked up the cost or maybe cost cutting/better pricing the car was or could also be a factor. The seats looks good though.

Now the wait is for the pricing, will be higher or sitting lower than what Thar is and can they pull up numbers like Thar did.
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Of late, I've started liking short crisp reviews.

Remember being glued to the custom Gurkha in military green on Team-BHP's coverage of Force stall at Autoexpo.

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post
• The view from the rear seats is great! It almost feels like you're sitting in a safari vehicle. Take your family to the jungle and they'll love you back for life!

• Since there are no folding rear seats, the boot space is constant at 500 litres. This kind of boot space is a key advantage over the Thar.
Only for those who need manual box + proper off-roader, this actually is a better option over Thar due to easy access to the rear seats. Rear arm-rest is a lovely touch.

For what it's worth, Force Motors has given good efforts in the new Gurkha. While this looks raw, and unfinished compared with the new Thar, it'll grab eye balls like none other. No one will mess with a Gurkha on the road for sure.

More than the auto box, Force should bring an improved, better looking interiors of Gurkha in the coming years as none of the cars I know had such an ugly dash + steering design like this one. The previous Gurkha steering design actually looked better.
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Great review Aditya & Omkar; thanks for covering almost everything that was required.

My observation:

* The overall styling is good barring the front end that looks hideous. We were not asking for a pathbreaking design here but something that has a semblance of "Design". Front seems to have been designed by an Ist year student at a design course. I would even go out on a limb and say that the last iteration of Gurkha had a much better front.

* The interiors (both design as well fit & finish) still leave a lot to be desired but it's a monumental jump over the last model and I'm sure the hardcore off-roaders will learn to live with it.

* I feel Force Motors should also offer side-facing seats as an option in order to maximize the boot space especially if only two people are traveling long distances.

* A lot of potential buyers were anticipating the potent 2.2 ltr MB derived engine in its BS-VI avatar but it seems that was too much to expect.

Force Gurkha Review-inkedgurkha-27_li.jpg

* These ugly weld marks (on what seems to be an EGR system) have no right to be there on a vehicle that's being launched in 2021.

* Let's look at the brighter side; this vehicle tops out at 100KMPH (my estimate; I wouldn't drive it any faster even if it can go) which is more than enough for Indian roads and the peak torque spread is between 1,400 & 2,400 rpm which means that there's no use in revving this motor for it will run out of breath fairly quickly. Considering its boat-like handling this vehicle needs to be driven sedately and enjoy the scenery.

* I would even hazard a guess that the Gurkha will ride better than the new Thar & its sensible tire profile can take some credit for that (I don't know what Mahindra was thinking offering 18-inch wheels on what purports to be a hardcore SUV; in my opinion, 17-inch wheel size would have provided a better ride).

* I wish they had modernized (electro-mechanical) the diff lock actuating mechanism but I guess that would have escalated the price and Force Motors is trying to hit a particular price point which is totally understandable.

* I love the fact that its a fixed metal hardtop and not some plasticky removable top for no one has been able to perfect those (Jeep Wrangler has leaking issues going back years & a couple of weeks ago Ford has issued a recall for all hardtop Broncos as a number of owners have complained about leakage & rattling).

My final take; if I was in the market for a lifestyle vehicle and am not particularly fussy about gizmos & can live with the antiquated interiors; I would go for it.

There is definitely a market out there especially among folks who claim to be serious off-roaders (and not posers) who will buy it & I see no problem in Force Motor's ability to sell at least 1,000 to 1,500 units a month (I'm being conservative). Now only if Force Motors can get its act together & tighten its Sales & service network.

There are a couple of vehicles on my "Test drive" list on the next trip back home & Gurkha will definitely be on it (that is if I can find a dealership in Himachal).

I know its very easy to say that Force Motors had a tremendous opportunity to take the Gurkha to the next level and hit it out of the park & give us a vehicle that would be an alternative to Thar and that they have let us down but realistically Force Motors is probably challenged in terms of resources and what they have achieved with whatever was at their disposal is indeed a great improvement & I feel confident that Gurkha's next iteration will be even better.

For now, let's make do with what they have provided us with.

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re: Force Gurkha Review

Somehow I liked the more "raw" appeal of the Gurkha than the Thar. I have a feeling that as a pure off roader, the Gurkha will actually do better in certain situations. I hope that the build quality of the car is of an acceptable standard to cater to customers who would like to have a rugged car in their stable.
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re: Force Gurkha Review

While the snorkel is standard, the ladder and the roof rack seem to be added accessories. Still, this is a major grey area in these hyper-policed times. That snorkel itself will be a beacon for overzealous cops to flag the Gurkha down for modifications. Hope it is endorsed on the RC in big bold letters.

Ditto for the roof rack, which is heavily frowned upon on private cars here up north, especially when your car goes interstate. Nobody wants extra harassment.

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re: Force Gurkha Review

Thanks for the short & quick report, guys! The Gurkha will remain a niche seller & won't really pose any kind of threat to the Thar in our market. But more than anything, with offroading in my blood, I'm just incredibly happy to see an option other than the Thar for enthusiasts . It does have some key advantages over the Thar = ride quality, 5-door option, rear seat comfort, boot space, oldschool mechanical simplicity etc. But in most other areas - quality, AT gearboxes, engine power & highway usability, equipment, safety, dealer & service network - the Thar has it beaten. The Thar has taken a 4x4 Jeep mainstream, while the Gurkha will remain a niche & unique offering.

Still, super happy to see a new offering in the 4x4 segment. I can see why some offroaders & nature lovers will be drawn to the Gurkha.

Originally Posted by Vikram Arya View Post
et's look at the brighter side; this vehicle tops out at 100KMPH (my estimate; I wouldn't drive it any faster even if it can go)
Good point. Even in my Thar review, I specified that the ideal cruising speed for the Mahindra is 90 - 110 kmph. At 120, it was too busy & unpredictable. These offroaders simply don't have the road manners for 100+ kmph cruising.

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Originally Posted by Vikram
There are a couple of vehicles on my "Test drive" list on the next trip back home & Gurkha will definitely be on it (that is if I can find a dealership in Himachal).
Not sure about Shimla, but we have a Force Motors Showroom and Service Centre in Gutkar (Mandi), and a Service Centre in Prini (Manali) for sure.

However utilitarian it may be, I loved this new iteration of the iconic Force Gurkha. Though I am not so happy with the 4 seat option and lack of rear seat entry from front seats. As rightly pointed out above, it'll be difficult for the rear passengers to come out from the rear hatch if there is lot of luggage in the boot.

However, I would love to wait for the 5 door version in a year or 2, and then maybe plonk my money on this beauty. Here in the hills you don't need that much power or torque which is available in the Thar, just need that 4x4 ability, low end grunt, and those locking diffs are a great life saving options in this one.

As we have 2 service centers nearby, I hope it won't be that big a problem in maintaining one here in Manali, or even if I go to Dehradun (my hometown) as they too have a big Sale and Service Outlet there. Hopefully by the time the 5 door version is out, the issues will be sorted out by the company based on the feedback of the 3 door owners.

What a goof up by Force Motors to end the embargo before they have officially showcased the product.

The brochure is out on the website now, seems like there will be only one fully loaded model.

Color options are Red, Green, White, Orange and Grey.

The Accessories Brochure is also out now on the website
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Force-Gurkha-E-broucher.pdf (19.00 MB, 641 views)
File Type: pdf Force-Gurkha-accessories-E-brochure.pdf (19.49 MB, 748 views)

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re: Force Gurkha Review

Thanks Omkar and Aditya for the comprehensive update. Looks impressive, considering I had the trails and travails of owning and modifying a first generation Thar - spending time money, energy. Now that I own a Gypsy - same trails and travails of modifying it up to ones likes, this seems to be a more "jump in and drive off vehicle". Though I have not tried out the new Thar.

The website seems to have gone live:
But no mention of the price point.

I would love to see the 5 Door version. Having "3 doored" my family for some time now, I have a feeling that I am likely to be shown the "Door" if I dare pick up the 3 door Thar or Gurkha.)
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re: Force Gurkha Review

New Force Gurkha in different colours

Force Gurkha Review-20210915_094122.jpg

Force Gurkha Review-20210915_094128.jpg

Force Gurkha Review-20210915_094134.jpg

Force Gurkha Review-20210915_094343.jpg

Force Gurkha Review-20210915_094347.jpg

Source : CarandBike

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