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re: Force Gurkha Review

Next-gen Force Gurkha to be launched on September 27

Force Motors has announced that the next generation Gurkha will be launched on September 27. Deliveries will commence on Dussehra.

Force Gurkha Review-gurkha-1.jpg

The new Force Gurkha looks similar to its predecessor. It carries forward the Mercedes G-Wagon inspired styling featuring a boxy exterior with circular LED headlamps, a redesigned bonnet with 'shark grille' on the sides and a snorkel.

On the inside, the Gurkha comes with an all-black dashboard with a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system that offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. The SUV gets captain seats in the second row.

The new Gurkha is powered by a 2.6-litre diesel engine producing 90 BHP and 250 Nm. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, a low range gearbox and an all-wheel-drive system featuring locking front and rear differentials.

The Gurkha rides on independent double-wishbone suspension at the front and has a rigid axle at the rear, with coil springs all around. It enables the SUV to drive up 35-degree slopes and wade through 700 mm of water.
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Sharing the full press release as received for those wanting more details:

Pune based automotive major Force Motors revealed the final avatar of the All-New Gurkha 2021 today on its social media platforms. The brand new Force Gurkha web site is now live featuring its 360 degrees exterior and interior panoramic views.

The Gurkha 2021 is built on a ground up modular architecture platform with an all new wider and longer body, full new interiors, a new crash compliant, high strength C-in-C chassis, new coil spring suspension on all four wheels fine-tuned to achieve the right balance and offer best in class ride quality on multiple surfaces viz., tarmac, rough rural roads and off the road. The only carry over from the previous generation Gurkha is the Mercedes G-Wagen inspired looks and imposing stance.

The branding of the All-new Gurkha has also undergone a major change with GURKHA logo replacing the F-Logo on the front grill giving it a distinct character and reinforcing the brand GURKHA. On the sides a new mnemonic is added signifying its all-terrain and all-weather capability across mountains, rivers, deserts and jungles in all four seasons. The Khukri on the Brand logo has been moved from the left to the right and aligned at the same angle as the air intake snorkel, in line with the new, more contemporary and aesthetic brand identity.

Gurkha 2021 is the only vehicle in its class that features full L.E.D Force Pro Edge headlamps (pilot lamp, low-beam and high-beam), jewel like, broken circle DRLs and fender mounted L.E.D indicators offering unmatched road presence, highest illumination and excellent night time visibility.

The Gurkha 2021 now comes with Air bag for driver and co-passenger. It is the only vehicle in this category with full metal top offering best in class security and safety. All three passenger seats are ISOFIX compatible seats. ABS and EBD is now offered as standard fitment.

The new 2.6 litre 91bhp Mercedes derived common rail, direct injection, turbocharged diesel engine has ample power to cruise at triple digit figures on the highways and sufficient low end torque (250Nm @1400 – 2400 rpm) to negotiate slopes of 35 degrees in 4x4 low first gear in the crawl mode, and also wade through streams of up to 700mm depth. The new power train meets the BS6 norms using Lean NOX trap thereby eliminating the need for Ad Blue. The 5-speed Mercedes G-28 transmission with cable shift and the hydraulically activated clutch with booster ensure effortless gear changes. It also offers best in class maneuverability with the shortest turning circle radius of just 5.65m.

The longer and wider body enables Gurkha 2021 to offer the roomiest cabin in its class with captain seats for all four occupants, best in class leg room, head room and elbow room plus over 500 litres of boot space. The rear passenger seats with arm rest are reclining type offering unmatched seating comfort. The Gurkha 2021 offers the highest driving position and best in class all round visibility with maximum window glass area. Gurkha 2021 continues to be the most capable off-roader in its class with the air intake snorkel and manually operated, positive locking, mechanical differential locks on all four wheels being offered as a standard fitment.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Prasan Firodia, Managing Director, Force Motors said, “Aligning with the changing customer expectations and aspirations, we have designed and developed the All-New Gurkha on a ground up, modular architecture platform and are confident that we shall now be able to appeal to a much wider audience who wish to own a vehicle that is suitable for both daily commutes as well as adventure trips.”

Gurkha 2021 comes with new smart midnight black interiors complete with android and apple play compatible touch screen infotainment and navigation with true mirroring via USB. Charging ports are provided for all four occupants. It has a host of other convenience features offered for the first time on a Gurkha like steering column with tilt and telescopic adjustment, power windows, central locking, speed sensing door locks, rear parking sensors, single piece rear door with wipers, variable intermittent speed front wipers, tyre pressure monitoring system, cornering lamps, lead me home and lead me to Gurkha.

All new Gurkha will be available in five colours red, orange, green, grey and white. The price announcement shall be made in the last week of September post which dealers shall start taking bookings. The vehicles are expected to reach the dealerships in the first week of October and the first deliveries to customers are planned on Dussehra day. Initially the All-new Gurkha will be available at select locations in the key markets. Thereafter, the footprint shall be expanded in a phased manner. The Gurkha 2021 comes with category best warranty of 1.5 lakh km/3 year and 4 free services. Force Motors has also tied up with Auto Europa India, which has over 6,200 touch points for on road assistance. Also on offer are a host of custom-made accessories and merchandise to make each Gurkha distinctive and ensure the adventure trips are safe and memorable.

The Gurkha 2021 shall now appeal to all those with an adventurous streak in them. They will find it the ideal vehicle that can be used for their daily commute, and exploring the countryside in the regular course of their profession or for bonding with their family by making overland trips to scenic locations and heritage sites tucked away in remote corners of our vast and diverse country.
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
*SNIP* I have a gut feeling that this thing will trounce the Thar on really difficult trails. *SNIP*

On the road, it won't shatter your spine like the Thar. *SNIP*

All-round visibility is very good - fewer blind spots than the Thar.*SNIP*
Suggestion for you and anyone else here in this thread who has mentioned Thar in comparison - maybe you could specify which generation of Thar you refer to - is it the new one (2020+) or the earlier one?


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re: Force Gurkha Review

Good effort from Force, I would say. Despite the low demand, they have still brought it out - as compared to the deep slumber that Maruti is in regarding the Jimny.

Looks are quite good, though the front end looks over done. I would:
1. blacken the section around the head lamps
2. The LED part around the actual headlamp looks yuck. A continuous circular unit would have been better.

Some may say cost cutting regarding the rear seats, but in a way good that these are adjustable. A bench seat in the 5 door version would definitely help.

It's way too tall - hoping the dynamics of the 5 door are better, and will be more suited for this height.
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Lovely crisp review - Thanks! Force spent much of their energy on giving a great looking exterior, it looks smashing in that grey. But looks like they absolutely ran out of money when it comes to interiors. With such good seats, great all round visibility and functional mechanicals, it should not have been too much of a stretch to build in some more of those creature comforts and improve the overall cabin quality. While it shall remain niche, it could have still found a few more buyers with some inspiring interiors. Guess that's not happening soon given the timelines Force motors works with.
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Any news on the version with solid front axles - Aditya/Omkar?
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Originally Posted by Nilesh5417 View Post
Lovely crisp review - .....But looks like they absolutely ran out of money when it comes to interiors. With such good seats, great all round visibility and functional mechanicals, it should not have been too much of a stretch to build in some more of those creature comforts and improve the overall cabin quality. While it shall remain niche, it could have still found a few more buyers with some inspiring interiors. Guess that's not happening soon given the timelines Force motors works with.
As far as I understand it, the Gurkha only exists because Force shares it's component costs with it's actual bread and butter models. For example, the interiors in the Gurkha look very similar to the Force Trax ( Since the target segment for that vehicle is completely different there would have to be compromise for at least one of the vehicles (either the company goes with the hard wearing and utilitarian interiors that it's volume seller needs or a pleasing contemporary interior for a vehicle that barely sells).
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re: Force Gurkha Review

The LED headlamps appear to be overdone - kind of looks like a cartoon character.
Regarding the car itself, it is expected that it is mechanically sound - I see Force traveler vans on the road everyday and they appear super maneuverable. I've seen Trax in any hill station worth its name... Given this pedigree, I expect it to be abuse friendly and easy to maintain.
The interiors seem to be neither here nor there. A city dweller with disposable income might prefer the Thar. Business/Farmer types in tier 2/3 cities who haul stuff around would be mindful of the better interiors (for hauling purposes) and worry about spoiling it... They may end up getting a Bolero/Tata pickup instead.
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Anyone considering this for anything other than pure offroad use is suggested to go through this ownership review. (Extreme xtreme! Force Gurkha Xtreme 4x4 ownership review)
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Nice crisp review!

When you think of it , what really differentiates a commercial UV from a personal SUV?

NVH and Power.
Sure leather seats and plush interiors are nice to have but, if you can't out-accelerate the Trax Toofan with paying passengers from that odd signal on the highway, you're going to be really tired by the time you reach your destination.

The same engine has been existing in some form or another for at least 15 yrs. While it has definitely been upgraded to modern standards with regards to emissions, its still producing roughly the same power output!

Even back then, 90BHP in a 2 ton SUV was considered underpowered, when the equivalent Scorpio/Safari had 109/116BHP, but now the same vehicles have moved on to 140-170BHP!

I'm not advocating breaking the speed limit, but the vehicle should be capable of reaching it in a reasonable span of time (lets say under 15 seconds) and be able to cruise there, even up mild grades.

Force has a 115BHP version of this engine, they could have used it, instead.

Or else like Tata, get an engine from FIAT and a gearbox from someone else.

I understand this is an off-roader and you mostly don't need a lot of power when off-road but easily accessible torque, except when dune bashing, perhaps.
But, most of us reside closer to our places of work then our off-road playgrounds!
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Originally Posted by starter View Post
Any news on the version with solid front axles - Aditya/Omkar?
saar - isnt that asking for a little too much ? They have at least got it out.

Having the hard-top as the only version can be seen as an attempt toward making it family travel friendly, I dont think a solid front axle would even be considered. Wont that make it less comfortable for highway ?
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Hey condor,
No no. This ain't my wish list
Gurkha had a variant with solid axles and 2.2 engine.
Check this link -->
I was only trying to check with Aditya/Omkar if there was any information about the launch of that version.

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re: Force Gurkha Review

Lovely Crisp review. Thank you. I personally really like the Gurkha..and especially in its latest avatar.

I currently drive a 2019 4x4 Endeavour and have used it extensively for road trips to remote destinations in Spiti and Ladakh, driving to other cities on expressways and even to to fetch veggies from the market behind my house.

It does all the jobs very well.

I feel the Gurkha will be able to do the same almost equally well. In some respects it will be far superior (offroad) and in some it may be quite inferior (expressways) but overall it will be a great package and Force Motors must be commended for bringing the Gurkha out of the 80's and into the early 2000's if not 2021.

Let us not compare the Gurkha to any vehicle though. Not the Endeavor/Fortuner or the faux SUV's pottering about town especially not things like the Seltos, Safari, Nexon types.

It can only be compared to its closest rival the Thar but i feel even that isn't fair.

The Gurkha is far more capable offroad, much more spacious and in my humble opinion much better looking. The Thar seems to be a more refined vehicle in comparison though.

In any case the Gurkha really only can be compared to the older Gurkha and it beats that hands down. Its a special vehicle for a particular set of people and that is why it sells in low numbers apart from the infamous After sales of Force Motors.
But now i feel with the new 2021 Gurkha a lot more people will be able to see themselves in it even as their only car.

I am not sure the dedicated single door for rear passengers is such great idea. What happens if someone wants to get out at a dhaba or god forbid incase of a serious accident and the boot is full of luggage while on a roadtrip?

When i had decided to sell my Fortuner i had gone and seen the 2019 2.2 liter, 140 bhp Gurkha Extreme also and immediately wanted to put an advance down. It was rough and utilitarian but i still wanted it over the Ford Endeavour that i was about to book (and eventually bought).
Force Gurkha Review-screenshot_20200401005436_instagram.jpg

At that time i test drove the Gurkha Extreme twice and had my heart set on it.
Force Gurkha Review-screenshot_20190411121938_photos.jpg

There was some news about cars without airbags being banned in NCR and i backed off.
The salesperson also told me that the BS6 version with airbags was also being developed.

I decided to go with my head and not my heart and bought the 4x4 Endeavour.
Force Gurkha Review-screenshot_20200308205019_instagram.jpg

I will wait a year (to let them iron out any issues) and buy the latest version of the Gurkha. Even if the 5 door comes out i will probably get the 3 door version as i already have a 5 door Endeavour.

Luckily the car comes with steel wheels and radials so upgrading to proper rims and tyres will make complete sense. Maybe a better infotainment system, a bull bar and rocksliders is all that will be required.

Thankfully Force motors has come out with the color i like the most- Green. Infact my Fortuner, Obelix was wrapped matte green.
This became an issue with the Delhi traffic cops later as in the RC the color mentioned was White.
Force Gurkha Review-img_20180829_131333_249.jpg

So now when i get the Gurkha wrapped matte Green it will not be violating the RC also.

It is now not a matter of IF i will own a Gurkha but WHEN i will own a (Green) Gurkha and just that thought gives me butterflies!!

Force Gurkha Review-screenshot_20210915163438_drive.jpg
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Cars like these are great - solid mechanicals and low on fluff / fancy features. Gives you a better connection while driving IMO.
This would make a great 2nd car in the house to accompany a fast sedan.

Might be a noob question but what is 4x4x4 ?

Originally Posted by sachin_cs View Post
I also checked out their website and seems they have done their homework well as the forcegurkha website looks dope, something which mainstream manufacturers have failed to do so, here's a screenshot shot~
The website is slick no doubt, but they still need to proofread it better - G-Wagon is spelled as G-Wagen!
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re: Force Gurkha Review

Originally Posted by Manuuj View Post

It is now not a matter of IF i will own a Gurkha but WHEN i will own a (Green) Gurkha and just that thought gives me butterflies!!
Same here (orange version) - Fingers crossed waiting for the test drive. But I am going to pray hope and wait for the OM611 140hp version for a couple of years. If they could bring out the 2.2ltr car only in the last few years of its phasing out, they might just as well decide to use the 2.2ltr across all the commercial offerings as well. I am hoping it is only some technical challenges in converting it into a BS6 avatar in a timely manner that is making them stall it and not some stupid business decision.

I am going to have to search for yellow LED lights in the 3500-4000k temp range though - I absolutely hate those 6000k white lights! Everything else looks picture perfect at least from the videos.

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