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Old 15th September 2021, 09:43   #16
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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

Looks absolutely lovely, especially with that color scheme.
I am not an offroading fan, but this looks absolutely delicious for touring, although would have loved the 2.2 Ltr.

How is the leg space? And head room?
Usually we have pics of the mods sitting so we can get a fair idea. If possible please share such pics if available.

Also, how does she perform on the highway? Considering the height, is there any bodyroll?

I am also a tad concerned about the boot and the gap in the back seats. If not anchored properly, luggage will mean disaster in case of hard braking. I wish they had provided some safety net or something to counter this.

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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

Another interesting point is the Service Claims in the Website.

The Warranty Policy - does Thar offer the same?

The All New Force Gurkha 4x4 warranty policy is valid for 3 years or 1.5 lakh km

*whichever occurs first, to ensure complete peace of mind for our esteemed Gurkha owners. The complete warranty coverage with Terms and conditions are available in the owner’s manual.
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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

I really liked the new Gurkha. It's tough, utilitarian and indestructible, exactly what you would expect from a vehicle like that. The colour options are great too with an option of funky as well as more neutral colours available.

If I were in the market for an off-roader, this would be my pick over Thar without a doubt!

I agree to what GTO says, it won't really affect the Thar's sales and be a niche car. But I would love to be in that niche community, just like how mini coopers exist in India .

A gurkha owner would surely be that guy in the area everyone wanna know more about .
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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

Very crisp review. Thanks. Couple of points :

1. By any chance the rear seats can be removed?
2. Looks like the floor is raised here, could this pose an issue for rear passengers.

This should have had the specs of 2.2 engine and dash still looks old.
Attached Images
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It rarely happens that suvs impress me but this one has got my heart, it looks so menacing and purposeful- classic old world charm. Somehow it reminded me of BHPian Blackpearl's defender. I also checked out their website and seems they have done their homework well as the forcegurkha website looks dope, something which mainstream manufacturers have failed to do so, here's a screenshot shot.

Force Gurkha Review-screenshot_20210915_102657.jpg

I was watching the review of new Gurkha and when parked next to the new Thar, seems like Gurkha has got lot more road presence for sure- it does look badass
Force Gurkha Review-screenshot_20210915_111227.jpg

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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

If anyone gets a Gurkha in the bright colours they've launched, I very much doubt the Find my Car feature will be needed.

Seeing how Gurgaon keeps getting flooded every year, owning one of these as a second car makes sense. If I had the money, I'd definitely consider one of these just to literally stand out in the crowd. Everything that's said about the engine is strangely attractive to me, being a sedate driver who stays clear of 100kph.

There is one thing though. With the Gurkha most likely expected to match the Thar in price (according to AutoCar), the Suzuki Jimny will have to be proved under ₹10 lakhs. Any higher and the pair of Thar and Gurkha are the obvious choices.
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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

White colored Gurkha looks great! I usually find that color dull in most other cars. Any news on 5 door version and pricing? After all those teasers and leaks, I sort of wasn't excited when it actually got launched.

On social media, everyone is complaining about how poor looking the interior is, but does it matter in a vehicle like this?
To me Gurkha is even hard core than Thar, which in its V2 avatar has become too classy and fancy like.
The new Thar might get accepted by wives and mothers but this bad boy would still meet frowned faces.

So congratulations to Force for sticking to its guns (may be unintentionally?) and launching Gurkha this way.

Evo has this to say:

. It is now civilized. It can be used as a daily driver, if you’re not too hung up on an automatic. It has the creature comforts you cannot do without.

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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

It looks stunning. Like a baby G-Wagon. But however good it may be offroad, there is too much of an imbalance as a usable car with it's limited on-road drivability. If it struggles to even reach 100, i'm not going near it. Force knows "Gurkha" will only appeal to offroad enthusiasts, it shows in how they've packaged the drivetrain. It's a bit sad to know that 90 odd hp engine made it's way here and does not appeal that much. I'll wait for the test drive.
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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

Outside looks are stunning for an off roader like Gurkha, however rear tail lights are a big disappointment. It definitely looks like an after thought and sticks out like a sore thumb. Being said that, who ever buys this new Gurkha should be aware of the fact that you are on your own as the after sales support and parts availability is so poor and lethargic. Interior quality as expected is again poor, however no surprise being this as a force product.

Idea or the concept of Gurkha is great, however Force is yet to become a matured automobile manufacturer to come out with a 21st century car for the educated customer base to accept it as a proper vehicle.
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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

I've been eagerly waiting for this! Enjoyed the well written review that covers every aspect in detail. The new Gurkha is no doubt a huge improvement over the last gen model. However, I wish they offered the more potent 2.2 Mercedes-Benz motor as well. Few other features that should be offered on the new Gurkha such as TC A/T, improved NVH levels & maybe cruise control to enhance highway cruising; would greatly enhance its appeal as a legit Thar alternative.
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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

Originally Posted by highwaypatrol View Post
Being said that, who ever buys this new Gurkha should be aware of the fact that you are on your own as the after sales support and parts availability is so poor and lethargic. Interior quality as expected is again poor, however no surprise being this as a force product.
Gurkha has been a product for those who are suckers for pain. I bet most of them went into the experience knowing fully well how terrible the support is. However I don't think anyone believed it to be that bad. Some recent threads on previous gen Gurkha are genuinely frustrating to read.

But this is what the reviewer at Evo said:
There’s now a dedicated team at Force Motors to look after Gurkha customers. Events are planned to build that eco system that is so important in this lifestyle space. Gurkhas will come to you to test and experience. There’s a 3 year and 1,50,000km warranty for peace of mind, plus a pick-up and drop facility for servicing. Time, effort and resources are being deployed to make sure the Gurkha doesn’t remain super-niche any longer.
May be Force trying to turn the tide this time, after seeing Thar's massive success and want a piece of that pie too?

P.S. Will Gurkha be sold thru select dealers? My place has Force dealership but the city itself is not listed in the "city" dropdown while arranging for test drive.

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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

Good to see the Gurkha... in its new avatar.. it was a long time coming. Finally I would say Force motors have taken the 'leap of a decade' :-).

In this new auto age where we are shopping more features than automobiles,Force motors I would say, should have traveled an extra mile to make this an life style vehicle.That would have brought this to the mainstream

No doubt it is capable and would leave any off road enthusiast grinning from ear to ear .

Still looking at the primitive plastic interiors and some missing off road gadgets like the clinometer,compass etc., is disappointing .They could have added some basic and simple onces,making the proposition a bit more attractive.
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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

The Gurkha is a fascinating off-roader. Front and rear mechanical locking differential puts it ahead of the Thar in the off-roading department (at least on paper). The seats look more comfortable than the tiny narrow seats offered in the Thar. The rear captain seats is a good move. Nothing more annoying than complaining passengers on a road trip, lol. However, it just doesn’t appeal to the millennials or to the head. Poor service support, decade old interiors, NO AT (biggest con in my book), and not so powerful engine. One might argue a MT is what suits off-roading much more than an AT and I 100% agree. But, how many off-roading enthusiasts do we have in India? Not everyone has the luxury to have a dedicated off-roader in their garage.

One of the main reasons for the Thar to become such a hit is because of its flexibility. I personally use my Thar to drive to the office (diesel AT), head out for weekend drives and to my farm and the occasional off-roading session. Jack of all trades, master of none. I believe this is what a majority of Thar buyers are looking for. They want an all-rounder where as the Gurkha is more of an off-road biased vehicle. Gurkha is not a car that you can drive to the office everyday. But it’s one hell of a car to off-road. I really do want to drive one and experience the front and rear locking differentials. I’m hoping off-road enthusiasts will pick up the Gurkha and bring success to Force Motors and we get better iterations in the coming years. Competition is good for us consumers.

Here are the colours on offer:

Force Gurkha Review-f708e7db356249bc89bcd99a49c51a5b.jpeg

Force Gurkha Review-6bcef27461a74300a568d15cf7048f5e.jpeg

Force Gurkha Review-f3d89eddfde4463dad820015b34bc844.jpeg

Force Gurkha Review-af32c688f6284f41be6648f399ab6248.jpeg



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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

One of the popular Youtube Offroading channel posted a view that the Gurkha lacks the grunt and enough articulation for steep slippery inclines and one has to use the Locking differentials to achieve anything substantial.
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Default re: Force Gurkha Review

I thoroughly enjoyed testing the new Gurkha. It has its share of flaws (as expected), but it's definitely a huge improvement over the previous versions.

The engine tuning, running gear, short overhangs, short wheelbase and ground clearance make it a formidable off-roader. I have a gut feeling that this thing will trounce the Thar on really difficult trails. On the road, it won't shatter your spine like the Thar. The interior space is excellent - lots of legroom, shoulder room and head room. You can carry a good deal of luggage and even a bicycle can be slid in between the rear seats. All-round visibility is very good - fewer blind spots than the Thar. To top it all, the Gurkha looks terrific and has great road presence.

Plenty of negatives too. Ingress & egress are only for the fit. You have to climb into the car as the floor is way off the ground. Somehow, I found getting into the rear seat more convenient from the tailgate rather than folding the front passenger seat forward. There is enough space between the rear chairs. The fit & finish - inside or outside is really from the past - Armada / Sumo era. Still, you won't have cuts on your fingers like you did with the older Gurkhas. Storage spaces are limited and the equipment list is from 20 years ago. The engine is not suitable for quick highway performance - you can amble at 80 / 90 km/h at best. That said, it feels a lot more composed than the other purpose built off-roaders that we have had. The gear shift is far from slick and steering is too heavy for everyday city driving. The lack of an AT further limits the vehicle's appeal.

Force Motors know that they have quite a task on their hands when it comes to cracking Tier 1 / 2 markets. The market for such vehicles is tiny and they know that the Gurkha can only be a second vehicle of a family. They might use the online platform for selling the Gurkha in such markets.

I will not recommend the Gurkha to any of my city-dwelling friends or relatives. Cars like the Brezza or Nexon serve their purpose and craving for SUVs.

On a personal note though, I am in love with the Force Gurkha. I am an off-roader and won't consider a UV without 4WD. I like the simplicity, the ruggedness and mechanical nature of the beast.

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