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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Doesnt anyone feel that 1.5DSG is missing the rear disc brakes?

The rationale being a car with bigger engine needs bigger&better brakes.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Originally Posted by Rajeevraj View Post
Yes, that is exactly the feeling. The fact that it is a modern car with all the latest features makes it feel like an upgrade, but at the same time the engine-gearbox combo( for existing tsi and/or DSG owners), the overall build feel and some of the interior elements make you think- is it a worthy upgrade?

Of course I am talking purely from my perspective as a Vento tsi dsg owner. Not many of us out there. Depending on the model/variant that you own of a Vento or Rapid, this opinion may differ.

As you mentioned, the Octavia is more a 'right' upgrade, but the OTR of nearly 37L is hard to digest. I paid around 12.5L for the Vento TSI 8+ years back. Now to properly upgrade one segment, I need to triple my budget. Even to get the semi upgrade like the Slavia, I need to almost pay double. The way prices have shot up!!

Would be interesting to see how and where the Virtus slots in.

Edit: Missed to mention earlier. The showroom had around 6-7 customers and all of them were checking out the Slavia.
As a fellow Vento TSI owner I couldn't agree more. We got really lucky with our car and very few cars if any have been released nearly as good as that.

I am so addicted to the Vento 1.2 TSI's acceleration and lightning quick gear changes that only EVs would be a proper upgrade for me.

I read that they have held back the launch of the 1.5TSI engine to protect the DSG. The 1.0 TSI will initially beat the 1.5 DSG off the line before the 1.5 comes into its own.

Regarding the Virtus I expect the prices to be higher than the Slavia because of their brand positioning. A Slavia RS would be really intresting.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Skoda Slavia opens its monthly sales/dispatch account in Feb-22, topples Hyundai's Verna.

Honda City: 2836
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz: 1912
Skoda Slavia : 1862
Hyundai Verna : 1058

Name:  Capture.JPG
Views: 2067
Size:  15.6 KB

Source:Auto Punditz

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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

I am planning to buy a Slavia but confused between carbon steel and crystal blue. I can get the carbon steel delivered in next couple of days but for Blue the waiting is quoted to be between 30-45 days. Plus another problem with blue is that I can only get it painted from Skoda service center in future and not from any FNG (I assume carbon steel colour would probably be available in FNGs as well but I could be wrong).

However carbon steel has its own set of problems. First, visually I like the blue colour better. Plus, carbon steel might turn out to be a dirt magnet. Small scratches also might easily show up there. Any kushaq carbon steel owners (or any other grey car owners like the metallic grey on Kia) - could you please shed some light on how difficult would it be to maintain carbon steel colour?
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Originally Posted by TheKingOfStones View Post
Any kushaq carbon steel owners (or any other grey car owners like the metallic grey on Kia) - could you please shed some light on how difficult would it be to maintain carbon steel colour?

I had a Carbon Steel polo. It does look absolutely beautiful in low light, like evenings or night but during the day, as the car ages and gets those scratches it does not appeal as much. I sold it last year though and to the person whom I sold it feels its the best color for polo and also liked my car's paint even after 5 years and all those scratches. Here are two pics for your reference from her last day with me (5+ years old)

Dirty in the afternoon
Skoda Slavia Review-pxl_20211119_155951215.jpg

Washed at night
Skoda Slavia Review-whatsapp-image-20211119-7.39.27-pm.jpeg
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Price positioning of Skoda Slavia against Honda City

Skoda Slavia Review-1.png

Variant wise feature differential comparison

Skoda Slavia Review-2.png
  • Bold text highlights price-wise heavy items
  • Slavia Active variant without rear AC vent, manual AC and armrest is not worth considering for ₹ 10,69,000
  • City 4th generation SV variant, meant for lower sticker price, seems to be a better choice over Slavia Active variant
  • Slavia Ambition variant is more close to City’s V variant
  • But surcharge of ₹ 1,16,000 makes the Honda City V variant more value for money choice and additional 2 airbags cannot be ignored
  • Instead of Slavia Ambition MT, customers can easily buy City V CVT, as a ₹ 35,000 discount is already available
  • Honda City VX variant has a strong value for money proposition now, as there is no equivalent Skoda Slavia variant, and yes it does have a sunroof
  • Slavia Style variant has a slight feature advantage over top-end City ZX and seems worth a ₹ 31,000 surcharge
  • But if Honda offers a discount worth ₹ 35,000, the value equation may tilt slightly in its favor
  • Skoda could have at least named Style NSR (non-sunroof) variant as ‘Style’ variant, and current Style as ‘Style+’, their current approach seems regressive
  • Honda is offering highly valued sunroof, in India, on top two variants, seems Skoda has not so a smart research team at work
  • Owning City automatic (CVT) with better fuel efficiency makes more sense for value conscious buyers who can live with the rubber-band effect
High performance Skoda Slavia Style variant

Skoda Slavia Review-3.png
  • 1.5 TSI DSG doesn’t have any direct competition as of now and Skoda is asking for a price premium of ₹ 2,40,000 for more fun to drive Slavia
  • It is strange that there are no visual differentiation between regular and high performance version
  • They should have brought Fabia Monte Carlo touch to Style 1.5 TSI variant, as they already have a ready template and shared parts from European Fabia
Skoda Slavia Review-4.png
  • Skoda if you are reading this, at least call this Slavia variant ‘Slavia 150’ to signify 150 PS (Pferd Starke is the metric measure of horsepower), similar to Octavia RS245 and have some differentiation, believe me, it works like magic
  • The resale value of the DSG variant will not be so good once the warranty period expires, as it has reliability issues
  • Even during warranty, a used car buyer will pre-empt risk and may offer less money
  • KIA Seltos still sells in quite good numbers, which means many Indians still don’t care much for low GNCAP safety crash test rating
  • For those who care - City 4th generation now has a proven GNACP safety crash test rating of 4 stars, and Honda claims that 5th generation City has a higher content of high strength steel
  • (
  • VAG’s new India specific platform isn’t crash tested yet
  • City and Slavia are equally matched on safety equipment level
Brand identity
  • Skoda’s brand campaign seems to be designed to attract those who still want to own a sedan and not to entice new ones into their fold
Skoda Slavia Review-5.png
  • Skoda should have taken a leaf out of VW marketing campaign for Virtus
  • VW is simply saying – ‘Sedans are fun to drive and we know how to add fun to your everyday routine’ – nice way to break the clutter of crossovers and attract enthusiast and also non-enthusiast family oriented buyers
Skoda Slavia Review-6.png
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Zac Hollis : We are targeting to be the segment leader with the Slavia.

Skoda targets 15% volumes from 1.5 TSI trims.

The 1.5 TSI is locally assembled but most of the parts are imported.

Skoda eyes up to 3000 Slavia sales on a monthly basis.

Skoda targets 2000 Slavia deliveries in March.

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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Originally Posted by Rajeevraj View Post
I am interested to know how much of a difference is there between the earlier 1.2TSI+DSG and the new 1.5TSI+ DSG. All the key points called out above are almost exactly the same as how the 1.2TSI+DSG behaves(apart from the slightly more bottom line grunt-which anyways I have not seen as a major issue in the 1.2TSI+DSG also).
Top end. The 1.5TSI pulls like crazy even beyond triple digit speeds, whereas you will agree that our beloved 1.2TSI kind of 'continues strongly' past triple digit speeds.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Took back to back test drives of the Slavia 1.5DSG and 1.0AT today. My sole intention was as mentioned before check if the 1.5DSG really feels as powerful as it is on paper and cost I am pretty impressed. Thanks to TAFE Access in HSR for promptly arranging the cars and literally back to back so that I could feel the difference easily and on the same driving route. Some observations from my end:
  • The 1.5 DSG has a very controlled clutch response starting from standstill. This is much slower compared to the 1.2 Polo TSi which would creep like an automatic. I believe this has been done to save the clutch pack. In comparison to this, the 1.0 Torque converter due to its nature allows for strong creep and easy movement from standstill or bumper to bumper traffic.
  • The shift quality of both transmissions are very good. They are tuned to be in the right gear all the time and make use of the powerband of the engine well. Both transmissions respond to kickdown in the same manner as well as manual gear changes. While the DSG shifts quickly and you get a direct feeling of the engine revving with vehicle speed increasing, the torque converter compensates for the bottom end of the 1.0 by letting the engine rev freely until a point where it comes into the powerband and then the TC locks up. This masks the poor low end of the 1.0 engine.
  • Both engines are potent enough to keep you moving in traffic and the 1.0 performed better than the 1.6L engine of my SX4. Hence there should not be any concern of its small displacement. For someone sticking to city traffic and trying to cover up gaps, the 1.0 AT is the best choice.
  • The 1.5 DSG on the other hand is an engine you would really like to baby around in traffic owing to its insane response if pushed hard. While I was comfortable pushing the A pedal of the 1.0 close to halfway mark in mixed traffic to gain good speed, the 1.5 would do it with less than 25%
  • In open areas or when trying to overtake etc, it is the 1.5 that shines out with its linear response and definitely picks up speed like a different animal. Its definitely a highway mile muncher and would promise loads of fun on open roads.
  • The real difference between the two engines is felt during in-gear acceleration. Switch to manual mode in both automatics in 2nd or 3rd gear and vary speeds. The turbo lag in the 1.0 is very prominent. It is so prominent that you might feel I am exaggerating, but it is similar to the low end of my K10 Celerio, where the engine feels dead. The moment the engine crosses a certain RPM, it suddenly wakes up and then the car picks up speed well. On the other hand, there is turbo lag in the 1.5, but to the extent that you would just experience linear acceleration like any other NA petrol and then once the turbo spools up thats a different league altogether. I had faced this issue even in Germany when I had a 1.0TSI Golf and a 1.5TSI T-Roc both in manual disguise. Hence if you are looking for the manual, I would any day prefer the 1.5.
  • Also, I felt the AC performance in the 1.0 to be just poor. While the 1.5 also did not have a chilly AC, I could not just bear with the 1.0 AC in a typical Bangalore afternoon. Of course the car was a bit hot standing in the sun, but the ten year old AC of my SX4 which hasnt been touched so far still beats both the 1.0 and 1.5 ACs.
  • NVH of the 1.5 is superior both while idle and while driving. This is one factor which makes the 1.5 feel less sporty while picking up speed. It reaches high speeds without hearing much from the engine, while the 1.0 can be heard revving across gears which gives a feeling of it being fast.
There is this stupid gap to the right side of the drivers seat all the way down to the carpet. Dont understand why someone would do this, or if it is done intentionally to accommodate the seat airbag inflation. But I havent seen this in any other car I have driven so far. Overall I was impressed by the car and its performance.

Perhaps old time VAG owners might not be impressed, but this happens with most manufacturers with time and there are many such changes which are not appreciated. But on the other hand, do we really have an alternative for the Slavia? I do not consider the City as an alternative even though I had plans to buy one. The City has better interiors in terms of quality and would be more reliable, but thats it. The Verna is a dated product and its interior space is nothing to write home about. All this in comparison to the 1.0 Slavia. The 1.5 is a niche product, and would be sharing its segment with the Virtus.

The Kushaq has better alternatives, which would be tough to compete against. But for now, not the Slavia unless one is cross shopping between compact SUVs and Crossovers.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

I took test drive today. Quick observations.

1) Very stylish
2) Decently spacious
3) Very good performance for both engine.
4) smooth gear shift.

Noisy cabin 1 litre - compared to any sedan available on sale including sub 4 meters ones. I took it to different surfaces and High speed, bad road etc.

Suspension noise - It crashes and makes loud noise on sharp potholes or breakers Including the plastic ones in society building.

Cancelled the booking for suspension noise, really sad as it looked so special on road.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Originally Posted by venkyhere View Post
Of late, I often see comments directly correlating GC (ground clearance) with bodyroll of vehicle, without test driving it. Please let me know whether this makes sense.
Nice theory Venky. It's true that seating position can play a role in the 'perceived' body roll difference. However, I feel you are missing two key points here: the stiffness of the suspension, and the center of mass of the vehicle, both of which directly affect the body roll. The stiffness of the suspension is related to the 'roll center' of the vehicle.

Quoting from Wikipedia:

The significance of the roll center can only be appreciated when the vehicle's center of mass is also considered. If there is a difference between the position of the center of mass and the roll center a moment arm is created. When the vehicle experiences angular velocity due to cornering, the length of the moment arm, combined with the stiffness of the springs and possibly anti-roll bars (also called 'anti-sway bar'), defines how much the vehicle will roll. This has other effects too, such as dynamic load transfer.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Originally Posted by pqr View Post
Price positioning of Skoda Slavia against Honda City
What a brilliant analysis During the price reveal I felt that they have nailed it and Slavia might have the potential to become segment leader. However, the Active and Ambition variant feel like dead on arrival with the low amount of features they are offering. Both the City V and VX are making even more sense now.

Even in the City ZX vs Slavia Style comparison, Ventilated seats and wireless Android Auto/CarPlay are the stand out features for which I can think of giving the premium. But after Kushaq's niggles would I want to bet on Slavia or go for the relatively proven and safer choice of the City? I would still go with the latter.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Did a test drive of the 1.0 TSi Style manual variant, and following are my opinions.

· The ride quality is good, and the handling is confident. Gear shifts are smooth, not as slick as the Honda City though. The power delivery is quite good too – frankly it was a revelation to me, as I had a bit of concern about how the small displacement engine would perform, no matter the turbo injection! For a daily driving scenario though, I doubt I am going to feel a pronounced difference from the City.
· The Skoda sound system is mind-blowing! It’s a bit bass heavy, but as on OEM system, I doubt there’s any challenger in the sub-20 lakh segment.
· The ICE touch screen is fabulous too. It’s crisp with good resolution and worked like a charm with my iPhone 12. Cannot stress enough the utility of Wireless Apple Carplay.
· Had to repeatedly take my eyes off the road to adjust the ACC settings. Prefer a tactile knob set-up any day.
· The quality of plastics is horrible, its scratchy, hard and dull! No mincing words here – I do not know how they expect to get away with this for the asking price. The seat leather has a “rexine” feel and is just about passable in quality. Make no mistake – the interiors of the Honda City are eons ahead and feel opulent in comparison!
· In terms of space, the Honda City has the edge, but it would not be a deal breaker I guess.

Overall, the Slavia 1.0 TSi seems a good upgrade from my diesel Ecosport, but the Honda City offers a much more rounded, VFM option IMHO.

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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

I’m excited to see and read about the 1.5 Slavia . It’s come as a last bastion of sedans against compact SUV onslaught. Waiting for an opportunity to take a TD soon.
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Re: Skoda Slavia Review

Slavias ready for delivery-
Skoda Slavia Review-img20220312wa0008.jpg

Skoda Slavia Review-img20220312wa0006.jpg

Skoda Slavia Review-img20220312wa0007.jpg

Skoda Slavia Review-img20220312wa0005.jpg

Skoda Slavia Review-img20220312wa0010.jpg

Skoda Slavia Review-img20220312wa0009.jpg
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