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Default Re: Miscreants assault me & damage my car (EDIT: accused now in police custody)

Originally Posted by Thilak29 View Post
First let me thank you wholeheartedly and very pleased to learn that you are part of this forum. Look forward to your contributions.

1) AC filter change was NOT done, will get this done over this weekend.
2) No, but I will keep a close watch.
3) No rattles seen, fit and finish seem good. Leak test to be done while pressure wash car (hopefully coming Sunday). I am also watching out for any fog building which was not present/seen earlier.
4) I have kept his record in files, though I am not a keeper of service bills as they are available at ASCs across country on demand.
5) I got 3M interior cleaning (including germ cleaning) done at ASC and cabin feels very clean. I intend to vacuum once again.

Insurance did not cover cleaning, beading/rubber, glue and such consumable charges. Glass was fully covered.
Glad to be of help . When you do leak test don't just look for drips near dashboard. Get a flash light lie down and look underneath the dashboard. Also I would advice you to rub you hands through hard to see areas under the dash to look for any moisture.

I am attaching a picture of a car without dash for your reference to get an idea on where to look ( This is not your exact vehicle. If I remember correctly this is a first generation swift dzire )
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Miscreants assault me & damage my car (EDIT: accused now in police custody)-img_20150205_163458.jpg  

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Default Re: Miscreants assault me & damage my car (EDIT: accused now in police custody)

My god!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw pieces of glass flying inside the car.

If not for dashcam and the composure you maintained, god knows how badly things would have gone wrong.

Wish you a speedy recovery.

I taught my mom driving recently and it's been only a few days since she has gathered enough courage to take the car out on her own.

I am now really terrified to let her take the car on her own. The first thing I am going to do immediately is get a dashcam. It's high time I get one.

I am glad you got things sorted out without any delay.

These miscreants should be punished severely without giving any consideration to their poor background so that other miscreants get terrified to even think about it.

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Default Re: Miscreants assault me & damage my car (EDIT: accused now in police custody)

These incidents can get really painful. Some local men really think they rule the area. I'm usually in the habit of politely telling defaulters to pls have some sense and have got ugly replies. Example persons obstructing traffic by parking in no-parking narrow roads, even if you say, 'Sir this is not the place to wait and park', replies come in various ways also with the bird, some can even come out of the car and start hitting your car. People have really lost senses and only care for their convenience you conclude.

Many a times you want to make people aware of a mistake like simple 2 wheelers coming in opposite direction at a signal on the road you want to enter, blocking your entry. they just don't care and can get violent responses. Worst, it just spoils your mood and mind for a few hours then.

Don't know if letting it go is also good?

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Default Re: Miscreants assault me & damage my car (EDIT: accused now in police custody)

Just happened to notice this thread! Thank god that Thilak was safe after what had happened to his car!

Happy to know that the incident was well publicized and the miscreants are now behind bars.

Originally Posted by fiat_tarun View Post
As he stared back at me, I just smiled and gestered to please cut in and go as he pleases. Anyway he stayed in the centre lane, got stuck and I happily drove off.
Originally Posted by VKumar View Post
Only once it happened that I decided not to lose my composure, amazingly that day I got it completely recorded on the dash cam.
Blessed states of mind, I must say. On rare occasions, I find myself staring at people for cutting into my lane or trying to drive dangerously. Have to learn to stay poised at all times.

On a serious note, we need in-ward facing "Stay Calm" stickers. Team-BHP branded ones

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Default Re: Miscreants assault me & damage my car (EDIT: accused now in police custody)

To control Road-Rage or instill some sense into drivers, car companies can put a sticker on dashboard "YOU ARE DRIVING A CAR/SCOOTER/BIKE, NOT A WAR MACHINE, BE SENSIBLE, BE COOL"

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Default Re: Miscreants assault me & damage my car (EDIT: accused now in police custody)

It's quarantine

Originally Posted by PrideRed View Post
Leather belt with chunky buckle is a good weapon indeed. Problem is stray dogs come in packs. Chances are that you will be overpowered soon and the stray dogs will be tearing you apart.
Originally Posted by PrasannaDhana View Post
Stray dogs do have mob mentality.
Being someone who has done a semi specialization in this stuff (Until I graduated), a leather belt is among the worst things to have. All you can hit is just once; after that, in those few seconds, when you wave the belt back (I am sure you won't keep only 1 foot of it for hitting), the person will either catch you, or your belt - and if it's a mob or even 2 of them; the game reverses. And trust me guys, when it comes to such acts, these roadside guys are mostly better than us - they frequently go through all this. So, what PrideRed says is actually mostly correct.

The best option is always to be safe first, and avoid the quarrel itself. Lord Krishna's one dialogue from Mahabharata I would like to recite here "agar shanti rajya chhod kar bhi mile, toh samjho ki saste me mil gayi (If you get peace even after letting off the throne, consider it a small cost for it)."

Else if there is no option - then go all out. Stop thinking of cons; and then anything in your hand is a potential self defense tool. I have seen people getting beaten like dogs with belts and what not, but still stand up, pick a brick and shoo away even 5 men.

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Default Re: Miscreants assault me & damage my car (EDIT: accused now in police custody)

I do keep a stick after two minor incidents that could have escalated. Just in case. But wiser not to retaliate as advised. My concern is for all road users including me who could get bashed up for a minor silly reason see below.

Regarding the reason for the fight, it is there in the footage at the beginning. The two riders were on two separate scooters and one turned right. Other guy was slow to turn so he waited in the left. See their t shirt colours. Something must have made them angry enough to assault so severely.

Only because of dashcam and media attention justice happened. Next time we won't be as lucky so take care to allow others before us when we drive. Dashcam - must get one too.
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