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A piece of information. I always take a International DL. I am a life member of AA and on the day of the journey, i take a copy of the ticket, visa, my card and a couple of photos and they prepare an IDL and give it to you in less than half hour.

To date, over my many travels, i have always handed over my Indian Driving license for rental cars and never used the IDL, but always keep it as an insurance.
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Hey guys,
I was searching for details regarding IDP and got directed to this. Please let me know what you guys think of this International Driver Document - Welcome Page .
The application is fully online and would cost you around 2500rs (including express shipping through DHL) but is a lot more convinient considering the hastle of getting it from the RTO in case there is a mismatch in address or similar.
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Default Australia

Any Inputs on what will be required for driving in australia?
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Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
Are you sure about this aah78? Next month I will be driving in both NY and NJ, all I have is an Indian license (the computerised card) and an expired NJ license.

It was my impression that only licenses written in non-English language need an IDP to act like translator. If NJ requires IDP irrespective of that, then I guess I have to get an IDP soon.

Edit: An IDP is an supplement to the driver's license. It is not like you can carry either one of them. An IDP is worthless without the DL.
That is absolutely correct! IDP is required in most US states only if DL is not in English language. If your DL is in english, then no IDP is required. Also, IDP is not your license, its an official translation in 20+ languages, and you must use you IDP together with your DL.
NJ does not require any IDP for Indian drivers. I had checked with Hertz and Avis many years back, and have rented cars from Avis & Enterprise there.
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Originally Posted by tsk1979 View Post
IDL is just a translation. If your license is in non english, then you need IDP, otherwise most US states require your Indian license and not a IDP.
For US purpose if somebody wants to give you IDP, most probably its a scam.
Go to the states website, check out the state you want to go to. They have it clearly mentioned that what do they need for visitors.

Originally Posted by KVS View Post
I will be traveling to Tennessee next month on a business trip. I have couple of questions.

1. I read on the web, for issuing the International Driving license, passport and driving license should have same address. Can some one confirm this. My DL address and PP address are not same.

2. IS paper DL (not the plastic card) accepted in USA?

3. Can I drive in Tennessee using Indian driving license?


Go to DMV Guide - DMV.ORG - The Unofficial Guide to the DMV and check laws for the State you are travelling to.
Some states do not consider INDIAN DRIVER's Licence even if its a IDP.(e.g California)
Will work max 60 days in NC.

However Avis, Hertz and Enterprise will give u rentals on indian licences.
The good thing about rental cars is that you can get a Fleet's Licence from DMV if you pass the written and driving test.
Go to that site I have mentioned earlier or google sample DMV questions for that state.

My friend was driving a Rental here in NC on a Indian DL and he met with a minor accident .When the cops showed up he showed his indian licence .The LDW was there on the Avis policy so he did not had any financial problems then.
But when he went for a NC driver's licence(non fleet) and bought his own Car + Insurance .Somehow the insurance company knew his name and his Insurance rates went up to 4500$ for a year in NC.

Even though the crash was not on his NC licence.

Also keep in mind buy LDW on all rentals because they save you from financial libility.
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California considers Indian drivers license as valid license for short term visiters(<90 days).
Driver License and Identification (ID) Card Information
IDP is not valid in california. You have to use your Indian license

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I've driven in California on an Indian License... and rental companies give cars on the same.
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They don't want to issue a U.S license since it could be used as a ID to get a job (some jobs). So they HAVE to allow the use of DLs as long as they are in English.
For work visas they issue licenses only for period your visa is valid.
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Originally Posted by srishiva View Post
They don't want to issue a U.S license since it could be used as a ID to get a job (some jobs). So they HAVE to allow the use of DLs as long as they are in English.
For work visas they issue licenses only for period your visa is valid.
Every state in the US has different laws. For example in California, all long term VISA holders, be it work visa or any other visa are required to apply for California license.
B1 holders are normally in states for max 3 months at a time. Those people mostly drive on Indian license.
L1/H1/L2/H2/F etc., go for California license
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Chennai BHPians: Any idea about the process in Chennai? Do the passport and the DL addresses have to match?

Citizen Charter Page
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Might be worth going to the local branch of the Automobile Association - they will probably ask you to become a member if you arent already one but should assist you in getting an IDL and everything with a minimum of fuss.
They definitely used to offer this service some years ago in Chennai, which is why I am suggesting it.

my 2 bits on the INDIAN DL validity abroad:
UK - valid for 6 months from the date of entry into the country
Aus/NZ - likewise
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For UK ect Indian licence is already valid for 6 months
rest its not a big deal, get a fourm from your MC office, Your passport with Valid visa and your DL, Your current DL will be attached with the IDL form and has to be signed by 2 IAS Officers or a same category Officers if you dont know any IAS Officers the just write a Piti application stand in front of the Officers Office and waalla Job Done.
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How much can I expect to pay for it in Bombay and for how long is the license valid?
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Default Germany & Rest of Eu

Germany also you can drive on Indian license for six months.

If you have an IDL you can drive upto 1 year.
But if you apply for an extension at the "Landramsat" (=district HQ or something like that) before its been six month since you entered EU, the validity of your Indian license can be extended for up to 1 year, without the need for an IDL. It costs 40 euros if I remember right. And it is valid throught the EU countries.

Taking a license in Germany is possible even with a short term Visa, but it is very expensive, around 1,800 euros, but you will get an EU license for life.

Another option in Europe is if you can do it in The Netherlands. You can surrender your Indian license and get a temporary EU license for the period of your stay. But I think you need a Residense Permit to get that.

Hope this helps.

And most rental agencies like Europcar, Avis etc. do allow you to rent a car with your Indian license alone, though you need to support it with your passport.
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here is a classic case

u have a rental car, u or on the way out of the country and heading towards the airport and also the car rental at the airport to drop the car and take the shuttle to the airport

on the way ur cought speeding / red light jumping or for any other minor traffic offenseSo, the cops have to issue a ticket which can be paid only in the court and not settled immidiately to the officer

so how does the cop issue u a ticket, as your documents do not carry a local address or any other ID, u will have rental documents of the car but that wld also not help as u have to be out of the country in the next 4hours

has anyone faced such problem and would like to throw some light on this

just as an fyi, i has a similar case earlier this year

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