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Old 6th August 2005, 04:59   #31
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okay lets start naming a few scary places in our cities...if something new in mumbai then i will surely go and visit with my friends...i love going to such places
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Just have one question for you , after reading all of what you wrote?
What are you smoking/drinking/inhailing and where can I get me some?
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no man...that time i was not drunk at all....pretty chiled out..
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Just remembered one night my 1st year of university ..we went to the graveyard right in front of our Rez (hostel building) . me another desi dude and 4 white boys..the thought of going to the graveyard was some drunkies idea..

anyway heavily buzzed we stuffed beer cans in our pocket ...we were walking on the graveyard trail ...
I just remembered how everyone said and agreed .."bit chilly out here eih ?" ..and how everybody hurdled close to each other ..Tj my roomate made sure he was in the centre of the group ..
finished with my can i fell back a bit turned around and threw the empty can ..the can struck a tree echoing ...everybody turned around and saw me screaming and running towards them ...they just froze right there even when i ran past them .. TJ was the next to start running along followed by the desi dude and the rest... i stopped they ran past me ...scared of my own prank (and the possibility of being left behind alone) i ran after them ...we stopped when we reached the main street ..

i was thrown in cold shower for 5 mins by 2 of my buddies who were a bit pissed at my prank ..
hence , drinking is a good thing .

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Default me - spooked out - NAAH !!!

how we spooked others ---
we had gone to mahabaleshwar for a one day trip - sometime in September 2000.
while comin back in the evening, we had to stop in Katraj ghat due to some traffic jam in the tunnel- that area was pretty dark. We almost waited for 1 hr in the car without doin anything but listening to some old music. Suddenly my cousin came up with an idea and we immediately put it to action - i sat on my cousins shoulders - he's abt 6' - and we wrapped a white bedspread which we had bought at m'shwar market- we looked like a 9' tall man with a robe like that of Arabs - as the lighting was pretty dim at abt 7 30 pm - the whole thing was looking just so horrible - we walked to a truck nearby and the driver jumped down and ran away - same for another family - those guys were so spooked up that they rolled up their windows in hurry and were just looking at us...- my bro could not control laughing so i had to get down-- had a lotta fun when i took off the cover and got down from my bro's shoulders right in front of them - the same truck driver came to us and said he almost had crapped in his lungi that eve
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That Malabar Hill street,right from Hanging gardens till the end of that slope towards Peddar road is haunted.Ive seen and experienced it myself thrice.
Besides that ive had an experience in Gujarat and Goa each.
Its scary but fun.

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what hve u experienced...really want to know dude...
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long back(15yrs back) i read an article in "KeralaKaumudi" malayalam daily... it was about and A leading Advocate's spooky experience during a bus travell.
now i dont remember the exact details. in short-- he was travelling in a night bus tru some hilly region in a KSRTC bus in its front seat. the sight was of a woman dressed in white saree.the driver honked but she remained in road.but after a near miss hard braking,the lady vanished in thin air.

out of curiosity, i tortured my dad to get his contact info and wrote a letter.
and as u guess, it never retutned a reply.
may be it was a foggy illusion.
even after years... while driving in misty roads, i look for tat lady

Drive Safe,
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Originally Posted by z klasse
Imagine if after a few days you get a thread here about a spooky incident. One dude who has a fast car with NOS is cruising and he suddenly approaches this twisted road and he slows down but to his shock the NOS arms itself and starts spraying and the throttle stuck wide open and when pressing the brakes the car just doesnt stop.. Haunted by the Sports Compact GHOST?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha...hoh hoh hoh hoh.I can just imagine this happening and the big bang crash carsh...ha ha ha.Shreik exhaust.

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Default Trees Walking near Sholapur in dead of the night

Trees Walking and sky turning into Forts at 3.30 am when we should be experiencing R.E.M.

Originally Posted by btirthankar View Post
Me and my wife did Hyderabad-Goa-Hyderabad in 2008.

Pictures of the road less travelled.....
Picasa Web Albums - Tirthankar - Hyderabad-Goa...

Stayed in Goa for 2 nights and the return was a more relaxed one (also non stop) and I was dozing off the wheel getting hallucinations of whatever I could pore in the dead of the night- esp trees walking and their branches turning into fort walls.

The best thing about doze-driving is that I have developed a braking system which works like this.... whenever I am close to fall asleep the foot muscles relax and accelerator gets let off and the car slows down and I brake a bit in reflex which gives me a jerk and am back from the momentary hibernation.

Did anyone take the Ghat roads to Goa which I did recently?
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Originally Posted by Surprise View Post
My experience:

My house is located just one compound away from the burial ground. During my school days, I have made a room for me on the open terrace with hut. It has got no doors and just a cot.

One night, I felt as if someone entered the room, sat on me & pressing my neck to the core. I was trying different thing to pull that ghost or whatever it may be to the floor. I was shouting to the maximum, but my voice is not at all coming out. After struggling for 5-10 mins, I woke up with a jerk. I could realize that was a dream, but my whole body was soaked in sweat.

I had heard some of my friends have similar experience & some believe it was the act of the ghost, but I don't.

Any doctors (psychologist) out there in the forum who could throw some light
Originally Posted by hellspawn View Post
hey dude the same thing happened to a friend of mine .he used to stay in palace orchids in pune.the exact same thing happened to him day ,he noticed that he had scratch marks on his back which looked as if somebody had scratched it with his/her hand.we believed him cos he called up his parents at 4am(wudnt have called if it wasnt real) ......just after the incident.he talked to the security guard of the apartments and he was shocked cos he said that he same thing happened to 2 more tenants who had stayed there before friend got so spooked that he left the apartment and the landlord finally decided to give the a priest.the only difference was that my friend knew it wasnt a dream.
I know this a 3 year old thread, but if anyone is still reading this thread, especially surprise,
nothing to worry about. its a type of temporary paralysis that occurs when one is in REM sleep. does not occur in every one. but usually, there are vivid dreams with sensations of being harmed but being completely unable to defend oneself.
this phenomenon also explains the legend of succubus and incubus.
google it to see more.

Originally Posted by btirthankar View Post
Trees Walking and sky turning into Forts at 3.30 am when we should be experiencing R.E.M.
@tirthankar- if you're hallucinating while driving, shouldnt you stop/ switch drivers/ take a break?
its all very well having you're own auto wake up system, but how far do you want to test its reliability?
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couldn't contain myself from posting my experiences though they are not related to driving.

for one, i do believe in the supernatural, there are so many things that our science of current day does not have any clue about.

going back to my college days in arunachal, our hostel was the last in line, beyond our hostel was a patch of wild grass and then a river, on a quite night, the mountain river could be clearly heard. it started late one night, about 1:30 am i was doing something though not studying definitely with my roomie asleep and i hear a bunch of dogs houling.. i get spooked a little but discount it and carry on. next i hear is claps, two at a time, like someone making khaini, the sound seems to travel around, so i think of the guard outside and again discount it. when this clapping goes on for half an hour, i get alarmed, two claps, silence and then again two claps.. who'd make khaini for half hour, around the same place.
next morning narrate the story to my roomie, that night we wait together and the same thing happens, same time, dog houling and then claps. again the next night and the next few, all at the same time, finishes by 3 am.
then we talked about it to others, the next room guys who were seniors to us, they too stayed awake and experienced the same. then other people came in to investigate, people would get on the roof with lights and try to see what was there. one thing we noticed, the more people with us, the fainter the clappings, like coming from further away. slowly people lost interest and me and my roomie also gave up, who'd stay awake every night till 3.. then came the exams, so we went back to our modus operandi, little or no sleep for 1 week, staying on black coffee, rum and zevit multivitamins.. as usual, the sounds started coming in again at the exact time and i turned the volume of the stereo high to down it.. that was my scariest moment, this thing, whatever it was, could sense that we were ignoring.. the next moment it was not claps and loud thumps on the netted window that was closed.. i am getting gooseflesh writing this again.. roomie and i immediately realized what was happening and immediately turned the stereo off.. we were scared and chilled to the bones not to able to look into each other's eyes too for fear, shame whatever.
somehow completed exam and changed the room next sem.

about driving incidences, not mine but heard from so many folks in assam, there indeed are occurences of people seeing a lady or boy blocking a bridge or hearing whistles coming from behind while taking a tricky turn, people would look back and eventually drive off the road.. sometimes people would see very very tall people standing by the road at night, idea is to drive by without stopping or looking. then again there's one lass in front of one of my close friend's house who would ride any passing bike for about 200 metres and then vanish.. all the local guys returning home late will sit as far back as possible on the bike, looks funny people almost sleeping on the tank while driving, asked around why that style and came to know of this.
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Anyone know of any spooky places in and around Bangalore? Maybe we should consider a small time ghost trail t-bhp meet
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Default my roomie horror exp

Well if my roomie was a member here..He'd have a really bad story to say...

one day me and my gf were chatting on yahoo through the webcam.. i just thought she looked nice on the comp screen and took a screenshot. then just blurred it using some low key image editinf s/ware and brightened it.

A pank came into my mind. I just renamed the pic as DSC123.. of the last serial no of the pic in my roomie camera and cut and pasted that into his memmory stick in the camera. without him knowing..

next time when he downloaded the pics... the got a big shock and he tells to everybody how a ghost took a pic of herself using his cam..

I'm attaching the pic below... sure the pic is really spooky..
Attached Images
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This is one of the best prank i ever heard of. Making ghost out of your gf
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